Swordmeister of Rome
116 A Trace
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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116 A Trace

Veronica talked for a long time with her brother.

"So… you like your current life?"

"Yeah. I love it here. There are a lot of things to learn and a lot of things to research."

He was always considered a genius back in their world. Their parents made it so he could study freely. As a result, her brother managed to become a world-famous researcher. Yet Veronica was worried since her brother was too pure. Too innocent. He had never faced hardships nor hostility. She was always worried that someone might take advantage of her brother.

Limainu smiled.

"Don't worry, sister. I love it here. The magic here is much more than the science that I studied back in our world."

Magic was not something Limainu knew existed until he came here. There were some things that magic allowed while science didn't, and vice versa. Limainu loved studying both to create many things. He didn't care if he was being taken advantage of. He was busy studying to satisfy his own desire. Besides, his organization, <Herrantor>, provided everything he needed for his research.

The most amazing thing here was the <Superhumans>.

Limainu couldn't believe what he saw five years ago, when he saw Liviath producing nuclear energy by himself. He wished to study superhumans when his current project was finished, but he also learned to fear them. He was scared when his sister was asking Lagaope a flurry of questions. After discussing for a while, Limainu asked the question he first had when he met his sister.

"How do you know Sir Sian?"

"Huh? How do you know my brother-in-law? Oh, wait. He said he met you in Kerbal."

Limainu was surprised. He heard his sister was married, but he didn't expect Sian to be her brother-in-law.

"Yeah, I saw him there. I didn't expect to meet him again, especially with this kind of connection."

They talked a little more, but he was disappointed when Lagaope returned.

"Did you have a good time?"


Veronica looked disappointed, but Lagaope laughed.

"Don't be too disappointed. You should meet him again next time."

Veronica looked surprised as she didn't expect that.

"You look surprised. We just want our project to not be disturbed, and if it's kept a secret, we have no intention to prevent Limainu from doing what he wants."


Lagaope did say that he worked hard for the happiness of the people working here and they were not slaves.

"We respect Limainu's knowledge, but we value his creativity more than anything. That can't be forced. We're actually happy that you, Lady Veronica, appeared. So, shall we return?"

Veronica became relieved and bid farewell to her brother and Lagaope took her to the Ra-Shar-Roa. As they were walking to the Ra-Shar-Roa, Veronica asked, "Where's Sian?"

She was alarmed at her missing brother-in-law. Lagaope then answered as if he just remembered it.

"Oh, I almost forgot. Mister Sian asked me to escort you and he left for some important business."


"He looked very serious… but don't worry. I'll escort you back to the Roman family safely."

North of Usharan Kingdom, or northwest due to its large size, was the Great Desert of <Karit>.

This great desert separated Taran and Usharan with its large land mass. The desert provided no good side to the Usharan, but it helped them in a way that it decreased the amount of border that needed protection.

With the desert in place, it allowed Usharan to focus their forces on the Great Plains of <Chromata> that was located between the Karit Desert and the Con-Tian Mountain Range. It was a huge advantage for Usharan who utilized the Kel-Rufens as their main weapon.

It was what allowed Usharan to successfully defend against the Taran invasion.

In the desert, there was a figure running through it at an incredible speed. It was Sian who came from the Ra-Shar-Roa located at Chromata.

'Thanks, Lagaope…'

Sian thought as he remembered what Lagaope provided him.

<Usharan doesn't allow civilians to use the Ra-Shar-Roa. You'll just destroy the entire place if they block you there right? We need that point so you shouldn't do that… so I'll give you this.>

It was a small artifact that he used to come here.

<Is this…?>

<It's nothing, but they won't stop you when you go on the Ra-Shar-Roa while carrying this. Take it.>

<But isn't it yours?>

<No, no. It's okay. Consider it a small gift.>

<No, I mean, I sense some energy from within. Does this track my location or something?>

<…No. You are mistaken. That's only there for me when I get lost.>

<Huh? You getting lost?>

Sian looked at Lagaope suspiciously.

<Ugh, don't look at me like that. Besides, we can be curious about your whereabouts, can't we? It will help you for sure. Besides, we can't control our members without such tracking devices.>

<Okay, I'll believe you.>

Sian picked it up as he figured it would be useful and came straight here. Thanks to the artifact, nobody seemed to come after Sian who came out from the Ra-Shar-Roa and ran. Truthfully, they wouldn't have been able to stop Sian from running anyway.

'I hope you are okay, Miss Stiel.'

The artifact had a few more useful features, which was a map. After a while, Sian was able to arrive at the place where Lagaope had found the piece of metal.


Sian expected to find at least some trace here since there would be a battle-scar here if Stiel had fought.

'It's not like a mountain…'

Lagran or Kerbal still had huge battle-scars left by Sian. In contrast, there would be no traces in a desert. Sian only was able to find the place because Lagaope marked it on the map.

As Sian became disappointed for not being able to find anything, he felt something blinking from his pocket. It was the artifact from Lagaope.

'What is it?'

Sian took it out and touched the artifact, which suddenly began shining a light into space.


The light that came out from artifact was now portraying a human figure on the space in front of him.


<Hahaha, yes, Mister Sian.>

It was Lagaope himself. The artifact was portraying him and his voice.

"It even allows image communication? It's very useful."

<What did I say? It's really well-made.>

"Right, thank you. But why did you call me?" Sian asked Lagaope.

<I don't know what you are trying to find there… but you didn't find anything, did you?>

"You are correct."

<Deserts are not that easy. If it was four years ago, you might have to put that place upside down to have a chance.>

"Huh? Will that work?"

Sian glanced at the desert, dumbfounded.

<Can you even do that? Haha… but that was just an idea. You might find some burnt traces, but it won't be any use. Besides, we couldn't find much when we went there four years ago.>


It seemed pointless to keep searching here.

<I'll help you. It looks like you want to search for Stantahl the First, right?>

"Do you have a way?"

<Yes, but it's not me who's going to help. The answer is always much closer than you think.>


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