Swordmeister of Rome
118 Fate“s way
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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118 Fate“s way

"Veronica, how does <Fate's Way> work? Does it tell you how long you travel… and in what direction, or such?" Sian asked as they walked toward the Ra-Shar-Roa. He thought Veronica gave it a fitting name, but she looked embarrassed when Sian mentioned it.

"Just call it a power… and I don't know much about it. It changes a lot depending on my condition too."

"Does it?"

"I can answer your question though. If I think about it hard, it gives me a feeling about what I need to do."


Sian understood what she meant. He had a similar feeling on what he needed to do to become stronger until he was blocked by the barrier. He did not have any special power, but it seemed like it was similar to Veronica's.

"What's interesting is… it doesn't directly send me to that person."

"Oh? Why is that?"

"I'm not sure. It's as if there are a couple of steps to take."

"Can you explain?" Sian asked.

"Let's say I have to find Person A. But if I don't have any connection or information about Person A, then my power will lead me to Person B who might be connected to Person A. Now, if I don't have a connection to Person B, then it leads me to Person C who might lead me to Person B. So… if the person I'm looking for is located where I can find them directly, it leads me that way. If not, then I need to take steps."

That was what Veronica discovered about her power. However, there were a few times where she had different results than she expected, so she couldn't say for sure.

"But… if that's the case, shouldn't it have allowed you to find your brother or me? I think that power will get you to someone no matter what."

"It does have a limit. If the power required to find someone is too great, it stops. I think you and my brother were located at a place where my power or someone I know couldn't reach."

"I see."

"And there's been a time where I took too many steps that it failed. Someone who hides and lives as a hermit falls into this category."

"It definitely does have a limit."

"Yeah. So that's why I had doubts… if the person you're looking for is hard for you or Lagaope to find, it will be impossible for me, or there will be too many steps to take. The maximum amount of steps when it's used on someone else is about three to four. So it is weird."

Sian was intrigued. There weren't too many people who knew about Sian or Stiel's existence, but Veronica was walking to a place where her power was confidently leading her.

"…Veronica, you should've just told me that you wanted to visit Rian."

"No, you're mistaken. I had a feeling that I had to come here."


Sian and Veronica were now in front of Lavilan Castle. Veronica then began walking somewhere and came to a stop in front of someone.

"Huh? You're back already?"

"…Is Lady Celine first?"

"Yes," Veronica answered as she sensed the feeling from within signaling her.

"Celine, can you tell my husband that I will return after I am done with my business?"

"Sure. So, how was the trip?' Celine asked as she was concerned even though Sian was accompanying Veronica.

"It was very good. Tell my husband that I'll be away with Sian for a while. It won't take long."

"With Sian?"

Celine was suspicious, but Veronica whispered to her.

"It's nothing like that. Besides, my husband is much more handsome."

"That's true."

'I can hear you guys.'

Sian ranted from behind.

"Take care then."

Sian asked Veronica after they walked away from Celine.

"Is it over?"

"Yes. We need to move quickly before this feeling goes away."

"No, I mean, shouldn't we ask her about something… or direction… or anything?"

Veronica laughed.

"No, it just tells me which way I need to go. It's like getting information updates once I meet the person I need to see. Sometimes I need to do something to update the direction, but we were lucky this time. I think we can just keep going like this."

They then walked back to the Ra-Shar-Roa.

"This is…"

Sian and Veronica took the Ra-Shar-Roa to move to Roa-Tian and walked to the place where they were now standing.

"So the next person is here."

"Is this… <Cancun City>?"

Sian glanced at Kuradan Canyon beyond the city of Cancun, the canyon that ran through the Con-Tian mountain range. Ra-Bander Kuradan was born 400 years ago. After he became a superhuman, he remembered how frustrated he was about walking over the mountain range.

<Let's open up a shortcut there.>

He then began destroying part of the Con-Tian mountain range that was closest to the capital. It was named the Kuradan Canyon because of that and it allowed Con and Tian to freely trade with ease.

Cancun was the city located at the entrance of the canyon.

"It is amazing how powerful these superhumans are. How can you split this giant canyon within half a year?"

Veronica was astounded. She couldn't feel how strong these superhumans were, but looking at something so grand gave her a glimpse of their true power.

Veronica then turned to Sian and asked, "Can you do this within half a year too?"

"Hm… I can."

Half a year would be enough for him to erase the entire mountain, but he decided to hold back as it felt like he would be boasting.

"I want to see such a sight. My brother said he saw it once…"

Veronica wasn't sure what it was like for superhumans to use their powers, so she spoke without thinking much.

"Halt! What business has brought you here?"


This place was a strategic military location. Permission was required to gain entry.

'No, I trust old man Narasha.'

Sian took out his identification plaque.

"This'll do, right?"

"Oh… y-yes, sir!"

The soldier was shocked after seeing the plaque and let Sian pass. After a few more checkpoints, they arrived at their destination.

"So, it's him."

It was the first time for Veronica, but Sian knew this person.

It was Kalagul, a Kal-Gul reborn into Kuntarian's body.

"Sir Kalagul? Long time no see."

Sian greeted him casually, but Kalagul seemed shocked.

"Why are you here? I thought there was a party to celebrate your return?"

Kalagul also received the invitation since he was a high-ranking noble of Tian, but he did not go.

"Yeah, but I have some other business. So, Veronica, where do we have to go next?"

"Hm… do you remember I said that we might have to do something?"


"The feeling stopped. We need to do something here… but it doesn't tell me anything."

"Oh no."

Sian became worried. Veronica was his only hope to find Stiel. Kalagul asked them, "Can I be on my way?"

"Oh… right. You can go."

"Sure. I'm not sure what you are doing, but I wish you good luck."

Sian then looked at Kalagul who was trying to walk away. There was some weird feeling.

"Wait, Kalagul. Stop right there. Veronica, can you leave us alone for a while?"

Sian always had a feeling that told him what to do, just like Veronica's power. It worked for the husk and the fight at the Lagran Region. This feeling was telling him to deal with Kalagul.


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