Swordmeister of Rome
119 Fate“s way
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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119 Fate“s way

"Hmm." "I don't know anything." "Then why did you try to run?" "…" "I don't do this often, but I'm in a bit of a hurry. I will leave you in one piece if you tell me." Sian never was wrong when he had the feeling to beat up someone. If he used the stick that Lagaope gave to him, maybe it would show better results. As always, Sian considered himself to be a civilized man and he did not want to beat up the Kalagul since he knew him. Thus, he pressured Kalagul to give him an answer. Kalagul made up his mind. It wasn't a secret anyway, but he just didn't want to get involved. Sian seemed to think Kalagul knew something and if Sian began using that stick, it didn't seem like it would end well for Kalagul. Kalagul started talking. Kalagul had been placed at the <cancun fortress=""> from the days when Sian began his travel. Kalagul could not refuse the order as he did not have his people anymore and had to live with the humans. But there was more. He wanted to go as far south as possible. After a while, he heard that Sky Mountain next to Gron-Pilah was destroyed. <was this="" the="" reason="" why="" i="" wanted="" to="" go="" far?=""> However, he did not mind as it did not have any effect on him. That night, he felt something while training. <huh?> It was a familiar feeling. A few days after feeling that sensation, there was an unexpected visitor. It wasn't a human. <i have="" not="" felt="" my="" people's="" spirit="" since="" years="" ago…="" how="" did="" you="" survive,="" warrior?="" your="" spirit="" tells="" me="" that="" you="" died="" from="" the="" war.=""> <great warrior…!=""> It was one of his people, a Kal-Gul. And one of the strongest who represented his race. Kalagul faced the greatest warrior, <nekra>, who had lived for over 400 years. "Kalagul. I asked you to tell me the truth. Not some dream." "It's not a dream." "How do you live for over 400 years? It doesn't make sense." "It doesn't. We reincarnate through the power in our hearts, but it does limit our age." "Then…" Sian tried to object, but Kalagul cut him off. "The Great Warrior <nekra> is different. Besides, I can't imagine him dying in a war." "…?" "He's special among the Kal-Guls. He became a superhuman, and he even mastered all three powers," Kalagul continued. Kal-Gul, the powerful race. They fought against the Empire and led it to its demise. If it weren't for the Great Magic used by the Empire before their fall, it would have been the Kal-Guls who would've ruled the world by now. Kalagul explained the secrets behind the Kal-Guls. Kal-Guls were allowed to fight the mighty Empire because of two things. One was power that flowed continuously through the heart and weapon. Another was the power that each individual had called <sorma>. These two made the already strong Kal-Guls unmatched in their power and allowed them to fight against the millions of people in the Empire. Sorma was divided into three different ways. <tamara> Controller of time <spama> Controller of space <somarin> Controller of life Sorma, which utilized Exar, only was the only power that the Kal-Guls were allowed to wield and use. Each person trained hard and specialized in one way of Sorma that fit them most. But <nekra> was different. He was able to use all three ways of Sorma and wielded them with ease. There were a lot of superhuman-level Kal-Gul warriors, but Nekra was the only one who could use all the ways. And the three powers had their own ultimate abilities. One of most rare and not sought after was <somarin>. After mastering the power, Nekra managed to acquire the ultimate ability, <somarin>, an ability that had the same name as its way. Somarin meant immortality in their language. "Therefore, he does not die." "Can humans learn how to use that power?" "Like I said, no humans can use Sorma. They lack a vital attribute that allows them to use Sorma. I knew the way of <somarin>, but I can't use the power with this body." "…" Sian then remembered what this Nekra sounded like. It sounded a lot like the crazy hunter that Lagaope told him about. <he always="" tries="" to="" kill="" all="" the="" superhumans…=""> <he doesn't="" die.="" he="" keeps="" coming="" back.=""> <he's so="" strong="" too…="" we="" can't="" beat="" him.="" if="" he="" didn't="" hibernate,="" it="" would've="" been="" really="" dangerous.=""> 'Lagaope… you said he wasn't awake yet.' Sian began to realize the whole picture. Stiel didn't like being in groups, and the hunter had awakened much earlier than expected. And Sian was led by Fate's Way to meet Kalagul who had met the Great Warrior. "…" Kalagul saw Sian's expression changing and began to speak quickly. It seemed he might kill him if he didn't do anything. "I'm not involved in this!" "…" "The Great Warrior left right after! He told me I'm not one of the Kal-Guls anymore if I'm in a human body. I've never seen him since then!" "Then why did you try to run away?" "…because I don't want to talk to you for too long." Kalagul knew what happened to all places Sian had visited. He came to Cancun to avoid such troubles, but Sian came directly for him. "This is all that I know." "Do you know where that Great Warrior went?" "Do you think I'm powerful enough to know that?" "Hmm." Sian grew frustrated. He was clueless, and it seemed like there was nothing more he could find out from Kalagul. Veronica then walked in from the outside. "Are you done?" Sian sighed and answered, "Yes, but we have a problem. I don't know what to do next…" "Don't worry, my power is back." "What? Really?" "Yes, I'm not sure what you did, but my power came back. We should be able to find the person," Veronica reassured Sian. "That's good to hear. We should go now. Thank you, Kalagul." "Sure, I hope we never meet again." "…" Sian tried to smile, but he couldn't. He was too worried about Stiel. 'You just wait there…' Nothing was certain yet. There was a chance that Nekra wasn't the hunter. Sian wished his theory was wrong. It was only going to be revealed when he met Nekra.</he's></he></he></somarin></somarin></somarin></nekra></somarin></spama></tamara></sorma></nekra></nekra></great></i></huh?></was></cancun>


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