Swordmeister of Rome
120 Fate“s way
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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120 Fate“s way

Phareon was tired after he returned from the party. He was so shocked at what Ra-Kadum had done. He expected Ra-Kadum to end up like him from before, but fortunately Rian stopped it from happening. Phareon turned to the cliff beyond his castle. It was the destroyed cliff. He could have cleaned it up, but he decided to leave it be in its messy state to always remind him that the world was full of powerful men. "So, has it been more than five years now?" Sian was now more monster-like than when he first saw him. It was fortunate that Sian only destroyed the cliff. To think that he even destroyed mountains… it seemed like Sian could destroy the entire mountain range that Phareon was looking at currently. 'Haha… even he can't do such a thing.' Phareon smiled. The Con-Tian mountain range protected the Logadis Region. It covered Tian's southern border and divided Usharan. It worked as a powerful shield for the Logadis Region against Taran or Usharan invasions. As he looked at the Con-Tian Mountains, he saw something strange. 'What is that?' Part of the cliff was moving. Phareon tried to use <kranga> to zoom in, but there was no need. The cliff was collapsing again. It wasn't a large destruction, but it was not normal as the cliff was destroyed entirely again. As Phareon activated <kranga>, he zoomed into the cliff and saw an individual he knew well. "That's Sir Sian. Why is he here…?" Sian was digging at the cliff with his bare hands. The castle was about fifteen miles away from the cliff, but Phareon became uneasy. He then made a choice. He knew what had happened to cities that Sian had visited. Other than Lenorva, all of those cities were left in ruins. "Rianna! Rianna!" Phareon shouted. "Yes, milord. What is it?" Rianna came running in. Phareon shouted, "Evacuate all our people away from that cliff! Make it quick!" "…Yes, milord!" Rianna walked out quickly. "So… we need to walk in there?" "…" "Veronica?" "Oh, yes. Right." "You don't have to stand that far. I won't make any mistakes." "Haha…" Veronica laughed awkwardly as she saw Sian casually digging at the cliff. "I wouldn't have found the way if it weren't for you." Sian was really surprised. They weren't sure why her power led them here, but he wouldn't have been able to come find the place that he buried years ago. Sian wanted to dig quicker, but he didn't want to scare her so he slowed down. After a while, they arrived at the armory that had been buried. "Is this the place?" "Wait a second… it's about here. Hm…" Veronica walked somewhere and began looking for something. 'That's…' It was the place where those <arankals> opened up the void portal. Sian then walked to where Veronica was wandering about. "It's okay, Veronica." "Huh?" Veronica was confused. "I'll escort you out to safety. Close your eyes." "Huh? Huh?" Sian then picked Veronica up and quickly jumped out of the cliff. He couldn't run too fast as he had to be careful not to harm Veronica, but he was able to quickly get to the city. "Hmm, why is the city so quiet?" "Right." The city was empty. Sian took a look and saw people moving up north. "Good, this didn't seem like enough." "OH!" Sian then jumped up with Veronica again and was able to catch up to Phareon who was walking north. Sian jumped down in front of Phareon. "Long time no see." "S-sir Sian! What is it? Have you finished your business?" "No, it's about to start now. Can I ask you for a favor?" Phareon nodded, as he had no way to say no. "Please take care of Veronica. Take her to where you're going." "Do you know where we're going…?" "No, but it doesn't matter." "Huh?" "It might be okay, but just in case. You did make a good choice." Sian then took a few steps away from the people and jumped up. He flew out like a rocket toward the cliff and Phareon shouted to his people. "Dammit! Ditch your belongings! We need to get out of here quick! Make it quick!" People began to prepare to quicken their move. As they walked out, Phareon turned back to the place where he had grown up. "17% is it?" Phareon mumbled and turned back. There was little time to waste. Sian returned to the place after evacuating Veronica to safety. His feeling was telling him that there was something where Veronica had been circling about. 'It's like I have some special power too.' To know who he needed to beat up… Sian couldn't believe that he had such a power. It was as if the feeling was a result of the power. He sighed and began wielding his power. The armor covered him up in a second. Sian then began grabbing the space. The space began to crack and it opened up as Sian ripped it open. It was the scent he smelled when he had been dropped into the world. He came back quick, but it was weird. The world had no Bander or Exar. "Okay, let me ask-!!!" Something shot out from within and struck Sian, flinging him back against the wall. After he was hit, something else came out and was thrown at Sian.</arankals></kranga></kranga>


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