Swordmeister of Rome
121 Great Warrior
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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121 Great Warrior

<I was always lucky at beating up someone. But that's where all my luck goes. Dammit.>

-Great Swordmeister, his secret to victory.


"What is that sound?"

"It's coming from the city!"

"Look, the mountain's getting blown up!"

"So, the Lord knew what was going to happen? It doesn't look like we needed to evacuate."

It was pretty far, but some knights from the Kulan Knighthood were able to see what was going on at the cliff. Phareon sighed.

'It's starting.'

Phareon had given up all hope as he knew what was going to happen. He had no other way but to let out a hollow laugh. He only had one thing in mind.

'Please, just be finished with Kulan.'

Kulan wasn't the Logadis Estate's largest city. It was located in a very bad place, so Phareon was in the process of transferring all the important agencies and offices to the Rottfell Estate that was much closer to the capital. All of Logadis was under Phareon's control, so it didn't matter anyway.

Nonetheless, it was still sad to see Phareon's hometown getting destroyed.

Sian reflected everything that flew at him and regretted it. He wanted to ask about Stiel first, but this enemy might have been the one who attacked Stiel. He should beat it up first.

He realized his feeling was correct.

Some needed to suffer beatings, like this one in front of him.

Sian then began pounding the enemy that jumped out from the hole.

It looked very weird. It had some weird-looking thing that covered its ten-foot tall body. What was more important was not its looks.

'What is that thing?'

Sian dodged the mysterious sword that was swung at him. It looked very weird. It was about six-feet long, but the handle made up a third of the weapon.

It looked peculiar because the weapon's handle was very visible, but the blade was very faint and unclear. It was like that weird beam sword that Lagaope showed him. The only difference was that this one did not shine as its blade was more transparent.

The monster, suspected to be Nekra, was swinging the weapon fiercely at Sian.

'That's crazy.'

The weapon was not crazy heavy like Chrona-Phon or powerful like the Spear of the War God. The blade made no sound when it was swung, but Sian figured it would be better to be smacked with the said weapons than be struck by what Nekra was swinging at him.

When it swung, it damaged the space and distorted time. Sian felt part of his spirit being taken away when he took a hit at the start. It healed, but he did not want to experience that anymore.

If his red scales weren't protecting him, it would've hurt.


'I'm stronger.'

It would've been really bad if the enemy had such a weapon and was strong as Sian himself, but he was weak. Sian was stronger in every way.

However, as Sian continued to fight, he felt that the fight wasn't going as planned.

'He's gotten faster again.'

The enemy kept moving faster and faster. It seemed like the enemy was using some weird power.

Sian than realized who this enemy was.

'This is the power… so he is Nekra for sure.'

Sian couldn't understand what was it like to control space and time, but he understood what it was after looking at it first-hand.

Sian was irritated. The enemy was not even close to his level to fight him. Even with such a powerful weapon, Nekra wasn't strong enough to defeat Sian. The only thing that allowed him to fight Sian was the power.

'It should have some limit… ugh, again?'

Sian cursed as his attack stopped in front of Nekra. It wasn't that Sian's attack stopped. It was because space between Sian's fist and Nekra began expanding. The power was absorbed into the void space that was created and it left Nekra unharmed.

As Sian was dumbfounded, Nekra swung his sword and it accelerated, flying straight toward Sian. It wasn't just some simple acceleration magic. The swing's velocity had sped up.

Sian gathered his power on his fist and hit the sword, which was thrown back helplessly. Nekra had to step back with it.

Sian then realized that this was not necessary. He only needed to find Stiel's whereabouts. He did not need to fight him. Besides, Nekra should've realized that he had no chance against Sian. He was fighting on equal ground until now, but it was only a matter of time for Sian to emerge victorious.

So Sian decided to talk to him.

Sian asked a question. He didn't feel good about getting hit and was thus irritated at Nekra, but he wanted to know about Stiel more than anything else.

"Stop! Let me ask you something. You'll walk home if you answer me."


Nekra looked at Sian without attacking.

"Uh… have you met a woman with a sword made from this piece of metal? If you guide me to her, I'll be happy and I'll just break a few of your arms."


Sian asked by showing a piece of Chrona-Phon and Nekra nodded. Sian brightened up.

"Oh! Good, I think I'll like you. So where do I need to go…"

Nekra ignored what Sian was saying and swung his sword at the space next to him. The space ripped open and something fell out from within. The thing that dropped from it made a loud clanging sound as it dropped on the ground and the tremor destroyed part of the cliff.


Sian's face dimmed.

Nekra ignored Sian and walked to Chrona-Phon that was cracked. He then stepped on the cracked part of the weapon.

Chrona-Phon snapped into two. Nekra turned back to Sian and grinned.

Sian felt like he was losing himself. An unknown feeling began swelling up from within.

He then unleashed his full power that he had been holding back because of Veronica who was nearby and charged at Nekra.


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