Swordmeister of Rome
122 Great Warrior
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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122 Great Warrior

"Run! Run for your lives!"

Rianna was running after abandoning everything, including her armor and sword.

'By the gods…! What is going on?'

They were questioning the Lord's decision to evacuate just now because of the destruction of part of the mountain, but they were wrong. The evacuation was too late.

The sky above the Con-Tian mountain range was being torn apart. It was weird to describe the sky ripping apart, but it fit the description perfectly. The ripping part wasn't much of a deal when compared to the huge energy that poured out from it, sweeping everything in its path.

The energy struck the mountain, destroying it entirely. But it didn't end with just one strike. The energy kept pouring out, destroying everything in its path.


Rianna was confused, but it didn't matter. They needed to run as far as they could. The Con-Tian Mountain was now gone, so just a slight change in direction would mean a wipeout. Rianna ran with the people toward the north. It became easier to lead the people, as those who did not want to abandon their belongings at first had now thrown away everything they had and began running for their lives.

Sian was enraged.

'You bastard… Miss Stiel can't even reincarnate!'

He was relieved to hear that Stiel had her own Soul Transfer Orb, but the explanation followed afterward made him worry.

<It'll be difficult to revive Stanthal the First. You need a descendant for it to work, but she never got married and she has no children.>

<Huh? What about Stantahl the Fourth?>

<He's probably an adopted son.>

Sian felt despair, regret, and guilt. If he had just gotten out of the red sphere just a bit faster… He smacked Nekra down. The same thing happened before as the space between Sian's fist and Nekra began to expand, but with all of Sian's power unleashed, the result was totally different.

The fist made a strange noise as it destroyed the space itself. Nekra quickly activated his second magic and created a hole. Con-Tian Mountain appeared through the hole and Sian's attack smashed the hole, destroying the mountain on the other side.

Nekra, however, didn't walk out unharmed. Although he was using <Spama> to defend himself, Nekra still received the damage and it threw him off.

Nekra then used <Tamara> on him and Sian. The time around Sian slowed down and Nekra became faster. Since Sian could not react too fast, Nekra focused all his energy on the sword and swung it at Sian. The attack, wielding the extreme power of <Somarin>, was destructive. It ripped the enemy's spirit and destroyed the lifeforce from within. It was <Somarin> that allowed Nekra to stay as the strongest of them all.

Nekra frowned. Sian clashed against his sword, <Karnine>, and made Nekra step back. All the powers within the sword were destroyed.

Nekra couldn't believe that his sword had been ineffective. It was created with special ingredients and had no power of its own. The reason why its blade was transparent was because its blade stayed in the other dimension. It did not need to have physical power as its purpose was to destroy the spirit that existed in a different realm.

However, the armor that Sian wore negated the effects.

Nekra also knew the real reason behind it. Sian was just too powerful.

The ultimate powers of the three ways had one thing in common.


It granted Nekra the power to extract all the time, space, and lifeforce that was allowed and use it later when he needed it most. After a few thousand years, he had gathered a very large amount of extracts as his power. His stay at some weird void that suddenly appeared four years ago also made it easier for him to draw out his powers.

But it wasn't enough. The extracts he had were disappearing at an alarming rate.

Nekra couldn't believe what was happening. He thought he would never see such a strong human after that man died.

Nekra smiled ominously. It was better if the enemy was stronger.

Everything worked according to plan. He left a trace for Sian to follow him; he managed to ambush on Sian; and he made Sian charge at him with rage.

But it needed to be wrapped up. Nekra pondered on how to finish this and faced Sian.

Sian thought his speculations were correct as he watched Nekra regeneration stop after Sian pulled out his heart. Nekra hadn't used <Spama> and <Tamara> in a while, but he kept coming back alive. That was when Sian thought about what he heard from Kalagul, that all Kal-Guls originated from the heart and the weapon.

He quickly subdued the enemy and pulled the heart out. The weapon was already kicked away into the distance.

The heart was still pounding even after Sian pulled it out and it was full of energy. But it wasn't only the heart that some energy left.

Sian walked toward Nekra who seemed to still be alive.

He still had the raging anger within him that had not calmed down. But it was over. Nekra was going to die soon. When Sian approached him, he saw Nekra smiling.

"Why are you smiling?" Sian asked. Surprisingly, Nekra answered in Sian's language.

<Thank you… hehehe…>


As Sian was confused, something from the heart began flowing into Sian.


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