Swordmeister of Rome
124 Great Warrior
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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124 Great Warrior

<this is="" really="" fun.=""> Sian thought it would be nice if he had something to eat as he watched, but it was inside the memory. The rumor that the Empire used some great magic to kill the Kal-Guls and the fall with it was not true. The thousands of miles were eradicated by Chrona's one blow. The next memory was now going to be 400 years ago from now. Nekra roamed the territory of Liona without any further orders. <kill all="" that="" is="" dangerous="" against="" my="" baby="" and="" return.=""> It meant if he did kill all the threats, he needed to return. But he did not want to. The only danger that lurked only seemed to be the superhumans. So he did not kill them all. He could not resist the order completely, so he only killed one at a time and hibernated within the void. When he could not resist the order again, he came out, killed one, and went back. There were very little superhumans, so he needed to buy time to slow the progress. It wasn't hard to find them. He used Sorma to find powerful spirits. There was only one thing in his mind. <i wish="" someone="" could="" kill="" me.=""> He was too tired. All of his people had gone extinct and he had to live for thousands of years as a slave. What was good about being strong when he was still no match against Chrona? The most painful thing about this was that he could not kill himself. It looked like the superhumans began grouping up to fight him, but it was still a little lacking. So Nekra waited for the superhuman numbers to grow. If he waited hundreds… or perhaps thousands of years, maybe the number of superhumans would be enough to kill him. After living for 400 years like this, Nekra felt a powerful energy shaking him. He could have resisted the order for a while longer, but he thought he should not miss the opportunity and jumped out from his slumber. After scanning through the entire continent, he was disappointed. The powerful energy that he sensed was gone. But he felt something more amazing. He felt the spirit of his people. Nekra was disappointed again when he found it was a common warrior who had been reborn through a human body. He then decided to kill one of the superhumans and go back into sleep. He found one when he scanned the continent before. It was a human female training in the desert. This one used to stay by Dragona's territory so Nekra did not go after her since he didn't want to trigger the husk beneath. Besides, there were always other lone superhumans. The human female was strong, but she wasn't strong enough for him. Before he was about to kill the woman, an idea struck him. <this one="" might="" know="" about="" the="" power="" i="" sensed.=""> He then used <somarin> to read the memories of this superhuman. Nekra was overjoyed when he saw Sian in the memory. The powerful being that was surely going to end his cursed life. He wasn't sure about when this being would come out from the sphere scale, but he was certain that this being would not lose to some red husk. The being would grow even stronger. In the last memory, the being was on par with his current state, but if he came back from fighting the sphere scale, he would be far stronger than Nekra himself. Nekra began to think about how to make Sian come and kill him. He needed to make Sian come to him and try to fight him to the death. The first step was easy. His power, <tamara>, allowed him to see the near future. <tamara> told him Sian would come to him even if Nekra did not do anything. The second was the problem. Sian would not kill him that easily. It would be easy if Nekra killed his family, but he didn't need to go that far. He just needed to let Sian believe that he had killed this human female. After he solved everything, Nekra went into a void that was cracked open. He was not going to die easily, however. He wanted to show the man everything he had. After some time, the void cracked open. Nekra looked upon the light and spoke. <chrona… i="" will="" follow="" your="" order="" one="" last="" time.=""> To kill the possible threat to her baby, Nekra jumped out of the void. Sian walked toward <karnine> after going through all memories and the energy flowed into it. A more powerful blade came out from the handle. But Sian didn't pick the weapon up to just admire it. He knew everything he had to know. Sian followed Nekra's memory to insert Karnine into the space, and he turned it as if he were turning a key. The space began to open up. When it grew wide enough, Sian jumped in and carried a person out. "You made me worry too much." Sian spoke softly as he looked down at the unconscious Stiel in his arms. Nekra did not kill Stiel. He just locked her up for a few years so Sian would think that Nekra had killed her. After checking on Stiel, Sian sighed and felt a different will flowing into him. <i spared="" her="" as="" an="" act="" of="" gratitude="" and="" i="" had="" few="" more="" years="" to="" resist="" the="" order.="" i="" did="" think="" about="" killing="" her…="" but="" it="" looked="" like="" you="" had="" no="" mate.="" i="" felt="" sorry="" for="" you,="" so="" i="" spared="" her="" life.=""> "Huh?" Sian was dumbfounded. He realized Nekra did all he could to kill himself, but it felt weird to Sian. "Did you want to die that badly?" Sian asked, but the will that came from the heart only spoke of what had been recorded. <that's not="" going="" to="" be="" enough="" of="" a="" present,="" but="" take="" karnine.="" and="" the="" heart.="" the="" order="" was="" made="" directly="" into="" my="" brain,="" so="" none="" of="" these="" will="" affect="" you="" in="" any="" way.=""> 'I was going to take it anyway.' Sian mumbled and he listened to the last message from the heart. <thank you.="" i="" hope="" you="" live="" a="" good="" life.="" i="" am="" going="" back="" to="" my="" people…="" i="" will="" see="" you="" there.=""> '…I'll go as late as possible.' Sian shook his head. Nekra was dead, but it seemed that he loved that fact that he died. The place was now left with Sian, Stiel, a sword, and the heart. He would've put everything into Nitzmatan, but he now had a different method. Just as the memory did, Sian pushed Karnine into his left palm. Karnine then was absorbed into a void that opened up, and Sian stored the heart into it also. He thought about consuming it, but he shook his head. His barrier wasn't going to be overcome by just this one heart. He then picked up Stiel on his back and used Nitzmatan on Stiel's neck to store Chrona-Phon. Then he jumped out of the cliff. 'Hmm… I hope nothing happens from that. The city looks fine too.' Sian looked back at the damage and flew out to the far north where Veronica would be moving.</thank></that's></i></karnine></chrona…></tamara></tamara></somarin></this></i></kill></this>


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