Swordmeister of Rome
125 Invasion
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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125 Invasion

Phareon looked down at his land from the castle. It was only a few days after the disaster brought havoc upon the sky and mountains. The energy didn't come toward the city, so it was okay other than the fact that the buildings were covered with dust. Phareon turned to the cliff or mountain that used to be located there. "…" The place where the great Con-Tian Mountains were located was now an endless and barren plain. The mountain range that protected Logadis was now gone, like a wall with wide-open castle gate. Phareon then looked far across the plain with the help of Kranga. "Usharan…" Usharan was now visible with the help of his artifact. He became worried about what might happen now. Usharan and Tian had no trouble diplomatically as their borders did not meet. The Kuradan Canyon was too narrow to be used for military operations. It was why Con and Tian formed an alliance in first place. The canyon worked well for allied countries, but it had no meaning otherwise. This did not change even after Usharan invaded Con Kingdom. With the Con-Tian mountain range intact, Usharan only had Taran to invade. But it was going to change now. The great plain that was a hundred times wider than the canyon was a great place to deploy military forces. And Logadis, which was at the entrance of such a plain, was bound to encounter trouble. "Long time no see, Mister Sian. You should've seen Kuradan's face! Haha." It was hard to witness superhuman fights, but the damage left was too great. Clearing the entire mountain range between two countries… what Kuradan did in his days was not even close. Lagaope was astonished. "I didn't intend to do that." "Haha… but you killed the hunter." "He was pretty strong." The fact that he fought him for so long meant Nekra was really strong. Sian would've been killed if he met him when he was seventeen years old. Sian did not explain details of what happened other than the fact that he killed the hunter and rescued Stiel. Lagaope did not ask much either. What was important was that the hunter died. "So, how is Stantahl?" Lagaope asked. Sian thought his group really did look after the superhumans. "She's still unconscious, but she'll wake up soon." It looked like her every organ of hers had slowed down tremendously, but she was still a superhuman. Her organs were already beginning to function normally again. "That is good to hear. We were really worried. We did not expect her to have no descendants." Lagaope sighed. They could not always keep an eye out on the superhumans as that would anger them. They thought Stantahl the Fourth was her descendant, but he was not. "Right. But that's an annoying limitation," Sian said. He didn't care if it would save his family, but it still raised some concerns. Lagaope smiled. "You don't need to worry about that. Remember I said that the replacement material is actually better?" "Oh, right." "The new orb will be applied in new ways. We fixed some issues. You just need to obtain the ingredients." "Right. I should go look for it then." Sian now had time to go look for the ingredients and thus he began asking. He just heard that he needed to meet some race and retrieve it. But Lagaope's continued explanation made Sian sigh. "So… that race lives deep within the Great Forest?" "Haha, yes. It's hard for us. We can handle one or two Six-Horned, but you never know what might happen there and we're all very busy. With you here, it won't matter. You can just jog down there and come right back." "Hmm." Sian became hesitant and Lagaope asked, "Huh? What's the problem? Are you afraid of the place?" "No, it's not that." He was afraid of what was beyond the Wall in the past, but not anymore. The Great Forest he saw through Nekra's memories would have been dangerous for his seventeen-year-old self, but it was nothing for him now. What made him worry was Chrona, the Seven-Horned ruler of the Great Forest. It might be bad if Chrona somehow caught him. Sian knew how Chrona ruined Nekra's life, so it made him reluctant. He didn't know where this race lived, and if Sian accidentally walked into Chrona's territory, it wouldn't end up well. Under normal circumstances, Sian would have refused to go. But he wanted the result so bad. At that moment, a weird machine sound whirred. Sian thought it was from his artifact and looked down, but it wasn't. It was coming from Lagaope. "Oh, it's Groyn. If you'll excuse me." Lagaope then took out the artifact and a face appeared on it. It was Groyn. Sian thought it would be rude to overhear their conversation, so he began on thinking whether he should go into the forest or not. Lagaope did not talk for too long. He finished talking and smiled as he walked toward Sian. "You really are lucky." "Huh?" "Haha… ha…" King Narasha laughed hollowly as he read the report. Viscount Talin looked at him sympathetically. "Viscount… so this was… a few days ago?" "I heard it's been three days, Your Majesty." "So… it's exactly a week after Sian returned." "…Yes, Your Majesty." "Ha..ha… ngh.." The King's laughter turned into moans. The report wasn't long. <logadis, kulan="" province="" and="" usharan,="" the="" old="" con-tian="" is="" now="" connected.=""> <con-tian mountain="" range,="" revall="" peak="" through="" garlan="" peak,="" was="" erased.=""> <usharan's military="" is="" moving="" into="" the="" old="" con-tian="" region.=""> "So… our Sian… destroyed the entire mountain range casually… and widened our border?" "…Yes, Your Majesty." "…" King Narasha looked tired, but he pulled himself up. He needed to make the right choices to keep the Kingdom in one piece. Tian was growing powerful, but it had only been five years since they acquired Lagran. They still lacked warriors and military power. If there were no issues in the north, the King would have loved this chance to attack Usharan at once. The problem was that Tian was focused on pushing back the Harijans in the north. If Usharan decided to attack Tian now, it would mean huge trouble. Usharan was also busy at war with Taran, so the chances of them attacking was low, but there was no telling. "We'll pull our forces from north once that place stabilizes. Send all the remaining Gairas to strengthen our border at Logadis." "But…" "What is it?" "There's something that happened in the north also. You should look at this." Viscount Talin then brought up a machine to show the recordings.</usharan's></con-tian></logadis,>


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