Swordmeister of Rome
126 Invasion
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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126 Invasion

Kal-Tian, a warrior that was protecting the north, frowned as he heard the noise from below. If the sound was this loud, it would surely make the civilians feel uneasy. He thought his soldiers had loosened up too much as there had been no Harijan invasions for a while. He walked down alongside the Wall and questioned the soldiers. "What is going on?" Soldiers then turned to a place beyond the Wall and spoke. "A mysterious group appeared." "Huh?" The only things that appeared from beyond the Wall were the Harijans. However, it seemed that the soldiers were talking about different beings, so Kal-Tian looked out to see for himself. "What is that?" There was something that should not have existed out there. '…A military?' He wasn't sure about calling it a military force, but that was the only thing he could think of. There was no formation and they all had different weapons. Their faces were full of despair. No one would call them a military, but it gave them eery feeling. "They're not all humans either." The group a mix of many different races. Kal-Tian ordered to his soldiers. "Reload the Gairas and keep your place. Record this and send it to the Capital and ask for Swordmeister and the King's reinforcements!" The mysterious group outside Wall stood there, but it wasn't because they did not have the intention to attack. It was because more of such soldiers were joining. When their numbers were enough, they would launch an attack. Kal-Tian ran out to commandeer his army. "So… this is what just happened at the <chrotia fortress="">?" the King asked grimly as he watched the video. Chrotia Fortress was the most fortified place that King Narasha worked hard on as it was the first line of defense against the Harijans. Many cities in Tian's northern region prospered from the vast minerals and metal ores from Sky Mountain. If they were to be attacked by Harijans, it meant disaster for the entire Kingdom. Due to that fact, Chrotia Fortress was the most vital defense point. It even had communication and transportation devices so that Swordmeister Kiraine could always run to help defend it. King Narasha always thought there was no chance for Chrotia to fall. But after watching the recording, the King could not be so certain. The bigger problem was that they had no clue what they were. They didn't even look like humans as the soldiers looked like they were filled with despair. The worst type of army was always the one where the soldiers had no will to fight, but the King knew that these soldiers were different. His warrior instinct told him this army was much more powerful than that. "Order all the nobles to send reinforcements! Send all military groups except Dragona toward Chrotia and send Swordmeister Kiraine as reinforcement for now!" "Yes, Your Majesty!" The warriors were shocked to hear the orders. They all saw the recordings, but they did not think it was a big problem. They thought the armies in despair were going to be easy to deal with, but the King seemed to think differently. However, they knew the King never made a wrong decision. They felt this was going to be much more complicated than they originally thought. "Miss Stiel, when are you going to wake up?" Sian looked at Stiel who was asleep. Her body seemed to have recovered, but she did not wake up yet. Sian could not do anything but watch her lie in bed. He then thought about what Lagaope said to him. <it's fortunate="" for="" you.="" i="" don't="" know="" what="" happened="" to="" them.="" i="" wouldn't="" have="" to="" ask="" you="" for="" this="" if="" this="" was="" the="" case…="" but="" we="" are="" all="" busy="" right="" now.="" can="" you="" help="" us="" out?=""> <sure.> <haha, thank="" you.="" we're="" almost="" at="" the="" end="" of="" our="" project.="" oh,="" and="" you="" said="" you="" will="" move="" when="" stiel="" wakes="" up?=""> <yeah. i="" want="" to="" see="" her="" waking="" up="" first.=""> <i see…="" well,="" that="" might="" be="" better="" for="" the="" time="" frame.="" we="" are="" not="" yet="" finished="" with="" preparations="" and="" they="" must="" not="" have="" gotten="" to="" it="" yet.=""> Sian then turned to Stiel. He then thought of an idea. 'I should make a present for her while I have time.' Sian then activated Nitzmatan on Stiel's neck and took out Chrona-Phon. He did return the piece that Lagaope picked up, but the actual Chrona-Phon was still stored in its destroyed state within Nitzmatan. Sian then weighted the two pieces and realized one was lighter than other. 'This side is heavier.' Sian broke off a piece on the heavier side and pushed it against the other. It then began molding itself into the piece. When he made both sides weigh about same, Sian began molding Chrona-Phon as a whole and he remembered a gauntlet he saw once. Design of the <gauntlet chosen="" by="" 24="" female="" warriors=""> made by Blacksmith Chroton. It was a gauntlet that provided excellent protection and it was designed so that no blood would get onto it when used against an enemy. Sian then began reshaping Chrona-Phon. The pieces then began to turn into a metal plate. When he was done, the molded black pieces were now beautifully-shaped gauntlets made for both hands. It was little thinner than the ones that were sold, but the metal material was not just some regular metal and therefore it seemed okay. Sian then activated Nitzmatan and put it back in. Stiel would be satisfied once she saw it. "You should wake up soon so we can travel around again," Sian mumbled. When Stiel woke up, it would be time to move.</gauntlet></i></yeah.></haha,></sure.></it's></chrotia>


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