Swordmeister of Rome
127 Invasion
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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127 Invasion

"Bring more explosives!" "Men, go to K-11 district! We need more food!" "Women, gather at the town hall!" Chrotia Fortress was in chaos. Reinforcements began to arrive at the fortress and the fortress started to become busy with preparing rooms for these new recruits. Civilians also joined in helping make preparations for war. Fortunately, Tian Kingdom was flourishing, so they had a lot of food saved up. Everyone was focused on their job. It would have created some complaints even if the order was directly from the King, but everyone knew that Chrotia Fortress had to be protected at all costs. It was their last line of defense. If it was a human army, it would have been less scary. But this mysterious army gave people the chills and induced more fear in their minds. The enemy's growing number also played a big part in their fear. "What are those things?!" Soldier Kroll shouted as he looked outside the wall. It would have been better if they were facing Harijans, but these enemies were different. They just looked very tired and they seemed to be filled with despair. That was why Kroll was afraid. Their leaders seemed to be afraid too. 'Please don't move.' But they did. At that moment, they flinched in unison. The flinch might've been funny if only one did it, but it was terrifying when thousands did it in unison. They turned straight toward the wall, which made the soldiers even more terrified. Then, they began charging at the wall. "ARRRGH!! ATTACK INCOMING!" Kroll began screaming and sounded the alarm. It was the beginning of the war. "Your Majesty, we're being attacked!" "Already?" The King groaned. He was on his way to the north with his own forces, but it seemed like it was too late. 'No… Chrotia will stand…' "Bring the recording!" Recording was a basic war tactic. King Narasha was then allowed to see what was going on at Chrotia Fortress. However, he could not say anything as he watched. "By the Gods…" A warrior let out a gasp from the side, but the King did not mind. He felt the same way. The view that appeared on the recording was a living hell. "Advance! We must go faster! We have no time!" 'Swordmeister… please keep the place safe.' "ARRGH!" Refel, a 2nd Grade Soldier, wanted to block his ears to stop hearing his friends screaming. However, if he didn't want to end up the same way, he had to keep swinging his sword. His sword struck the enemy and Refel backed away. His friend next to him was attacked after he hit an enemy's neck. As expected, the enemy did not care that it had been struck by the sword and charged forward. 'It doesn't feel pain?' That was what he thought at first, but it didn't seem like it since the enemy was still moaning and screaming. "Nngh… it hurts… it hurts…" Either way, it did not stop swinging its sword. "Die! Die!" Refel jumped back as he swung his sword and heard something unbelievable. "I… want to…" 'Huh?' Refel stopped as he heard something unbelievable, but it soon led to his demise. "ARRRGH!" The enemy lunged forward and struck their sword at Refel's heart. Refel fell down as he died. The enemy didn't seem to be happy, however, it was filled with more despair. It then looked down at its injury. The enemy looked confused, but as the pain grew stronger, it glared down at Refel. It then began chewing on Refel, and the injury on the arm began to heal. After the injury was all healed, the undead stopped eating and glanced around to attack another. Chrotia Fortress was filled with such a sight. These enemies charged in no matter what damage they took. Grand Bander Kiraine did his best to fight against them, but this mysterious military had countless Masters, and these Master warriors did not fear death. Kiraine could barely fight them off. At last, the warriors had to retreat with the survivors. It was the mysterious army's first victory against Tian. "Kiraine. Are you okay?" King Narasha greeted Kiraine and the rest of his army. "Your Majesty. I am sorry." "No, don't be. I saw the recordings. We would not have any survivors if it wasn't for you." These soldiers didn't seem like they would be of any help in the future as they seemed to be traumatized. King asked Kiraine, "So, what happened there? I did see the recordings but…" "It's exactly what you saw." Kiraine began giving an explanation about those armies. They didn't look any different than normal humans. They also got hurt and were affected by magic. But they did not die. They survived even when their heads were cut off. Their wounds did not heal quickly, but they came back once they absorbed the dead bodies lying around. Even the limbs that were chopped off reappeared on the body in no time. The best way to deal with them was to crush their heads. This would make it impossible for them to regenerate since they wouldn't be able to eat the bodies. However, that didn't mean they were dead yet. It was best to cut their arms and legs off also. Magic also worked well. It didn't kill them, but it made it easy to render them powerless. "It's like those armies of the dead from the legend." The invincible army that kept coming back from hell. Armies that existed before the humans formed nations. King Narasha was concerned, but he was shocked when he arrived at Chrotia the next day.


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