Swordmeister of Rome
128 Invasion
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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128 Invasion

"By the Gods…" "What is it, Kiraine?" King Narasha asked as Kiraine groaned when he observed Chrotia Fortress in the far distance. He also glanced at the fortress, but he didn't see any difference. "Their numbers increased." "What?" "The survivors… joined their army." "How is that even possible?" The undead was one thing, but having the enemies join their ranks in one day? That seemed impossible. The numbers were in the thousands. The King checked to see if they were being kept as prisoners, but they were not. As they grew grim at the news, a soldier came running up to them with a communication artifact. "Your Majesty, we have a message!" "What is it?" "All the cities along our northern border are under attack!" "!!" "We have been informed that the Taran Kingdom and the Great North Wall is under attack also!" "What…?!" The King couldn't believe what he heard. All the cities including Chrotia at the northern border were being attacked by these armies that came beyond Sky Mountain. It seemed that some places were being attacked by larger armies other than the one that was attacking Chrotia. This wasn't a problem for Tian anymore. This was a problem for the entire continent. "Call the Great Magic Council… ask for their help. We will retreat from here." "Yes, Your Majesty." The King's original plan was to observe the enemy's movements and wait until his forces gathered to wipe them out all at once. However, if the Kingdom was being attacked from various places, that was not possible. Any land that was not protected would fall vulnerable against such a vicious army. And if that happened, the enemy would grow as they absorbed all the people they attacked. Some estates had populations of over ten thousand. If those people fell into their hands… that meant the doom of Tian. "Search every document, every book, and every bit of research. See what we can find out about those monsters." The first thing was to know the enemy, attacking was second. The entire continent fell into chaos. Mysterious armies were coming from the north of Sky Mountain. Tian, Taran, and Kharan were the only countries with borders met with the northern part, but the other countries knew the gravity of the problem. It wasn't like Harijans. If those armies grew in number as they attacked, they would be invincible once they reached Usharan or Broshan at the southern part of the continent. Some countries wanted to take the opportunity to attack Taran and Tian, but they decided not to after watching the speed of the advancing armies. In just three days, all the fortresses on the northern border had been destroyed. Within a week, their armies grew twice in size even though they were killed countless times. All countries were now sending reinforcements to help defend against those armies. King Narasha was deep in thought. He was thinking of one thing. "…I have no other choice." He had decided to use his last resort. King Narasha couldn't bear to ask Sian for help after witnessing the destruction of the entire Con-Tian Mountain. It wasn't like Sian had a bad temperament or was violent. He was actually calm and nicer than the other superhumans. However, that was the scariest part of all. He had no evil intentions but he brought about destruction with him anywhere he went. He had destroyed two mountains and four cities. The most recent was the destruction of the Con-Tian Mountain. It would've taken hundreds of years if it was done by a country. The King was afraid that those acts were just done on a whim. And that was why he protected the Roman family until now. He couldn't imagine what kind of destruction would follow if Sian decided to deliberately run on a rampage. However, it was now time. The King had no way to protect his kingdom otherwise. 'Yes… it should be okay.' King Narasha thought of Lenorva, the only place that had survived Sian's visit and sent a message to the Roman family. But the answer he received was unexpected. "He's gone?" "Yes. He disappeared yesterday." "And you don't know where he went?" "Yes, Your Majesty. We have heard that he disappeared with the woman he was with." "Oh…" King became concerned but reassured himself. 'It can't get any worse. He'll be back.' The Great Plains, north of the Celaine Estate. There were two people running at incredible speed. They sometimes flew or ran while heading north. It was Sian and Stiel. "It's been a long time. Hehe." "…You should've told me you were awake." Sian looked at Stiel with embarrassment. She was grinning. "Yeah, but it was fun to see you getting frustrated." "…since when were you awake?" "After I got out of that prison? I just didn't move because I wanted to focus on regenerating." "…" It meant she had been awake since the beginning. "But it was so funny seeing what you were doing, so I decided to stay down for little longer. <haha, i="" hope="" you="" like="" it.="">" "…" "<you should="" wake="" up="" soon="" so="" we="" can="" travel="" around="" again.="">" Stiel repeated what Sian had said from her side. Sian blushed with embarrassment, and he was at a loss for words. Stiel looked at Sian and laughed. "That's why you shouldn't make a lady wait too long." "…" "Thanks anyway. I love the present." Stiel showed her gratitude and stopped teasing Sian. Sian sighed and answered, "You're welcome." "I was worried I would injure my hands, but this will do." Stiel bumped the gauntlets against each other and gave her answer. Her fist attacks were now more vicious than ever, and Sian regretted a little bit that he made such deadly weapons for her. Stiel then noticed Sian fidgeting and said, "Haha, don't worry. I'm not going to just smack anyone with them." "Sure." "So, where are we going? Why are we in such a hurry?" "Oh, I have something I need to get. You could stay behind and rest…" Sian stood up to get the replacement that Lagaope asked for as soon as he saw Stiel waking up, but Stiel insisted on following him. Stiel laughed, "Hehe, something always happens when I'm with you." "…" "I didn't know there was someone worse than me in that regard. I look forward to it this time too." "No, there won't be any trouble. I'm a gentleman," Sian answered, but he wasn't so sure.</you></haha,>


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