Swordmeister of Rome
129 Rosharan
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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129 Rosharan

"Nngh…" Rokum glanced around in terror. He and the other Tian soldiers had fallen at the hands of the undead armies and the northern fortress had been taken over. The armies he had fought were now surrounding him. However, since he was now a prisoner, these armies did not attack him. They just stood there silently, staring at the prisoners as if they were pitied them for what was about to come next. '…huh?' Something happened within the armies and Rokum turned to the side. The armies parted and something floated out. Rokum couldn't see clearly due to dried-up blood on his eyes, so he shook his head to clear off some of the dried blood and squinted. '…a fairy?' It was impossible, but it looked just like a fairy he knew from the legends. A small, child-like body with four wings on its back. Silver powder traced its path as the wings flapped. The face was also cute, but he wasn't sure if it was a boy or a girl. Rokum and the other prisoners hoped this out-of-place being might have arrived to save them. The fairies they knew from legends loved pulling pranks, but they were always good. However, they quickly realized it was just false hope. <hehe.> Ralokura, the 27th daughter, smirked. After they retreated deep into the Great Forest, escaping from the monster that attacked them a few thousand years ago, the Queen had been in a perpetual bad mood. However, the recent 400 years had been great. That was because the Empire's monkeys were wiped out 400 years ago. When the Empire advanced into the Great Forest 600 years ago, they thought it was an opportunity. They wanted to enslave them and regain their peaceful lives. Their life without slaves within the Forest was too harsh. But the monkeys they met after thousands of years were too different. Who would have thought these slave monkeys could become so strong with such mysterious powers? They had to retreat back into the forest. However, when the monkeys were gone, it was time to come back. A lot of those monkeys were still left. They were fearsome when grouped together in large numbers with their magic, but they were nothing when they were separated. They began enslaving those monkeys who had been separated about the lands to increase their forces, as they did when they had created their kingdom thousands of years ago. After a few hundred years of work, their power grew. It wasn't much compared to their former glory, but Ralokura was satisfied that they now had a place in the Great Forest. However, her mother didn't seem to be satisfied. She wanted to increase their territory and kept enslaving any survivors of the old Empire. But they couldn't advance south. As they moved further into the south, the monster's presence that destroyed their old Kingdom grew stronger. It was terrifying. The monster, Dragona, walked slowly into their kingdom and swallowed their species and their Queen. A few of them barely survived after running into deep within the forest, which was Chrona's territory. The Queen seemed to be traumatized by the memory. It was why she let some groups that had the same energy as Dragona pass by. However, something happened that made them rejoice. <i… i="" don't="" feel="" that="" monster's="" presence="" anymore!=""> The Queen shouted in joy. Now, nothing blocked their path. Their preparations were complete and the armies of slaves had been ready for a long time. The Queen began advancing southward. They then arrived at the monkeys' fortress. They were afraid when they arrived at the fortress. It was the same place when they had to retreat 600 years ago. The magic the monkeys used was terrifying, and they might have advanced their powers. To their surprise, the monkeys seemed to have stepped backward in their power. No, their sword skills did increase but their magic was nowhere close to what they originally feared. After they confirmed that their slaves could defeat the monkeys, what needed to be done next was simple. <increase the="" number="" of="" slaves.=""> Her brothers and sisters were probably busy increasing the number of slaves already. <i should="" work="" hard="" too.=""> Ralokura smiled as she watched the prisoners in front of her. She bit down on the tip of her finger and a drop of blood came out. Nobody would recognize her blood as it was gold in color. This gold color was proof that her people, <rosharan>, was the ruler of all. It wasn't important who was stronger. In fact, the generals of those monkeys might be stronger than her. But she was the ruler. She then spilled a drop of her blood on the prisoner that was being pinned down by the other slaves. This one looked like a Master in their rankings, so he needed at least a drop. He should be thankful that she used a drop of such valuable blood. Her blood created the <undead>, so it was very valuable. These monkeys, who could only live up to 100 years, should be thankful. In fact, most slaves had already lived for over 300 to 400 years as they were enslaved when the Empire fell. The prisoner tried to resist drinking the blood, but it was futile. Now, it was only a matter of time. However, she didn't have time to waste. She walked over to the other prisoners and made them drink a drop of blood, one by one. She felt dizzy after that as she had been increasing the number of slaves for the past few days without rest. She wanted to finish it quickly so that the Queen would praise her. At that moment, her slaves became restless and she yelled, <you trash!="" shut="" up!=""> Everyone shivered with fear as Ralokura yelled. They had experienced what her fury would bring for over 400 years. However, one of them shouted, "Something… is flying over here." <what?> Ralokura turned toward the sky. Something was approaching at incredible speed. Ralokura felt it was dangerous and ordered her slaves, <protect me!=""> The slaves began forming a blockade in front of her. As she was covered with slaves, she stared at the intruders closing in. Two beings crashed down onto the land in front of her. She frowned as she expected the destruction to be much bigger in scale. She thought it was some kind of magic fired by the humans, so she ordered the defensive wall, but it was no need. As the dust cloud settled, she realized it was two humans. However, she didn't let down her guard. There were no humans who could fly like that. "Uh… are you… the one called Rosharan?" <what? how="" do="" you="" know="" our="" name!=""> Ralokura was shocked since anyone who knew their name had been enslaved. "I guess you are. I came to get something from you. If it's not too much to ask…" The man looked at Ralokura awkwardly. "I know it's rude to ask… but will you donate some blood? It will save four lives." He took out a bottle, and Ralokura felt her patience waning. A slave monkey wanted her precious blood! <kill him!=""> "…" "Haha, Sian. What did I say?" The army charged at them as Stiel grinned and rushed in.</kill></what?></protect></what?></you></undead></rosharan></i></increase></i…></hehe.>


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