Swordmeister of Rome
130 Rosharan
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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130 Rosharan

Sian thought about what Lagaope had told him.

"So, the Rosharans live in the Great Forest?"

"Yes, but they came out recently and they're heading this way."

Sian was curious about the Rosharans as he needed their blood.

"Their blood has unique properties. That's why we researched it."

"What is it?"

"It binds the spirit. It binds the spirit to the body when one consumes the blood so the spirit can't escape from it. It's much more powerful than the water in the well. We figured it would be better if we use this instead of the well water."

"So you can't die if you drink that?"

Sian thought of the Granines who didn't die. However, Lagaope shook his head.

"Yes, but it's better if you don't drink it."

Lagaope explained that drinking the blood meant that the person could not die. But it just meant that its spirit could not leave the body no matter the damage it received. If the body was damaged, the spirit would remain within the body along with the pain that followed.

What was unique was that it had a way to regenerate, but it also had a negative aspect. Unlike the Granines who were supported by the husk, Rosharans did not have such backup. They had to consume dead bodies to regain the energy required to regenerate.

In addition, it also made them slaves to the owner of the blood. There was no way for them to resist and they couldn't die unless their master freed them.

After drinking the blood, it meant that the person would become a Rosharan slave for eternity.

'So that's how they used it.'

Sian smiled bitterly as he looked upon the armies charging at him. The blood had certainly allowed them to create an invincible army. They didn't die, and they could regenerate. They also did not resist any orders. Yet, the look on their faces displayed their thoughts. They had lived a life as a slave for over hundreds of years and they were desperate for someone to kill them.

Stiel was living up to their expectations.

Every blow of hers turned the enemy into powder. Powerful Bander users easily destroyed the bindings that kept the spirit attached to the body.

'Is she trying to save them?'

Sian looked at her. Stiel didn't need to turn each of them into powder as she could just easily punch the ground to immobilize hundreds of them.

"Hahahaha! This feels so good! What a stress-reliever!"

'I guess not.'

The armies seemed to realize that running to Stiel would free them from their slavery, so they all started attacking Stiel. It was good for Sian as he had no business with the slave armies.

He then quickly walked up to the Rosharan before she could issue any other orders. As he walked up to her, Sian realized she was very beautiful and he thought it was wrong to judge others by their looks.

<What… what are you guys?! Why are you here?!>

The Rosharan was frustrated by the destruction that Stiel had brought about.

'Has she never seen superhumans before?'

Sian heard that these Rosharans had lived hundreds of years, so he figured that they would have seen or heard of superhumans at least. He soon realized that there might be no superhumans within the forest and that this fairy was considered one of the younger ones of the group.

'That's not important right now.'

Sian spoke to the Rosharan.

"I just need your blood. I saw you spilling it like water just a while ago. It should be okay if I take some too, right?"

<You dog…!>

She scowled at Sian.

"If you won't help me, then I'm just gonna leave."

The fairy then became confused, because this offer actually seemed to be better.

"...but I won't be taking her with me."


It wouldn't take more than ten minutes for Stiel to destroy the entire army here. And when she was done with the armies, the fairy would be next.

"I think I can get more blood that way, but isn't it better if we resolve this peacefully?"

<…How much do you need?>

The Rosharan seemed to have accepted reality, but Sian then hesitated.

<What? How much do you need?>

Sian took out the special bottle he had received from Lagaope. Lagaope told him that the bottle housed a small dimensional space that allowed the blood to be kept without any alterations.

The fairy then realized why the man looked like he was hesitating.

<You… dog…>

"I don't want to do this, but I'm busy too."

The bottle was about half of the fairy's body size. That amount of blood would not kill the fairy, but she would only barely survive. However, she didn't have any other choice.


"Haha, but we won't have to meet with each other again. Just take it easy and let it out."

Sian handed over a knife. He felt bad right up until he came here, but after watching these fairies doing such evil things, he became indifferent.

Rolakura looked on as her blood poured into the bottle, but she couldn't complain.

"If you get mad, look at that woman. It will help you calm down."


"Should I hang you upside down? I heard it helps the blood flow out faster."


"Or not."

Rolakura couldn't answer as she just concentrated on donating her blood. At least after this, she would have no more business with him.

"Good to see you."

"Haha, Mister Sian, you're back so quickly. And Stantahl… we've not met before. I'm Lagaope."

"Huh? Was there another superhuman that was alive?"

"Oh, so Mister Sian didn't tell you about me."

Stiel didn't know anyone other than Groyn, but there were a lot of things to explain so Sian and Lagaope quickly briefed her.

"Wow, I didn't know that kind of thing existed. Why didn't you make me one then?"

"We did. Groyn went to you and…"

"Oh, so that was that? He stutters too much… haha."

"However, you can't be revived because you don't have any descendants."

Stiel then turned to Sian and stared at him.



Sian felt the familiar feeling of being hunted, and so he quickly changed the subject.

"Anyway, here's what you requested."

Sian took out the bottle and handed it over to Lagaope. Lagaope smiled.

"Great job. Now, we just need to make it. Where are the other three?"


"Hmm? I thought I told you that this bottle was only for one person."


"Oh. I wondered why you came back so fast."


"Well, you can go back again and gather more," Lagaope answered and Sian nodded. He was going to keep the promise. He just could visit the other Rosharans.


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