Swordmeister of Rome
131 Rosharan
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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131 Rosharan

Rosharan, the queen of the Rosharan race.

She smiled while her eight wings fluttered as she looked far away upon the human armies.

She was excited. It was about time to reclaim their old glory, the days when they were called the <Race of the Golden Blood>, thousands of years ago.

She then turned to the armies behind her and frowned.

Her armies consisted of Masters and other races. It was a powerful army, but it did not satisfy the Queen of Rosharans. It was still lacked grandeur compared to the days when she ruled the mountains and the lands.

Of course, the slaves started out weak. Yet as they lived for hundreds and thousands of years, they grew strong and powerful. That was why the <Rosharan> were so powerful. At that time, they had hundreds of 1st-grade slaves, or Grand Banders in the human language. They were even considered as threats to a lot of the Six-Horned Harijans.

However, their armies were consumed by the monster, Dragona.

The army now only was 400 years old and much smaller in size.

'I remember the days when I first came here.'

The Queen remembered the days when she arrived in this world, Ra-Sian. It was harder back then.

Now she just needed to enslave all the humans standing in front of them. She didn't think she would lose. Her new slaves informed her that these countries only had three to four 1st-grade slaves at best.

This was a very important battle, so all of her sons and daughters had gathered here with their slave armies. The number had multiplied many times since they got here.

Rosharan was worried when they first left the forest. After their failure 600 years ago, they thought that the humans could have gotten much more powerful while they had stayed within the forest. However, as their armies began advancing, they realized that they were still powerful.

As she watched her armies proudly, she realized one of her daughters was missing.

<Where's Rolakura?>

<She returned unconscious. She is resting now.>

Rosharan was puzzled. Rolakura only had four wings, but she was one of her favorite daughters as they had a lot of things in common. Rolakura was greedy, but she knew her place and that was why she had increased the number wings in record time. The number of their wings grew as they made more slaves, so Rosharan thought that Rolakura would have at least six wings after the invasion. Rolakura wasn't the type to overwork herself to the point where she would faint.

Rosharan asked her son,

<Hmm? Anything else?>

<She also returned alone without her army. We found that she fainted along the way.>

<Oh… so she overdid it.>

There was a chance of losing control over her army if she used too much of her blood. That was why they had to be careful when creating slaves.

Rosharan felt her interest in Rolakura waning. She decided she would not meet her anymore even after the war. Losing control was the most foolish thing one could do. Without armies, they needed to fight on their own, and that wasn't a job for a ruler.

<Let's go, my children.>

They began advancing with their thousands of troops.

"They're coming,"

King Narasha groaned as he saw the enemy army advancing toward them.

Their numbers had grown so it was now a few times larger than when they first attacked. Fortunately, his forces were not as weak. King Narasha retreated immediately when he realized he had to gather forces to deal with them. They were joined by Taran and their six Grand Banders, and Usharan also sent their Grand Bander and the Kel-Rufens to help. Their forces combined were powerful, but King Narasha didn't feel relieved.

It was because of the fairies.

Eight undead soldiers at the level of Grand Banders emerged after those fairies appeared. The northern region that barely held back the enemy was destroyed the moment those undead Grand Banders started fighting.

The fairies themselves were also very powerful. The ones with less than five wings were powerless, but the six-winged ones were very powerful and the seven-winged ones were hard to fight, even for Grand Banders. Luckily, it did not seem like they were joining the battles, which made the fights a bit easier.

"Ha… I wish Sian was here."

The King really wanted Sian here. He had searched for him everywhere, but Sian was nowhere to be found.

As the King sighed, Taran's warrior, Zagron the Invincible, came up to him.

"Have you finished the preparations?"

"Yes. I hope your title still stays with you after this war," the King replied with an empty laugh and Zagron agreed. He always wanted to win, but this was the one he wanted to win the most. He had seen the recordings too. If he was going to lose… he decided to commit suicide. Suddenly, he saw something strange from afar. Two streaks of light were quickly approaching.


Zagron focused his vision to take a look. The two were flying directly into the army of the undead. The King also narrowed his eyes to make out what it was. Then he laughed loudly.

"HAHAHAHA! He's here!"

Zagron became curious as Narasha, famous for hiding his feelings, seemed to be rejoicing and looked more closely. He then realized what it was and joined in the laughter.

"Hahahaha. The King is here!"

Rakun, the prince of Usharan, was the only one who didn't understand why they were laughing. However, he soon understood what was happening.

<What is that?>

Raum, the 3rd daughter of Rosharan, mumbled to herself. She was one of the pillars of Rosharan as she had seven wings. She looked upon the things that were approaching. Whatever they were, they would be destroyed if they posed a threat to her mother.

<Come here.>

She called in her 1st-grade slaves to her side; they were better at fighting than her. She then began forming a wall. If the meteors were the explosive-type magic, she needed to protect her mother.

She then called upon her brothers and sisters.

Her twin, Rium, was bewildered by such overprotection and asked,

<What's with the defense? I don't think it's that dangerous.'

Her other sisters nodded. The meteors were coming in fast, but they didn't feel any danger.

'Does she feel something that I didn't?'

Rium became uncomfortable as her twin had always been her rival. However, she realized what she had missed with Raum's response.

<Mother is getting nervous.>

Rium turned to her mother who was looking at the meteors. She had surely felt something that they didn't. Rium began pulling in her power as she flew up while using her seven wings.


The meteors jumped across the armies and landed in front of them. They kicked up a dust cloud and Rium used her wings to blow the dust away.

"Oh? Thank you for that."


A man emerged from the dust cloud and bowed.

<A monkey! What is the meaning of this?!>

Raum was dumbfounded at the two slaves coming all the way into their fold. Her brothers and sisters were infuriated by that man, but they did not jump in. It was because their mother was standing still, just staring at them.

Their mother was more vicious and more violent than any of them. Her silence wasn't normal.

"It's good that so many of you are here. I took too much blood from one of you the last time, but I think I can gather a little bit from all of you."


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