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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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133 Bisa

After the mysterious army retreated after destroying the north, Tian Kingdom underwent a lot of changes. There had always been continuous attacks by the Harijans, but all the nations now realized the importance of expanding the Great Wall. The expansion began to speed up and it would only take about a year for it to be finished. The other countries also decided to help because the incident weakened Tian enough so they would not need to worry for a while. The King was bitter as the construction sped up but he couldn't say much to those who helped. At least the north was now out of his concerns. It was now the south that became his new concern. It was the large opening within the mountain that connected southern Tian to the Usharan Kingdom. People had started spreading rumors about the place. Some said it was God's wrath while others said it was the evidence of a giant Harijan rising from the ground. It didn't have an official name yet but people were already calling it, <gada-vash> Means God's Strike in ancient terms. It definitely looked like the place had been struck by a god. No one knew that the opening was created by just one person. "I didn't know I was such an ungrateful man." He was thankful when Sian defeated the undead army, but he became bitter as he thought about the problems in the south. "Anyone would be same, Your Majesty," Viscount Talin answered. "Yes. I do owe Sian this time though. The north posed a more severe threat compared to the south." It was better to deal with Usharan than fight a mysterious undead army. Fortunately, Count Phareon quickly restructured his keep to be used as a fortress. It was enough to use as a defense against Usharan for a while. "How is the war?" "Usharan and Taran have ceased the war. They are moving their forces…" "Keep an eye on them." "Yes, Your Majesty." "And Sian… is he at Lavilan?" "Yes, I heard he does not go out often." "Keep watching him too. If he disappears from the hammock… check on the people around him." "Yes, Your Majesty." It was no use watching Sian, but the King wanted to check on Sian to at least reassure himself. Sian was enjoying his peace. He was trying to enjoy it as soon as he got out of the scale; however, it got pushed back as he needed to find Stiel. He knew some of King Narasha's men were watching on him, but he understood Narasha's concerns so he left them alone. It was tiring, but the trip did give him many things. He got the replacement material easier than he thought and he also acquired the heart which he did not know how to use yet. 'But this one is the best.' Sian took out Karnine's handle and swung it. It was a weapon that he liked very much. An extracted power of destruction that did not wreak havoc. Durable enough to endure his power. Besides, if he did not pull out the blade, it worked as a nice club. Sian had already given the steel stick that he got from Lagaope to Stiel. Stiel didn't want to use it because she figured it would make her strikes duller, but Sian gave it to her anyway. Stiel's gauntlets were too powerful. "So, did you name your gauntlets?" Sian asked Stiel. "How about you name it?" "I'm not good at it." "Then what about Con-Tian? I think it fits the name best." "…are you trying to tease me?" "No, not at all. Why don't you change the name of that sword too? Call it Con-Tian. It's what you got after destroying that mountain. Or call it- <gada-vash> or <god's strike=""> or something. Isn't that cool?" "No, no, no. It's not close to being a god." Sian shook his head. He had witnessed the power of a Seven-Horned Harijan so he couldn't even joke about his power being close to that of a god. As he chatted with Stiel, a shadow drew closer to him. Sian knew who it was and greeted him, "Lagaope, you're here." "Long time no see, Mister Sian." It had been a while since Lagaope visited Sian to pick up the blood. "Is the orb-making going well?" "Yes, it's going smoothly. It might take some time, but it will be done soon." Lagaope also collected Sian and his family's blood. Sian was worried that the revival only was possible through his descendants, but Lagaope had reassured him. <don't worry="" about="" that.="" we="" figured="" it="" wasn't="" easy="" so="" we="" focused="" on="" fixing="" that="" issue.="" like="" in="" liviath's="" case,="" it="" was="" bad="" when="" the="" descendants="" weren't="" as="" talented.="" and="" in="" cases="" like="" stiel,="" who="" does="" not="" have="" any="" descendants…="" so="" we="" applied="" our="" new="" skill="" so="" you="" don't="" need="" to="" worry.=""> Sian then remembered what he wanted to ask last time. The fairy called them nobles. He thought Lagaope might know why but Lagaope left in a hurry after getting the ingredients. "Lagaope, I have a question." "Yes, I will do my best to answer it." Lagaope became intrigued after hearing Sian's question. "Oh…" "Do you know?" Sian didn't expect too much, but it seemed like Lagaope knew something. "Of course I do. But it will take a while to explain. Do you have time for that?" "Yeah," Sian nodded. "It has to do with our group. You should listen too, Stiel." Stiel then walked over and sat down on the hammock next to Sian. "You two look great when you together." Lagaope laughed as Sian became embarrassed. "Remember I invited you two to join our group? Let me explain that first. You should know what our goal is in order to make a decision." Sian and Stiel nodded. Lagaope continued, "Our group… and the nobles that Rosharan mentioned… you need a history lesson to understand." "Hmm." "It's not like studying. It will be a fun narrative. You'll be interested once you hear it." "…" "Let me ask you a question. What is the name of this continent?" "Ra-Sian?" "Too easy. Next question, what's on the top of it?" "Sky Mountain and the Great Forest?" Everyone knew about Sky Mountain and the Great Forest that blocked the northern area of the Ra-Sian Continent. "Good. Then, what's above that?" "Haha, that one's easy too. It's the Don-Nasian Continent." Sian answered easily. Ra-Sian, the land of rising sun. And the north of Sky Mountain was the land of the setting sun, Don-Nasian. Even kids knew this. "Good. Then, the next question. How do you know of its existence?" "Huh?" "You, Mister Sian, know who lives within Sky Mountain and the Great Forest, right?" Sian nodded. It was Dragona and Chrona's territory. It was a place they had protected for thousands of years. "….?" Sian then realized something strange. No one should be able to go past Sky Mountain or the Great Forest. Even without Dragona or Chrona, the two places were filled with powerful Harijans. Even if superhumans tried to venture in, they would get ripped apart by the Seven-Horned Harijans. However, the Ra-Sian Continent knew about the existence of Don-Nasian. "You understand why it's strange?" "…" "I'll start from there, so you'll need to listen from the beginning." Lagaope began telling the long story.</don't></god's></gada-vash></gada-vash>


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