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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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135 Bisa

The man tried many things. He was very intelligent and had brought along a lot of artifacts. However, he failed. It was too hard to make these monkeys turn into humans in a short time.

Therefore, he decided to change their race and spread them all over the continent, to make them evolve faster and wait for them to cultivate. At least the one thing he had was time.

He began to experiment. He mixed his blood with them to increase their power and intelligence, and for the most part, it worked out okay. However, the blood of the man was too little compared to their original blood. Most were born with about 5 to 10% of the man's blood. This only created monkeys that were a little bit smarter and stronger.

The man was disappointed but the monkeys kept reproducing. They began to prosper as they became stronger in this world with no enemies.

That was when the man revisited the monkeys. Some were being born with a higher percentage of the man's blood. Some had 15% and some had 20%. The man concentrated on increasing their numbers for a better chance in the creation of a human.

But then, problems started. As they increased in numbers, they began to fight. Also, Harijans started descending down the world plunged into chaos.

<These monkeys have no clue.>

When the man was finally thinking of wiping them out, a monkey he waited for so long for was born.


A monkey with 80% of the man's blood. It wasn't enough but it was okay.

But the man wasn't disappointed. It didn't need to be 100%. If it was born with that high percentage of his blood, its power would be similar to a human's.

The monkey did grow powerful. It beat up all the other monkeys and united the lands. As its power grew stronger, the blood percentage grew.

85%... 90%... 95%... and finally 100%.

The monkey finally managed to become one of the humans.

The man rejoiced as his research was proven correct. He was able to evolve these monkeys into his species. After thousands of years, the man finally created a friend. He gave the monkey, or rather, the human, a name.


"I was so happy with him. It was my first friend in thousands of years."


Broxian, the Emperor who united the entire world, was a successful test specimen from Lagaope's project.

It meant all the people living in this world was from the monkey that Lagaope used his blood to create.

"So… are we all children of yours or something?"

Sian asked, but Lagaope shook his head.

"Ugh, don't say that. No. I just shared my blood. You are more like my brother than a child."


Sian and Stiel were shocked to hear the secret of their world's history but quickly came back to their senses. Stiel nodded.

"I see. I thought it was weird. I mean, turning into a superhuman can't change the character that much."

"What do you mean?"

"You're special, but when people change into superhumans… we don't see those we knew as humans anymore. They're like pets rather. Have you ever felt that?"


Sian nodded. He had that feeling creeping up on him, but he resisted it. It was the feeling that came from changing races.

"It was weird that I considered even those I was close with as non-humans. I thought I lost my feelings, but it didn't feel that way when I met Groyn, Liviath, or you. Now I realize what it was. We only see each other as humans because we actually are. That's why we view others as monkeys."

"You are correct."

"I have one more question."

"Go ahead." Lagaope smiled.

"Then… the people on the other continent. Are they all humans? Are they all strong as us?"

Lagaope laughed.

"Haha, you are mistaken."


"We aren't born strong. I can probably explain about the <Nobles> here also."


"Let me ask you, do you know the limits of the race?"

"Limits of the race?"

"Yes, there are many but I'll explain it with the power."

What Lagaope explained was the following:

A race has power limitations.

The limit is set by the world, so it's not possible to overcome it.

The limit for monkeys is up to a Grand Bander. No talent or skill can overcome that.

The condition for a monkey to become a human is to change its body as it trains itself until the limit is reached and it changes its blood to evolve into a human.

When evolved, the new human will have new limits.

"So, Grand Bander is the limit monkeys can reach, and superhumans are at another limit because they are now human?"

"Right. It will require at least Ra-Bander level of talent and skills for monkeys to switch out their blood. It's impossible to achieve when the blood ratio is too low. I will now explain some things about the <Nobles>."

The people in the other world weren't all strong. They were born with the same power but different blood.

They divided themselves like the way people did here, with Grand Banders and Ra-Banders.

"If a Grand-Bander controls what is within, a Ra-Bander is one who controls the outside. This change is huge as it means it can alter the outside for its purpose."

That was what allowed Sian to carry a thousand-ton Chrona-Phon and not crack the land he stepped on, or why he could stand still when he pulled the great Harijan.

The people who knew how to do this were called <Nobles>.

"So, it's easier if you consider <Nobles> as another name for Ra-Banders. All the others are common people. We call them <Nobles> because they have proven their nobility."

"That's weird."

"It's the same word but it means different things. And there are a lot of instances where nobles and commoners fall in love with each other. We are of the same kind."

"I see."

The reason superhumans considered humans as monkeys was because they were different races.

"The only difference would be… that we have more variation in rankings."

"Why is that?"

"There are not many Ra-Banders here, but we have a lot back where I come from. It's not easy, but there's still a lot of them. As you know, not all Ra-Banders are same. That's why we divide it into different ranks."

Sian was intrigued as it was the first time he had heard of such a world.

"So, you must know about <Nobles> then. I think the leader of Rosharan must have met one from the continent. Or, they came here from that continent."

He did not know all of the races and some lived really long so there was a chance that they came over before all the passageways were blocked. Besides, Chrona was more generous toward Harijans than Dragona.

"I understand."

"I think I see what happened. They probably created the Kingdom that I saw while enslaving the monkeys but had to flee from something. They then saw evolved humans for the first time and mistook them for <Nobles> as no monkeys here could be nobles."

Lagaope seemed to realize who was behind the ruined Kingdom and smiled.

'It probably was the Narija-level race… too bad they got caught up with Sian.'

Lagaope felt sorry for Rosharan.

"So you created more superhumans after that?"

"No, I can't do that. It's all random. I can only do one thing."

<Increase the probability.>

Increasing the number of monkeys meant the chance of superhumans being born would increase. Lagaope then traveled around the world to protect the monkeys and helped them grow.

"I didn't try too hard, but protecting them from any large-scale disasters was enough. That's also why I'm making this orb. I worked so hard for my people. I think there were some side effects… as you can only live up to 300 years."

"Is it different in your world?"

"Yes. Lifespan increases as they get stronger."

After asking a few more questions, Sian asked his final question.

"So, what is your purpose?"

Sian became curious about what Lagaope was trying to do. He wasn't just playing around when he made the group. That would make Sian decide if he were to join or not.

Lagaope answered, "That's the main part now. We… are going back. To where I was born."

The thing that Lagaope had failed to achieve over thousands of years.

That was the goal of Lagaope's organization, <Herrantor>.


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