Swordmeister of Rome
136 Migration
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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136 Migration

As Lagaope's people grew in size, he thought of multiple options but concluded, <let's just="" live="" here="" in="" peace.=""> He was only a Baron, the weaker of the nobles, but he knew what he saw. It was a suicide attempt with his current numbers. It would take a million years to have enough numbers to cross. Besides, with the age limit at only 300 years, there wasn't enough time for them. They couldn't grow powerful enough to hunt down even the Six-Horned Harijans. He could not grow any stronger either. And that was why Lagaope changed his goal. However, it changed again when <con-rad> was born. Con-Rad, who grew powerful enough to fight against the annoying Great Warrior Nekra. As Con-Rad became more powerful, the monkeys began studying magic and it gave new hope to Lagaope. The hope of returning home. His world did not have magic. The individuals back home used were so strong that they did not need the help of magic. But these monkeys were weak and that made them study to gain more power. Lagaope changed his goal again to return back home. He announced to his people that there was a world where their people lived, and they agreed. Thus, Lagaope created an organization called <herrantor>. It meant "Migrator" in his language. "So… our goal is to go back home. The place called Don-Nasian." "Is that possible?" Sian asked as he felt the sheer power through the memory. "We wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't. There's a way, and that's why <herrantor> exists." Stiel asked, "Then why is the group a secret? I don't see any reason for it to be." Lagaope answered, "It isn't a secret. I just didn't tell anyone who's not involved." "Oh." "We don't need to spread it others that are not superhumans. We just need those involved to help." Stiel nodded. These were different beings who could play king among the monkeys. Sian thought about ways to pass them and came to an assumption. "Are you… trying to use some teleportation magic?" Sian asked, but Lagaope shook his head. "No, that is impossible." "Why is that?" "That's only possible when both sides have the exact coordinates." Lagaope began retelling an old story. Con-Rad and Lagaope tried various experiments to return to their land. That was how Con-Rad made an amazing discovery. He discovered teleportation magic, and came shouting to Lagaope and his people. <we can="" just="" use="" this="" magic="" to="" teleport="" over!=""> Everyone rejoiced. They began testing and experimenting with the magic. It was the first time they found such magic so they were cautious. With Con-Rad's help, they were supplied with all the knowledge and power needed from the Empire. That made Lagaope feel like the monkeys could be useful and started using contractors. That was how <void> and <ra-shar-roa> were created. People thought these were created to help with their lives, but it was only a byproduct of <herrantor>'s effort to return to their homeland. However, both of them were failures. <void> had no way to pinpoint its destination, and <ra-shar-roa> required magic runes to be placed at both ends of the journey to work. The people of Don-Nasian did not use magic, so they had no such things. Yet, due to those discoveries, they created short-distance travel. The technology was later applied to the <armory of="" arankal=""> and <door of="" narangel="">. Lagaope was overjoyed. It seemed like it would be possible to teleport into his home soon. Sadly, problems occurred when the teleportation distance exceeded twenty miles. <huh? this="" isn't="" where="" we're="" trying="" to="" go.=""> Takion became confused. He had proved to be of great help after joining <herrantor> with his vast knowledge. <what is="" it?=""> <i only="" see="" something="" red="" instead="" of="" the="" destination.=""> Lagaope turned to the open portal. The portal displayed its original destination, but on top of that was someplace else. The twenty-mile experiment was still successful, but when they tested a distance of eighty miles... <block it!=""> The teleportation portal did not connect to the intended destination. Instead, it connected to a red place where monsters were pouring out from it. They barely managed to drive them back in and close the portal. <why… why="" is="" this="" connected="" to="" apental?=""> <apental> was the most dangerous place known to people, even back in their land. It was a place where all kinds of monsters gathered, and no survivors had ever returned. All the other experiments had the same results. As the distance increased, it connected to <aptental>. Takion and Con-Rad soon reached a conclusion. <if we="" don't="" set="" the="" coordinates="" on="" the="" other="" end,="" all="" teleportation="" portals="" will="" connect="" to=""></if><apental>. It's because <apental> exists half a dimension below ours, and it sucks the end destination into it if it isn't specified.> They finally realized that teleporting back home was not a viable method. However, Takion kept studying about how to use the place. With Limainu in their group, they managed to create the portal that allowed them to enter, but not to come out; it was named <tasha-dagon>. "… it was <herrantor> who opened that?" "Huh? You didn't know?" "Ugh." It was a simple test by the Magical Council, but learning the truth made Sian feel disappointed. "I'm sorry that you got mixed into it. We didn't mean for it to happen that way." Lagaope explained apologetically and Sian nodded. It was a long time ago and he had received too much from <herrantor> already. Besides, Lagaope really didn't mean to put Sian in there, he was one of their valuable people. "So, teleportation is not possible." "Yes, we need other ways." "Do you have one?" Sian couldn't guess what it was but Lagaope shook his head. "I'll tell you if you decide to join us." "Hmm." "You don't need to know if you won't join, don't you think? I think you've heard enough to decide if you wish to join. I'll tell you everything if you decide to join us. This offer also applies to you too, Stiel." Sian and Stiel paused to think, but Lagaope smiled, already knowing the outcome.</herrantor></herrantor></tasha-dagon></apental></apental></aptental></apental></why…></block></i></what></herrantor></huh?></door></armory></ra-shar-roa></void></herrantor></ra-shar-roa></void></we></herrantor></herrantor></con-rad></let's>


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