Swordmeister of Rome
137 Migration
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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137 Migration

"Can I go later?" Sian asked carefully. He had his family here but if they died, then he would be left alone. He thought it might be good to go when that time came. However, Lagaope shook his head. "No, we are running out of time. Our plan is nearing completion. You will not have a chance to come over if you miss this." "Hmm…" He couldn't understand what the plan was but it seemed to be a once-in-a-lifetime chance. Sian thought for a while and then decided. "I'll stay here." Lagaope nodded as he expected the answer. "I knew you would say that." He knew that Sian would not leave his family behind and he didn't seem as lonely as the other superhumans. However, he didn't want to force him. Stiel also made her decision. "I'll pass on that also. I'll stay with Sian." Sian was relieved to hear that Stiel had decided to stay. He now knew what his feelings toward her were, and he had been worried that she might leave. "Are you sure?" Sian asked. He had family here, but Stiel had no one other than him. "It's okay. At least I have you now." "Oh." Lagaope smiled. "Looks good. So you two will stay behind, correct?" "Yes. I'm sorry I can't join you." "No, it's not something I can force on you. It's good if you can live happily here." Lagaope and his people did not want to live here. But if Sian loved life here, there was no need to move. "I'll send you the orbs once they are finished. It will be done before our project is complete. It's our last gift to you." "I hope you succeed in your project." Sian returned the artifact that Lagaope gave to him and Lagaope disappeared. They had learned the truth of the continent's history but nothing changed. Sian and Stiel spent peaceful days together after Lagaope left them. It was a while later that they heard from him via a small box and letter. "Sian, it's for you." Rian brought a box and a letter to Sian, who was spending time with Stiel. "Sian, shouldn't you go out sometimes?" Rian was worried and asked Sian as he had been staying within the castle for months. "I like it here… besides, old man Narasha won't like the idea of me going out." "Hmm… haha, yeah." Rian nodded and went out. Sian opened the box first. It had four small gems. "Is this…?" Sian understood what they were. "These should be the orbs. What's the paper?" Stiel rolled over from the other side of the bed, checked the box, and found a piece of paper. "Let's see… it says user manual..." <soul transfer="" orb="" 1.15="" user="" manual=""> -Writer: Lagaope -Instructions: 1. Put the orb in a bathtub in a safe place. You need a lot of water so it might work better if you throw it down into a lake. 2. Soul Transfer Orb 1.15 will activate once it senses the target's death. 3. When the target is dead, the orb will sense the target's death and begin reviving the target starting from the bones to the soul. It has all the ingredients so it just needs to be supplied with water and it will be done in 3 days. 4. Target will be revived to a state before death but does not prevent death from old age. 'Hmm…' It was a weird explanation but it seemed okay. It was good that the orbs didn't require any descendants. Sian then picked up the letter; it was very long. Dear Mr. Sian, I hope you have checked the gift already. I have good and bad news. The good news is that we have completed the orbs for your family. Like I said before, it cannot prevent death by age, but it is limited when used on a race other than ours. The bad news is that we failed to create your orb. "Huh??" Sian became confused and looked back in the box. It had four orbs. He continued reading the letter. We tried multiple times, but your orb kept failing. I think there's something different between you and us, but we couldn't find out exactly what. We have included 3 of the version 1.15 orbs for your family and a version 1.03 orb for Stiel. It looked like you two would create a child soon enough. I think the orb can be used after that so we did not create a new orb for Stiel. We lacked ingredients as we failed to make yours multiple times. Besides, I don't think there's a chance that you will die in that land after we leave. I'm sorry that I did not fulfill my promise, but I hope you are satisfied. It is about time for us to leave, so I'm sorry I can't hand this over to you myself. The chance I mentioned before has come earlier than expected. We'll leave this land soon, I think we will be on our way by the time you're reading this letter. It has been a pleasure knowing you. I hope you live happily with Stiel. P.S. We might meet again if we fail, but please pray that we won't meet again. "Hmm." He looked closely and saw that one of the gems was different from the other three. Yet, he couldn't complain as they were free. Sian took Stiel's gem into his void storage and threw the gems for his family into the lake. "So, they're leaving?" "Yeah. I'm not sure what the chance is though…" However, Sian was able to find out what it was in a day. "…???" Sian suddenly jumped up and looked into the sky. "What's going on?" Stiel quickly went closer to him, but Sian stared into the distance with a grim expression. Stiel could not feel it yet as it was coming from a distance. However, it also meant that power was not something to be ignored as it could reach this far. He also felt his feeling activating again, even more strongly than before. "Miss Stiel, I'll be back soon." "Huh? Sian, where are you going?!" Sian ran at an incredible speed, leaving Stiel behind. 'Lagaope… what have you done?' "Be careful!" "You're doing good work!" Construction was ongoing on a plain, located at north-eastern Tian, between the Great North Wall, the Great Forest, and Sky Mountain. It was a giant construction project led by the Magical Council. The great magic defensive rune <lu-sara>. The Great Magical Council claimed that they would never allow anything like the undead invasion to happen again, and thus they began building this rune on the plains. When this rune was complete, it would block the passageway for all Harijans into Tian and Taran. Every country agreed to the rune being installed and it was now almost over. "This is really huge." The knights who were in the construction project were in awe of the rune that stretched on for miles. They did not know much about magic but they never heard of such a giant rune. "I guess those smart people needed this to be made. So, we just need to place that in the center and it's done?" The knights spoke as they stared at the giant sphere. The sphere made of sheet metal was huge. "If we place it there, it will buy us time while we finish expanding the Wall." "Let's move it. But the Council is really amazing, how did they make such a thing?" They were warriors, but they couldn't move such a gigantic sphere by hand so they used a mysterious machine provided by the Council and placed it into the center of the rune.</lu-sara></soul>


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