Swordmeister of Rome
140 Migration
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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140 Migration

Sian intentionally wielded his power as he approached. The monsters began rushing toward Sian as they had found another target. 'It's much easier than I thought. I just need to be careful to not go in.' He crushed the ones charging at him and sliced the stronger ones with Karnine. He didn't realize the power of it yet, but it was much more useful than he imagined. It cut down anything it touched and it transferred the energy from what it killed to the user. Sian realized how strong he had become while he fought. After killing all the monsters rushing at him, he arrived in front of the red sphere. It had been damaged by Chrona, and it had ripped the space itself. Sian realized his sixth sense was useful yet again. It would take at least a month to repair the damage if monsters kept coming out, and it meant doom for everyone here. Sian began slashing his sword to destroy what Chrona had done. It seemed like it would close by itself if the damage was gone. As he slashed down his sword, the damage disappeared little by little and the sphere began sizing down. "It's refreshing." Sian began killing the monsters again as the sphere began to close. It was much easier this time as the number of monsters coming at him had decreased drastically. However, Sian then realized the number had decreased too much. 'Huh?' Sian glanced around. He then realized why the number decreased. The monsters were running toward something at full speed. Sian checked on the direction and saw what it was. "Dammit…" Chrona threw down her offspring after she got away from Dragona's territory. She turned to her offspring that was barely breathing on the ground. Chrona let out her anger. <aarrrrrgh! who="" dared="" to="" attack="" my="" valuable="" offspring!!!=""> Chrona shouted and turned back to the offspring. <it's the="" same…="" i="" should've="" raised="" it="" for="" longer.="" i="" should="" just="" eat="" it="" here="" and="" vent="" my="" anger="" out="" on="" them.=""> She knew who they were. She just left them alone as she couldn't cross, but they tried to take her food. And those insolent things even tried to attack her. She couldn't open it herself if the door was to close, so she pinned it so that it would not close. Chrona left it open so she could eat the offspring and jump in afterward. <fool. you="" fell="" for="" the="" trap="" 400="" years="" ago="" again…=""> Chrona then snapped her offspring's neck. Chromat was killed instantly and Chrona began eating it at once. Chromat was a giant, but so was Chrona. Chromat was absorbed quickly into Chrona's body. Chrona frowned as she felt her body changing afterward. Dragona grew in power by molting, but Chrona consumed her offspring to become more powerful. Yet eating such a fool didn't seem to increase her power too much. She wanted to watch it over 24/7, but her offspring wouldn't grow powerful if it did not live in dangerous conditions, so that was why she tried to stay far away. It was all because of them. Chrona decided to release her anger within the sphere. It felt like a better idea to walk in, clean out the area, and claim it as her territory, rather than fighting over this small land with the other two. Chrona ran toward the sphere and saw something unexpected. <who is="" that?=""> Some strange monkey was slicing up the red monsters. It even erased the pin she made to keep the door open. The sphere was now closing, but Chrona looked at the monkey. It wasn't because it had her tooth that she gave to her guard. It was because that monkey was able to kill her guard. Chrona was really surprised. He still had few more barriers to pass, but he would become as strong as her if he did it. He was walking down the same path she had walked down thousands of years ago. To become a different being. That was why Chrona became interested. If she made him her guard and ate him when he grew a bit stronger… she would gain unimaginable power. Then she'd be able to defeat Dragona and Liona and then run up to the north. Chrona destroyed all the red monsters charging at her and approached the monkey. The monkey watched Chrona without making any moves. Chrona felt the urge to eat it now. She felt like she would become more powerful even with the monkey in his current state, but Dragona and Liona would attack her at once. She held back her urge and decided to ask him. If she threatened him with fear and reward, he too would succumb to her will. <hehehe… human.="" ugh!=""> Chrona felt pain coming from her face. It was the first pain she felt after hundreds of years ago when she fought Dragona. Chrona then realized what happened. It was the monkey that smacked her face. <aaarrgh! you="" insect!=""> Chrona raised her leg to strike, but she panicked. The monkey had disappeared. <what!> It was powerful, but it wasn't enough to avoid her senses. Then Chrona turned to the red sphere. It was now fully closed. The monkey smacked her in the face and disappeared through the hole. <aaaaaaaarghhh!> Chrona let out a terrifying roar full of anger. She began venting her rage at the space in front of her and soon, a roar came out from beyond Sky Mountain. <kkkwwaaaaaak!!!> Chrona came back to her senses. It wasn't a good idea to fight against Dragona or Liona here. She also needed time to digest her offspring, so she began running back toward the Great Forest. She was greeted by a more frustrating scene. <who dares="" to="" trespass="" my="" territory!=""> There were traces of people that ran through the Great Forest. All the Six-Horned she had been raising in her territory had been killed. Chrona was enraged. This humiliation was something she had never felt for thousands of years. <ggggrrrr…> She chased after the tracks, but the intruders had long passed the Great Forest. She had wasted too much time. She didn't want to chase after them out of the forest, so she began destroying the Great Forest. <aaaaargh!> However, there were no more beings powerful enough for her to vent her stress on, and the weaker Harijans had fled in multiple directions. Some ran straight to the Great North Wall and it made the humans panic. Luckily, they had already prepared as they heard the news of Six-Horns appearing, so that allowed them to defend with ease. As such, the number of powerful Harijans decreased drastically and the Wall enjoyed a moment of peace.</aaaaargh!></ggggrrrr…></who></kkkwwaaaaaak!!!></aaaaaaaarghhh!></what!></aaarrgh!></hehehe…></who></fool.></it's></aarrrrrgh!>


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