Swordmeister of Rome
158 Coronation
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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158 Coronation

"Hm… What should I do?" The Ciculus Tree was now absorbing Akra at an enormous rate and all the nobles and commoners were unconscious. The Marquis or Counts were trying to get out of range, but the energy absorption was too quick so they couldn't get out in time. To make matters worse, Conrad and Karltonheim's fight sent out powerful earthquakes that were threatening. It was being blocked by Vladek, but if the fight became more intense, it would surely hurt the people. 'This isn't normal.' He had never seen a coronation before, but if the others knew that this might happen, they would've not stayed here. Sian then grabbed Stiel and Cocul with each hand and got out of the tree quickly. He would've saved the others but he needed to save the people he knew first. Karltonheim smiled. 'Lorvall you dog… we're back.' Conrad was very strong but it was impossible to beat him when he was being charged by the Ciculus Tree. Karltonheim needed information. All needed information was being sanctioned by the Lorvall family and it seemed like this Conrad was one of them, so he thought he would gather information from Conrad. Karltonheim stormed at Conrad. This was his homeground. He had altered the tree to work at his benefit when the time came. All the energy that filled him was the result of such work. "Hahaha, you know a lot of interesting tricks! Do all Dukes know that?" "Damn bastard. You talk too much. This is my own." Conrad blocked the black whip with his <lu-sara> and spat. The magic Karltonheim used was similar to the magic Conrad used, but it was more powerful. [Status: Karltonheim <kikero>] -Ruler of Rodeval, Descendant of Black Serpent, Infested Noble -Level: 399 -Akra: … -Skills: Infestation, Division, Gorge They were both blocked by the limit, but the conditions were too different. Karltonheim was pulling up the energy endlessly from the nobles below and Conrad was blocked of using any communication or short-range teleportation by using Akra Resonance. 'He did prepare.' Anyone would have been dangerous if they had just walked in here. Conrad then used his most powerful short distance magic, <akmasai>, at Karltonheim. It was powerful magic that destroyed inner body mechanics by crushing the space. It was very effective against superhumans. Karltonheim's right hand that was struck turned blue at once and then turned to gray, scattering away. Karltonheim casually touched his right arm with his left. Black snakes came out from his left hand and began devouring the gray remnants of the right arm to replace it. Karltonheim looked down at the snakes with loving eyes. Then the snakes began swirling themselves, turning into a right arm. Conrad scowled at the sight. His magic was very powerful but it was the result of thousands of magic priests that studied to create it. It was fascinating for that kind of magic to be created by one person. 'This continent is filled with monsters.' Then Karltonheim used his new right arm and attacked Conrad. Conrad barely blocked it and blurted out, "Dammit. I wondered how you became a Duke so fast." "Haha, it would've taken 100 more years if I didn't get help. People here are more greedy toward power. They are like primitives. I don't think it was like this before?" "I don't know. It's not too long since I've been here." Conrad spoke and used <lasod-ra> and <explosive fire=""> at once to attack. However, Karltonheim, blocked the attack easily with his blackened arm and hit Conrad. Conrad then was thrown off into corner of a pillar. "Dammit… I can't…" He was dumbfounded that he faced such danger to a place he was casually visiting. He didn't spend hundreds of years to come over to this land to die here. Karltonheim smiled. He was now going to store Conrad here and do it slowly. "The world is large and there are a lot of powerful men. Don't be too ashamed." Karltonheim's body began turning black. Then the snake began dropping out of his body and it slithered over to Conrad's body. It didn't eat Conrad but it swept up and wrapped Conrad. Karltonheim looked on while smiling. The tree was being infested well. He was taking it slow to not get caught, but it was going well. The Vladek was being covered with black speedily. When the black came all the way up to the top of Ciculus, his first goal would be complete. But he needed to work. Lorval would surely be alerted if Conrad went missing. He couldn't handle Lorvall's other Dukes at such a rate. But it was no problem when the one sleeping beneath awakened. Karltonheim then moved down to the bottom of the tree. "I don't know why Apental became weaker, but it's all good." Karltonheim was happy that things went as planned since he passed through the cursed barrier. Stiel and Cocul quickly regained their health as they got out of the tree's distance. After the heavy storm of Akra Resonance died out, Stiel asked, "Ugh, do all coronations go through this vampiric event?" Cocul shook his head while breathing heavily. "No… Unless Karltonheim has gone mad…" It meant this was surely not normal. Stiel then turned to Sian. Her past experience told her that the usual culprit of any abnormality was close by. "Sian… is there something you didn't tell me yet? Maybe you didn't fully close Apental…" Sian replied. "No way. I destroyed it completely. I even checked on the Apental getting broken out from our dimension. It was so hard. I did what I had to do." "Hmm…" "You shouldn't always accuse me when something wrong happens. Besides, it's my first time coming here. Why would it be on me?" "Well, I guess so. But…" Stiel seemed unconvinced. She couldn't find any connections, but it was weird that these unusual events kept happening after they came here. "Well, you can blame all you want, but it's not on me this time." "Hmm. Okay, I'm sorry. Maybe I was just shocked." "Are you two okay now?" "I'm okay." "Me too. But where are you going to go?" Stiel asked Sian who was trying to jump out. "I'm going to take Conrad. He's our only lead." "Oh, right." Stiel then remembered why they were here. The fight unraveling at the top didn't seem like it was just a casual fight. They were fighting to kill each other. Sian figured they were both about the level of Dukes, enough for Sian to handle easily. Sian then jumped quickly to the top of the Ciculus Tree. Its leaves and fruits were all crushed and branches were burned out. He needed to stop before Conrad before he was killed. But at that moment, the battle stopped and Conrad's energy disappeared. "Did he die?" Sian was confused but it seemed like it wasn't the case. It looked like Karltonheim had done something. He was now jumping down to the roots. Sian then followed Karltonheim to where he was headed.</explosive></lasod-ra></akmasai></kikero></lu-sara>


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