Swordmeister of Rome
167 Lorvall
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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167 Lorvall

"The barrier is in place." "That was quick." "Yes, preparations were in place. We just needed the core from you." As the core was placed, the core began giving energy to the tree so that its energy started to absorb all the Akra from the environment and the people, restoring the tree. It replaced the energy that had been provided by the members of Lorvall family until now. Then a pleasant energy wave came out from the center of the tree and spread itself out. It met with the energies of the other twenty trees around the continent to create a barrier that covered the skies. "It's fascinating. What a sight." "My five years of hard work has finally paid off." Conrad spoke as he watched the barrier. Then something else happened from below. The Swarm that had been covering up the area around the tree began to scatter and disappeared. Sion asked Conrad, "Where are they going now?" Ciculus answered him instead. "They are on their way to clean out the rest." "Cleaning?" "Yeah, there are still more infested within. That needs to be taken care of." "Oh, I see." "Then they will move north. To wipe them out." Sian didn't understand the last part so he asked, "Huh? Wipe them out?" "Yeah. They are strong only when they find a strong host. The north doesn't have such races. There are a few Rotans, but the Swarms can handle them easily." "Then why didn't you do it earlier?" "Because we did not have room for that." Ciculus then began explaining the siege happening by the peninsula. "Oh, that's why." "Yes. That place is too fierce that no one under the rank of a Duke is going to help. We need to raise a Duke from within and someone from Lorvall comes to fetch them when the new one comes out. We disguise it as a coronation." "I see. But not everyone will join the Lorvalls?" It seemed like most of the Dukes were under the Lorvall family. Sian couldn't understand since all superhumans were too proud of themselves. Ciculus shook his head. "We don't force them to do anything other than defend the peninsula." "Hmm." "Besides, there are things that are similar to them and an environment allows them to fight as they please there. There's another perk that makes everyone join also. I was the same." Sian looked as it seemed like the secret that Ciculus hid last time. "Are you interested?" "Yeah." "Then join. I'll tell you." "Nevermind." Sian did not want to waste his youth as a guard so he decided to let it go. He didn't want to know about the Lorvall family's secret that much. "Really? It will be a great help to you… what a shame." Ciculus gave up quickly and it reminded Sian of Lagaope's offer. "Has everyone accepted it until now?" Ciculus shook his head. "No, there's one who hasn't." "Who is that?" "You know who it is." Ciculus pointed to Conrad who was working on parts of the barrier to finish it up. "Conrad?" "Yeah. He… said he is a free… lancer? He wanted to help when needed but refused to join. He said he'll manage things from within and raise the human race. It was a reasonable offer that we could afford." "So, it's not forced then. I thought you guys were forcing everyone to join." "Huh? We are not some gangsters. Everyone joins on their own will." As Sian and Ciculus discussed the Lorvall family, Conrad finished his job and approached them. "What's all the fun?" "It's nothing. Is the work done now?" "Yes. There's nothing I can do anymore. Swarms will wipe out the rest and the barrier will stabilize itself." "Oh… then!" Sian became excited and Conrad smiled. "Right. I think we can manage to send you and Stiel back to Ra-Sian once the barrier stabilizes. It will be easier to move about once we have to remove the barrier and use the Ciculus energy elsewhere." If they exterminated the Gerna of the north, there was no need to keep the barrier anymore. They had no room to send the Gerna or Murakans out of the war front, but Lagaope's work allowed them to do that. "Oh, so we're not going to install Ra-Shar-Roa?" Sian asked. "Well, we don't have Apental anymore… and Ra-Shar-Roa is a rune used for a large scale transfer. We don't need that to transfer just two of you. We can make one, but it will be after we clean out the north and release the barrier." "Oh, right. I see your point." Even if they wanted to return here, teleportation magic would suffice as it wouldn't be connected to Apental anymore. "Sian, where should we stay now?" "Hmm." "If you two have nowhere to go, why not come to Lorvall Ciculus?" "Huh?" "We will teleport you out from there. It's the largest and safest Ciculus location. We have the most stored energy there too. Besides, it's closest." "Hm… that sounds like an idea. Sian, why not go there?" Stiel asked Sian but he had the same idea. He was interested in the Lorvall family itself and if going there would speed up the process to go back, there was no need to go elsewhere. "Sure. We'll go there then." "Ciculus, are you coming with us?" Ciculus shook his head. "No, I need to control the Swarms. You go ahead." "Okay. Sian, Stiel. This way please." Conrad began running out to the east and Sian and Stiel followed. "They are coming. They will be here soon." Lorvall spoke to Lagaope after Conrad contacted him. "It's amazing… a being that went over three walls. A being that we can't handle even with those new Murakans." The upgraded Murakans were beyond expectations. They were first stage Betas. Murakans were not beings that could overcome the barriers. It was a great feat to make them Rotans when they were only Narijas, but it wasn't enough. Even when they were outnumbered, it was impossible to fight against the rank that was two steps above them. Among the giants or mysterious mermaids were Great Warriors or Princesses that were at second stage Betas. It was impossible to fight against the Murakans without breaking through the barrier. That was why they needed a lot of Dukes. Those second stage betas were dealt with by having the Murakans attack them and ambush with joined forces of all Duke as the Dukes were first stage Betas. But there was no need. The blood that Lagaope brought pulled those Murakans break the barrier forcefully. It took a few years to make just one of Murakans turn into a first stage Beta, but that was enough. They made the other Murakans to absorb its power and they made all the Murakans reach the first stage. "Great. We have even stronger control over them. Can they become stronger?" The seal only allowed them to control up to first stage Betas. If they became stronger, that would pose a problem. Lagaope smiled. "No, that is their limit. You don't need to be worried." "Good. Then I'll go prepare to meet our new guest." Lorvall walked out and Lagaope turned back to concentrate on the Murakan research. He was curious about how Sian had changed over these years, but the problem at hand was more important.


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