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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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"I did hear how you came to this world. I mean… you really are talented in getting mixed up with a place. Why did you go there? We opened it near Dragona's territory on purpose." "…" "It was going to close on its own… but it doesn't matter." Chrona was going to walk in there and wreak havoc so it would not have caused any problems. That was what Conrad discovered through his <aksarai> skill. Sian felt annoyed by his words but he decided to let it go since it was now all in the past. "Yeah… well. But what's the laboratory?" "It's nothing much. It's just some ancient artifact." Lagaope spoke casually but it made Sian even more intrigued. "It was much more than just some old artifact. I never saw such things before even on the other side. Not here either." Unlike this continent, Ra-Sian was a place with advanced magic. That allowed places such as <amaran> to exist. However, that laboratory seemed like it was much more than that. "Well… I need to give you another history lesson to teach you that." "I got nothing but time. Besides, your history lessons are fun." They needed two more weeks for the preparations to be finished. Sian also had fun listening to Lagaope's history lesson before. "I'll be off. I've got work to do." "Sure. You've heard this before anyway." It seemed that Lorvall had heard the story from Lagaope before so he left the room. "Where should we start… Right. I saw that you had the Hand of Gran-Ra and the Armor of the Seven Stars before." "How did you know?" "I saw you fighting with it before you were dragged into Apental a long time ago. You were strong back then, but you are one of a kind now." There had been hundreds who were powerful enough to fight against Sian back then in Don-Nasian, but there were none now. "Yeah. It's not a good memory though." "Then let me ask. Who made those artifacts?" "Wasn't it the people here…?" "Do you think the civilization here would allow that? You should be aware that this place has no magic or technology. This land only values power." "…right," Stiel mumbled. It didn't seem like a high-level artifact could be crafted here, nor anyone from Ra-Sian. Even when the Empire was at its peak, it wasn't possible for them to create such an artifact. It was a waste of energy to create such a thing that only superhumans could use. Besides, Sian knew that those artifacts existed even before the Empire. "Hmph. Come to think of it, it is weird." It wasn't something that could be created with just some simple technology. Lagaope smiled as Sian and Stiel were lost. "I brought those when I came from my country back then. It was for my personal defense. The laboratory was built when that country existed." Lagaope spoke about those artifacts as some simple defensive mechanisms, but he didn't seem to be exaggerating. "A country? I heard there was no country on this continent." "Right. And you know why?" "Because there's no law?" The Lorvall family was mighty, but they were too busy and they lacked the resources to create a country to govern the land. "Yes, but there was a time when it existed to rule over everything with its might. It was located to the west. My country, <broshan>, was such a country." "To the west? Hm… Is there another continent over the western ocean?" Sian was told that the laboratory was surrounded by the ocean. It didn't seem like there was any part of the continent that was able to form a country. "No, not at all." "Then where was it? I didn't see any big chunk of land… was it a small country?" Lagaope shook his head. "No. It was as big as our current continent." "But then…" After Sian remembered the broken coastline in front of the laboratory, he came to a conclusion. Lagaope answered bitterly. "The coast that you saw… was the place where <broshan> used to stand." "…" "You can't find it now. The laboratory you saw was located at the far east corner of Broshan. It stayed intact on the day of the Great Disaster. I was saved because I was inside the laboratory on that day. Everyone else died." Stiel believed it meant that the land that was so large that it had sunk under the sea. "Was it bombarded with meteors?" She couldn't think of any other explanation. "Well, we can destroy meteors. We had such power." "Then what. Chrona or Dragona?" Lagaope smiled bitterly. "Chrona and Dragona were only Betas back then. They were terrifying beasts even during their Beta days, but we weren't scared by anything back then." "Huh?" "Our Divine Nation, Broshan, was protected by the great War God. Well… it wasn't as almighty like a real God, but don't you call someone a god when that person is exceptionally good at one thing? He was such a being." The first and last of humankind, the most powerful Alpha of all the races. He managed to become one as a human but nobody called him an Alpha. The only word that could describe him was <god>. The title that perfectly described his power and arrogance was the one and only: <war god="">. A man who started out as a human and became a God. One who never lost to anything. <broxian> He was the Guardian of the Divine Nation. The God of Cataclysm who sunk Broshan under the sea. He had the same name as Conrad's reincarnation, but there was a great difference in strength. The name originated from the War God in the first place. A long time ago, humans were very powerful. But they were not powerful enough to control the continent. No Betas were born among humans. Without one, it wasn't possible to fight against a race with Betas. Therefore, humans stuck to the western end of the continent. They weren't weak, but they weren't the strongest either. There were Rotan races with Alphas among them. The continent was ruled by such races. Then miraculously, an Alpha appeared within the humans. It was the same as becoming a Seven-Horned. His name was Broxian. He wasn't just a simple Alpha. After he became an Alpha, he hunted down all the Alphas of different races to become stronger. Years passed, and he was then called the <war god="">. It allowed humans to rule the western part of the continent. Broxian didn't really help humankind, nor did he protect them. But he was interested in fighting the strongest beings and when he killed the Alphas and the other races, humans took over the empty land and claimed it as their own. Broxian wasn't interested in ruling but he was still human at heart. He had lovers and his women gave birth to his children. These children, with the blood of a God, ruled the country under the <war god="">. They grew up to be powerful themselves. They had two specific traits. These children of God had been allowed to become Betas and were granted long lives. Other humans could not become Betas, but these children were allowed at least to become Betas. Also, others who were allowed to have a share of the children's blood were controlled, but they were allowed to live immortal lives, giving them a chance to become Betas. This created ranks between humans. These children of Gods and their servants quickly ruled over the human race. They took in all the strong humans under their fold and it allowed the family to become powerful forces among the country. When they reached such a stage, they turned to magic. They were still powerful, but they couldn't fight the Betas that had overcome two or three walls. Broxian had no interest in other beings unless they were Alphas, so they needed a way to fight. That was why they studied magic. It was magic that was needed for them to be able to fight against the second or third stage Betas and a small number of first stage Betas. It wasn't just simple magic that was developed on Ra-Sian. All of these events allowed the human race to evolve and prosper. The continent was now under full control of the human race. "We had no enemy. At least in the west."</war></war></broxian></war></god></broshan></broshan></amaran></aksarai>


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