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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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"So, there was an expedition group before you." "Yeah, it's a long story." "So, what lived in that mountain?" It seemed Lagaope was hinting that something lived inside the mountain and it became a problem after they ignored it. "Well… I think it wouldn't make that much of a difference even if we knew, but we might've found a better direction to take." "What was it?" Lagaope scratched his head and continued, "Hm… remember the War God? Well, Broxian was interested in protecting us but his existence was enough to protect us." "Yes." Broxian wasn't interested in protecting the nation. But he was too powerful and Broxian went for any powerful being to fight, protecting the nation as a result. "It was probably the same for us, but God told us that it was strongest of the Alphas. God was strong enough to rip apart the Chrona or Dragona of today. Broxian wasn't one to exaggerate so it was probably accurate." "What?" "You know how nobles differ in power. I'm sure Alphas differ in power also. We thought no one would be able to match Broxian's power back then." "So, there was someone," Sian answered. Lagaope nodded, "Yes, within the Mountain of Extreme." "Hmm…" If that was true, then that being was still probably living near the south of this continent. 'Whatever it is, I should never go near it.' Sian realized why this land was not consumed by Harijans. It wasn't because the humans were strong. It was because this mysterious race was blocking the way. Lagaope saw that Sian was curious about those races and asked, "How many religions are there in Ra-Sian?" Sian replied, "Two. War God and the Sun God… wait." "Yes, those were created by the stories I shared out of boredom." "You mean…" "The story of the clash between War God and the Sun God. I told the story to young Conrad when he was reborn as Broxian, but he soon claimed that he was the reincarnation of the God. Haha. Not even close." "…" "You should tease Conrad when you see him." "So, the story was true?" Sian knew the story well. The story of the fight between the War God and the Sun God, which destroyed the sea and the mountain. "Yes, it was unfortunate that they fought right in the middle of our nation. If we knew that such a being lived within the mountain, Broxian would've gone there to fight by the mountain. If they did, it was probably the Gerna's land that was destroyed." "…" "Oh… but that would have destroyed Ra-Sian too." The race within the Mountain of Extreme watched those humans trying to climb the mountain. Their priests used their special magic to read the memory of the few fallen humans. That was when they found something interesting. There was a huge nation to the west and a being that they considered a God. But they also had their God. <gran-ra> One so powerful that they considered him as the God of the Sun. They shared the information to their God and their God jumped out of the mountain since he was bored. He then flew straight to Broshan nation and began fighting with Broxian. The nation that lasted over thousands of years disappeared. "What in the world…" Sian was astonished. It seemed like Chrona wasn't even close to that level of power. 'That's what I know. I knew it because I managed to check on the records of the fight from the laboratory. Any movement within the nation was being recorded at the time." "What happened next?" "I don't know. The continent was destroyed, along with everything else." "Hmm." Lagaope witnessed the destruction from his laboratory. The fight didn't last that long. It only lasted for about an hour. Yet, it destroyed an entire continent and made it sink under the sea. "The laboratory was located in a remote place in the east and it barely survived. We had some humans slowly migrating to the east and that allowed us to survive. At least the Gerna didn't kill those humans as they considered us good hosts." 'That's why that Gerna told me that.' Sian remembered what the Gerna told him and nodded. It looked like that was what the Gerna meant. "So, you stayed behind at the laboratory?" "Yes. I wanted to finish the research and thought it would be a great help for humans to rise again. Other researchers went out before me. I thought I was going to meet with them, but time had passed much more quickly when I came out." "Oh… so it was you who was in there." "Yes, you must know if you went in. When I was finished with my research… more time had passed than I expected. And the human race… was living a miserable life." They forgot about the glorious days of their nation. The children of God were wiped out as they lived the closest to Broxian and so only the common humans were left to live. It was chaotic. There were no rules, no laws, no rulers. There was no central power here. If it weren't for the Gerna, they would have been consumed by the other races already. This was not good. Lagaope couldn't even start his project if his race did not have the power to protect themselves. That was when they met someone. The only remaining descendant of the Broxian. He knew about the Gerna and was hiding at the southeastern corner to gain power. <by the="" gods…="" how="" did="" the="" divine="" blood="" survive="" through="" that?=""> <i was="" on="" a="" trip="" and…="" it="" was="" gone.="" i="" did="" survive="" thanks="" to="" that="" though.=""> <are there="" others?=""> <no. i="" walked="" around="" for="" a="" thousand="" years,="" but="" there's="" only="" me.="" but="" it's="" good="" to="" see="" you.="" i'm="" lorvall.="" i="" never="" thought="" i'd="" meet="" someone="" who="" would="" remember="" the="" days="" of="" our="" nation.=""> Meeting with Lorvall gave him hope to bring the human race back to their glory. That was when Lagaope began his project along with Lorvall. "That's what you're seeing now. Ciculus, Akra, Murakan, Swarm and all kinds of things… It's the result of my research within the laboratory." "You're like a savior to humanity that way." "Yeah." It was an epic story. The story of Ra-Sian Continent was fascinating, but after hearing this part of the story, Lagaope was like the one who created the whole history. "Why did you come to Ra-Sian then?" "I went after giving Lorvall everything I studied. I thought there might be something that might help our growth… but it didn't work out too well. But I did get something great." "Huh? What is it? Don't look at me like that. It's gross." "What do you mean it's gross. I'm looking at you with loving eyes." It was Sian's blood that he gathered to create the orb. Lagaope knew the worth of Sian's blood who had reached the second stage and stored some of his blood after creating the orb. It was Sian's blood that allowed Lagaope to upgrade the Murakans to their power. "All of them are like your children! A copy! Sort of. Hahaha." "…How can you use someone's blood for such perverted work? Besides, I can't have any children now. I'm a virgin." "…" "Don't look at me like that." "…It's okay. You're still twenty-seven. You'll live for thousands of years. I'm sure you will have happy times ahead of you." "…" He wanted to tell Lagaope that he was now 127 years old, but he decided not to. "Aren't those Murakans dangerous?" "They are safe. We have Lorvall's Divine Blood in them. They cannot disobey." "Oh." Sian nodded. "My story ends here. Lorvall and Conrad should have more details on your return. I think this is everything I can tell you." Lagaope then walked out down to the Ciculus. Sian talked with Conrad and Lorvall about what to do next.</no.></are></i></by></gran-ra>


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