Swordmeister of Rome
172 Evolution
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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172 Evolution

Sian and Stiel came up to the tree after discussing their future plans. <you will="" get="" to="" depart="" as="" soon="" as="" we="" stabilize="" the="" barrier…="" we="" might="" not="" even="" need="" the="" barrier="" soon="" as="" the="" swarms="" are="" devouring="" the="" gerna="" at="" a="" fast="" pace.="" we="" will="" then="" use="" ciculus="" energy="" as="" we="" intended.=""> The Murakans and Swarms were carrying out their purpose, to defend the human race to the fullest. Just like Lorvall said, there were new giants coming over to invade and they were now fighting with the Murakans. If they tried to stop them with only humans, they would have lost long ago. That's where the Murakans came in. In their upgraded form, they were now easily pushing back those giants. "They fight well," Stiel commented as she looked at the Murakans. Tens of Murakans attacked the giants in organized formations. The giant swung its huge arm and spat out energy from its mouth, but Murakans easily withstood the energy and began chewing up the giants' ankles. The giants were very tall and their feet were thick, but tens of Murakans chewing on them caused them fall to the ground. More Murakans then hopped on to the giants, attacking and eating them at will. Stiel was impressed by those Murakans. They were like the dream army of any nation. She thought of Usharan's toys as useful war machines, but these were different. Each one of them was as powerful as a Duke and was evolving into a Beta at a rapid rate. "Are they trying to invade the continent with them?' Sian asked as he figured it would be possible for Lorvall to go over the peninsula with those armies. "I don't know. Oh, look. Another one became stronger," Stiel shouted as one Murakan suddenly howled. Its body was changing. Arms and legs that stuck out had been sucked inside and all the mouths that were present on its body disappeared. Three of its heads also became one. It was finally only left with two legs, four arms, and one head. It was now much stronger than its former self. "It looks really different." "I think that's how they want themselves to be." Sian nodded; however, he had some concerns as he watched them. "But then… why are they looking over here?" The Murakans were busy gorging on the giants, but a few of them stopped eating and were looking toward the tree. "I don't know. Maybe they need something more to eat?" Stiel answered with a lack of interest but the context was terrifying to think about. "Don't say that. It's already annoying to think about it," Sian answered. If they attacked, it was going to be very tiring. He would win, but it would be a close one. "We have more Betas than ever." Lorvall smiled proudly as he watched the Murakans. Lorvall turned to Conrad and asked, "Is the installation going well, Conrad?" "Yes, the barrier is stabilizing… it will be soon." "That's good." "If we wipe out the Gerna and deactivate the barrier… we can probably install a Ra-Shar-Roa too." "We'll think about that after we get rid of the Gerna." Lorvall nodded. He wasn't interested in the continent of monkeys, but he was interested in the old studies that they revived. That's when Lorvall frowned. "Hmm…" "What is it?" "They are acting up again. They are increasing cannibalism also." "We did decrease the trait, but it increases when they are done with the battle. It won't be much of a problem." Lagaope discovered the Murakan's trait when he was studying different races. When they hit the limit, they ate each other to find new possibilities. However, this was dangerous to the ruler so Lagaope pushed it back down by a thousand years of alterations. "Hmm." Lorvall still frowned. It seemed like they were just eating the giants, but Lorvall's heightened senses allowed him to see that they were not. They were eating their own. Lagaope looked at them and spoke. "I hope… your control isn't broken?" "No." After Lorvall sent them orders to stop the act, they stopped. It still wasn't a good sign anyway. "I should look into them. They might have changed after I upgraded them the last time." Lagaope thought as he watched the returning Murakans. They were using the power of giants. If that went out of control, it would mean huge trouble. The Murakans felt two powerful types of blood within them. One tried to control them nonstop; it told them to stay where they were and listen to the orders. Another one forced them to kill, eat others, and be reborn into another being. Under normal circumstances, a Murakan, a created being, would not hesitate to follow the orders from the first blood as it was their basic composition. The 2nd blood was only an intruder to their body. But it was now changing. They did not know who was the owner of the 2nd blood. However, they were certain that the owner of the 2nd blood was much stronger than the 1st. The 2nd blood eating away all of the 1st blood was the proof. Murakans accepted the change. It was their instinct to become strong. Then they dreamed to meet with the owner of this 2nd blood. The beings that allowed them to become strong with just a drop of blood. If they ate such a being.. they would become much stronger. But it wasn't time yet. They had too much of the 1st blood left in their race. They needed to wash away the blood that controlled them first. And when that time came… it would be time for them to be reborn.</you>


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