Swordmeister of Rome
173 Evolution
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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173 Evolution

"Good. We have more Betas now. Almost all of them have overcome the wall." Lorvall smiled proudly as he looked down on the Murakans. After the upgraded Murakans kept killing and eating the giants, Merpeople, and the other races, most of them had broken the wall. He could now prepare to move onto the next step. "It would be great if they could have become second stages." "We can't control them if that happens. That's enough. Let them stay by the plains." Lorvall smiled as he watched the Murakans moving to the plains from afar and walked in. The Murakans felt that the time would soon be ripe. The blood that controlled them was almost gone and what was left of it wasn't enough to control them anymore. What was even more fortunate was that the 2nd blood's owner was nearby. It was like their father; they could feel it that it was close. They wanted to go back to him. And eat him. However, it was still not time. They felt the power of the being. They had become stronger, but it was not enough to fight against the being. Their blood constantly warned them of the danger. Luckily, this place was really ideal to strengthen themselves. The prey constantly came over and allowed them to become stronger. But they were still lacking. So they resorted to their ancient way. <cannibalism>. They ate each other and filled each other's missing parts. It allowed them to reinforce their weaknesses and strengthened their power. The blood that had stopped them from doing it was no more, and their path was now clear. The Murakans looked at each other. Now was the time. Even if most of them were sacrificed here, it was okay if they were reborn into the next level of being. They could not fight a two-stage difference, but a one-stage difference would be okay if they had enough numbers. That night, the Murakans fought and killed to eat each other. The massacre was done in silence. They kept killing and eating until they became stronger. As their numbers that filled the vast plains decreased by half, a change started happening. The second stage Murakans were now twice as large as before. Also, they grew a pair of arms from their back and another head popped up. The numbers of these second stage Murakans started to increase. As they were reborn into a new being, they jumped out of the fight and waited. They knew that eating each other was of no further use. The massacre continued until their numbers decreased to one out of hundreds. With only hundreds of them remaining, it was much less than the original number. But they were reborn. Next was the final step. They just needed one of them to eat the owner of the blood. The Murakans were ready. They knew how strong their father was, but they were strong now as well. They tried to fly to the giant tree, but it was not needed. The owner was coming to them. The Murakans became overly excited as they saw their father flying toward them. Sian sighed. "Ha… I shouldn't believe Lagaope anymore." It seemed like something had gone wrong. Sian flew over here as he felt the ominous energy from the plains. The energy was hostile towards him, so his first thought that Lorvall was trying to attack him. 'No.' Sian shook his head. He realized that it wasn't something Lorvall could control. No magic would allow control over more powerful beings. These Murakans had now been reborn into beings that were even more powerful than Lorvall. Sian realized what they had done. Even when they were eating each other, they hid their power so that it would be a secret. He was certain they were ensuring that Sian himself would not notice. It was no use running as he was sure they were targeting him. Sian also knew why; it must have been his blood that was used on them. "Okay… we'll do it here." Even if he went back to the tree and fought together with the Dukes, they weren't going to be much help. All of the Dukes combined would not be able to fight even one of these Murakans. Sian was very tense. Even though he was a stage stronger, a hundred of them were a huge threat. Sian drew all of his strength as the Murakans charged at him, howling and releasing their power. Sian crushed one that rushed up to him with the power in his hand. Whoever it was, the survivor would be reborn into another being. Sian and the Murakans both fought as they believed it was themselves who would be the winner. "DAMMIT! LET ME GO HOME!" Sian shouted as he vented his anger against the Murakans.</cannibalism>


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