Swordmeister of Rome
178 Grand Plan
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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178 Grand Plan

"Where are we going?" "I have something to show you in return. It's all thanks to you that we got this far." "Me? I didn't do anything." "I will explain everything. You'll see it soon." Lorvall quickly moved down the Ciculus and Sian followed. Sian first thought that they were going to where the Swarms stayed, but Lorvall moved past them. There was a deeper underground channel beneath the Swarms. "Is there something below?" "Yes." Lorvall seemed excited with his new power as he kept smiling as he answered. As they went further down, Sian noticed something shining from deep below. "What's that?" "That's it." They arrived at a deep cavity within the ground. Sian found two weapons stuck within and moaned. There was nothing he could feel from the weapon, but it wasn't because the weapon was worthless. The weapons did not require such feelings or energy. A silver spear and a golden sword. It seemed like they had been crafted by the finest blacksmiths. Sian didn't know what they were made of, but he was able to realize one thing. Those weapons were powerful enough to damage Chrona or Dragona. It didn't mean the wielder could defeat either of them, but that was really something. Sian became curious and asked, "What is that? Are those weapons from the Divine Nation days?" That would have been amazing, but Lorvall shook his head. "You are only half right. It was made during that time, but our nation did not create those weapons." "Then…?" Sian was now full of anticipation. "Yes. Those are the weapons used by the War God and the Sun God." "Oh!" He expected that weapons with such presence could only be possible to be weapons of such beings, but it was amazing to hear that they were really weapons of such legends. Lorvall continued, "The spear… the War God took out what he needed from the Alphas, extracted it, and created it with his own hands. We are not sure how many Alphas were killed to create that weapon. I believe the Sun God's sword creation method is similar." They were just weapons, but had been created through horrific methods. "Where did you find that? I don't think Lagaope knows it exists." "I met Lagaope 1000 years after the war was over. A lot of things happened during that time and I couldn't tell him everything." "Oh." "I have this special skill called <connector of="" aksarai="">. It allows me to see through any secrets that are hiding. I traveled around the continent using this power… let me tell you a story." Lorvall went on a trip as he grew interested in the eastern continent. It was a simple trip so he just took a few of his people without much preparation. The continent was a very dangerous place, but Lorvall loved adventure so it did not worry him. He then learned that there was life at the other end of the peninsula towards the northeastern corner of the continent; however, he wasn't able to go across so he gave up and returned. That was when he saw a light shining from the western continent. <what is="" going="" on?=""> He quickly returned to the west, but there was nothing there except for an ocean. The vast Empire of Broshan was no more. It had been sunk into the sea within hours. Lorvall quickly gathered the survivors. Fortunately, there were a lot of survivors. Unfortunately, the survivors were shunned human outcasts as they were deemed not fit to become Divine Citizens. Lorvall also went to check on the <aksarum> laboratory, but the researchers were all gone. He knew there was another secret room beyond the portal, but he couldn't pass through all the Betas there, so he gave up. There was another unfortunate turn of events. He was the only surviving Divine Blood. Lorvall was sad. He wanted to bring humans together to form a nation again, but all that was left were ruffians, outcasts, and thieves. Anyone who might have had the power to revive the culture, technology and the magic of the nation were all gone. Then, another problem cropped up as the Gerna started controlling the humans. There were a limited number of Divine Seals that he could distribute, so he couldn't protect all the humans from the Gerna. That was when he began raising the strongest of the humans to make his forces. Lorvall himself was also strong at the Beta stage, so he was considered the strongest among the humans. The humans called him and his people the <duke lorvall="" family=""> and considered highly of them, however, Lorvall did not like it. He wanted to bring back the glory of the old days. One thousand years passed. He had earned a fascinating power called <connector of="" aksarai="">. He became excited when he got the power. Lorvall tried to use it to empower humans, but it was difficult. Then, he found something. <spear of="" the="" war="" god=""> <sword of="" the="" sun="" god=""> When he followed the quest that was given to him by that power, he found a trace of the War God. He thought if the War God was alive, that would mean they had a chance that the Divine Nation would rise again. It wasn't the nation that gave birth to the God. It was the God that made the nation. Yet, Lorvall despaired at the information given by <connector of="" aksarai=""> on the weapon. <spear of="" the="" war="" god=""> -Relic of the War God -Stats: ??? <sword of="" the="" sun="" god=""> -Relic of the Sun God -Stats: ??? Relic. That word on both the weapons meant that the wielders of the weapons had been killed. Besides, the weapons were useless as he could barely lift them up. It wasn't possible for him to use them. Lorvall didn't know what to do with the weapons so he just stored them. He then hid the news that the Gods were dead. The humans were hoping that God would come back to save them. Then Lagaope came after a thousand years. He had been hiding within the laboratory. It was fortunate that both of them were alive. They both needed each other to fulfill their dream. That was the beginning. The project to create a new God. The Alpha. <we have="" to="" drive="" out="" the="" gerna="" first.=""> <good idea.=""> Lorvall despised the Gerna who controlled the human race. There was no way to fight back until now, but Lagaope had his ways. While the Swarms and Murakans pushed them back, Lorvall planted Ciculus and spread Akra to help humans grow. However, these weren't originally made for this purpose. Their original purpose was to create an Alpha. Lagaope's plan was simple. The Divine Blood was blocked at the first stage of Beta for unknown reasons and Lagaope thought it might have been because human blood was mixed in. That was simple to solve. The human blood just needed to be cleaned out to open the possibility for the next stage. It needed three things. A man with Divine Blood. It was opening a possibility of Broxian's blood, so only his descendants were possible to do this. The second thing was the powerful extract from a powerful race to wash away the human blood. A first stage extract at least was needed to wash away the first stage Beta's blood. The third was the sheer amount of energy that was even hard to find during the days of the Divine Nation. That was why Ciculus, Akra, and Swarms were created. They collected enormous energy through Akra and Ciculus and transferred it via the Swarm. The extracts were solved by Murakans as they devoured others for their power. They were successful until they drove out the Gerna, but something happened next.</good></we></sword></spear></connector></sword></spear></connector></duke></aksarum></what></connector>


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