Swordmeister of Rome
179 Grand Plan
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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179 Grand Plan

When the Gerna were driven out, monsters began rushing in from the other side of the peninsula. Lorvall and Lagaope had to focus on defending before they could even wipe out the Gerna. As they couldn't wipe out the Gerna, they had to channel the energy of Ciculus to create the barrier to stop the Gerna from invading again. They worked to increase the number of nobles, but it didn't help. The bigger problem was the Murakans. Their plan was to consume the Murakans that became first stage Betas to evolve into the second stage and control the Murakans to become second stages, before consuming them again. However, they stopped evolving. None of them were turning into a first stage Beta. And with the monsters attacking from the other side of the peninsula, they couldn't even focus on increasing the number of Murakans. With all of these happening, three thousand years had passed. Lorvall almost gave up. "But everything has been solved in recent days, all thanks to you." Sian's blood quickly allowed the Murakans to evolve into the first stage Beta. Lorvall was planning to consume them to reach the second stage, but they consumed each other to evolve into the second stage. And as they fought with Sian, they went on to reach the third stage. Lorvall was shocked when he realized the Murakans were beyond his control, but he also realized that if Sian won and if Lorvall consumed the extract, their plan would finally move on. The new quest window was telling him that. That was why he waited until the Murakan evolved into the third stage and became weak enough for him to kill. Sian performed well for that. They did not even need the barrier anymore as all the Gerna were wiped out. They now only needed to bring in the energy using the Swarms. "Didn't you say that the Murakans were all taken care of?" "Of course. We processed them all into extracts. They are all here now." Lorvall tapped himself. Sian thought about smacking the man for what he made him go through, but a fight now would mean disaster. "Did you do it on purpose?" "No, we were just lucky." "Couldn't you have just used my blood?" Lorvall laughed. "No, it's not that simple. The Murakans can do that, but I can't. I would've done it if it worked." "But… doesn't it mean that anyone can become strong like that?" Sian was dumbfounded as he had gone through so much trouble to become this strong while Lorvall became at the same level without paying for anything but Lorvall shook his head. "No, it wasn't easy. I had prepared for three thousand years. Besides, you need to be a descendant of Broxian. I'm the only one left." Lorvall spoke as he sighed. But Sian considered if all of that allowed to create a powerful being like Lorvall, it was worth it. "But didn't you rush a bit?" Sian asked as there were some parts that seemed dangerous. If Murakans were bit stronger, for example, their plan would have been failed miserably. Lorvall laughed. "Haha, remember I have this special power? Besides, I didn't have much time. Divine Blood doesn't grant you immortality. I've lived too long and I have many enemies." "Well… congratulations anyway." Lorvall shook his head. "Haha, thank you. But the project is actually a failure." "Huh? Why is that?" "Didn't I say I need to be a God? I need to become an Alpha to become a God. Alpha and Beta are two different things." It wasn't a matter of strength. If Lorvall was still stuck even at such strength, there was no chance that he will become as strong. Besides, his blood wouldn't allow for the creation of new Divine Blood with Beta. The right to lead the race was only given to the Alphas. "I see." Sian nodded. "We only had third stage extract so this was the limit. This is a failed project. Yet." Lorvall added a little and Sian became concerned at that last word. "Yet? Is there another way?" "Yes. After I absorbed the Murakan's extract… I absorbed a fascinating trait also. But I knew that was going to happen." "Hm… can I not hear about it?" Sian felt something wasn't going right but Lorvall shook his head. "It won't change the result but it's up to you." "…Go on." "Yes. The trait… it's a trait that lets you become stronger once you survive through the brink of death. It's amazing that you can break the wall just by doing that." "Ugh… Lagaope, I'll need a word with you after this." Sian sighed. He expected it when he saw the Murakans. Fighting and eating each other wasn't enough to become that strong. He was sure that his blood was the cause. However, it was really unfortunate that this same trait had been passed on to Lorvall. "I guess you know what I want to do next then. Take one that you like. At least we should use the weapons to feel the threat." Lorvall pointed toward the weapons. Sian felt something was seriously going wrong. It would be really dangerous if he fought with Lorvall with that weapon. Even if he survived, he would at least have his arms cut off. Sian was very powerful, but that weapon was much more than that. It wasn't a weapon that a Beta could wield. "Did you have this in your calculations?" Lorvall laughed. "Didn't I tell you that I was lucky? I didn't have a lot of time left. I guess the War God is helping me. Oh, by the way, I'm telling you because we will be fighting anyway, but I wasn't going to send you home." "Can we solve this peacefully? I'll tell you where you can fight until you die. If you go to the south…" "Oh, the forbidden lands? I'm not powerful enough to fight against Chrona or Dragona yet. I will die even if I become an Alpha. But I'll go there and train when I become an Alpha, so don't worry." "Is there any other fourth stage Beta?" "No, that's why I'm looking at you. And remember I said I have special power telling me what to do?" Lorvall spoke as he watched the quest window popped up in front of him. [Quest: Final Evolution] -Overcome the barrier and reborn into a God -If success: Evolve into an Alpha -If lost: Death "Dammit… dammit, dammit, dammit!" Sian wanted to avoid fighting at all costs, yet it seemed like there was no other option. He thought about pulling out both the weapons and ambushing him, but Lorvall seemed to be expecting that and had readied himself with the weapons. He was speaking as if he was relaxed, but he was ready for an ambush. "Dammit… give me the sword." "Good. I thought it would fit me better to fight with my ancestor's weapon." Lorvall pulled out the spear and threw the Sword of Gran-Ra to Sian. Sian then asked, "If you fight with me, it means you might die too. Is that okay?" Lorvall laughed. "If I can't become an Alpha, it's better that I die." "What?" "I do not wish to stay a Beta until I die. I'd rather die here than lose my chance to become an Alpha." "Dammit." Sian understood why Lorvall was so eager to fight. If they fought with the weapon they were holding, one of them would become an Alpha in the end. Lorvall desperately needed to become an Alpha so he couldn't let this chance pass. "Should we move?" "Why not fight here?" "Why would I? I have no bad feelings against you. I'm actually thankful to you for everything. It's not my wish that the woman you care about dies from the fight." Lorvall then jumped out, and Sian followed him back to the ground. 'Should I stab him from behind?' Sian thought about it but shook his head. Lorvall was now at the same level and he was fully on guard. Sian shook the thought away and followed Lorvall out.


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