Swordmeister of Rome
180 Transcendence
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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180 Transcendence

"Sian, what's that?" Stiel asked Sian as he came back with a weird golden sword. The Duke also had a silver spear in his hand. She didn't sense any weird energy from it, but Stiel figured it was something powerful. Sian, who didn't even consider Karnine a worthy weapon, was holding onto the weapon tightly. "It's a present… hah." "Huh?" Sian sighed heavily and Stiel became surprised. Sian seemed to be raging. "What's going on?" "It's… nothing. You should stay here. Take my Nitzmatan for a while." If Lorvall had any bad intentions, there was no way to protect Stiel. Luckily, Lorvall wasn't interested in that, so Sian decided to leave Stiel here. When Sian was done speaking, he glanced at Lorvall and Lorvall jumped out at once. Sian then followed, leaving a dumbfounded Stiel behind. "Good, it's better you leave her behind somewhere safe." "Where are we going?" Sian asked Lorvall as they flew over the peninsula. "We are not as powerful as the Sun God or the War God, but the surroundings will be crushed when we fight. It's better we fight somewhere with no one around." "You care about people?" Lorvall laughed. "Haha, they are poor beings. A Divine Blood like me has to look after them. If we have an Alpha back in our race… we can regain our former glory." "Hmph. I'm just going to go back to my home." Lorvall answered grinning. "You can do that. If you win." "…" Sian frowned at Lorvall. When Lorvall arrived at the end of the peninsula, he jumped towards the sea. It would have been considered suicidal if Lorvall didn't kick the water surface and jumped again. "Huh?" "Follow me." "Isn't this enough?" "Don't you think it's better to be safe?" "Hmm. Yeah, it's bit close." He had destroyed a mountain when he fought Nekra and this time it would be on a much larger scale. 'I hate fighting someone strong as me.' The sea that divided the peninsula to the other side of the continent was filled with dense fog. 'Can't I just ambush him here?' Sian didn't have any intention to play fair so he thought about a way as the fog hindered their visibility, but he gave up. "Isn't the fog so dense? It's always dense in this place." "Have you gone over?" "A few times, but I almost got killed. Crossing it isn't much of a problem. I just need to dodge those Merpeople." "…" Lorvall was curious as to why all those monsters came from the beyond so he decided to pave a way with the Murakans and Swarms to go over. <we will="" all="" die="" if="" you="" die="" out="" there!=""> <please!> The other Dukes begged him not to go, but Lorvall was irritated as his project was put on hold because of those monsters. <i want="" to="" know="" why="" they="" keep="" coming="" over="" for="" the="" last="" thousands="" of="" years.="" what="" are="" you="" going="" to="" do="" if="" i="" die="" from="" old="" age?="" go="" extinct?=""> Lorvall finally managed to cross the sea with his power of Aksarai and the help of the Murakans and Swarms. "I was foolish back then." "..." "But I was only about three thousand years old then." "Is this the same road?" Lorvall shook his head. "No. It's not even the safest time to pass. I was weak but now, but they won't dare to attack us. Look down." Sian nodded. He did sense a lot of beings cowering away as they passed by. Lorvall was displaying his full power, so some of the monsters even fainted. "But… did you go over?" "Yes, that's why I'm taking you there. I couldn't stay long back then though, but it was a breath-taking scene. I've always wanted to go back again." "…" "I will be taking a look at that continent once I win. You should too if you win." "…" Sian ignored what he said, as he had no intention of coming back to this suspicious continent; however, he was curious about what lay beyond the fog. As they traveled further in, the fog began to clear and Sian realized what Lorvall meant. "It's beautiful." "Right. If it wasn't covered by fog, we would've already seen it from the other side." There was nothing on the beach, but there was a huge mountain range in the distance. It was so tall that it even broke through the clouds and it was so large that it felt like the continent was just a part of the mountain. Sian realized what created the fog. The shorter peaks were the ones creating the fog, but there weren't just a few; there were thousands of these peaks. "What is this place?" "I don't know. I don't have any information popping up. It seemed that the giants or other races were staying by the corner of that mountain before they came over. I'll check it out once we are done with the fight." Lorvall spoke as he let out his full energy. "Don't worry, you won't get a chance to see that." "Haha. Don't you think this is a good place to fight? I wanted to show you this before you die." "Those are some really strange last words." Sian gripped the sword tight and readied himself. 'This is my first time fighting someone as strong as me in a one-on-one fight.' Sian had always fought with numerous weaker beings. It was the first time in his life that he was going to fight someone on equal footing. It seemed that he might be at a disadvantage as Lorvall would have much more experience than him. However, Sian believed in his instincts. Even now, his instincts were telling him what to do and how to fight. That was what allowed him to survive all those fights that would otherwise kill him. He knew his instincts would bring him another victory.</i></please!></we>


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