Swordmeister of Rome
181 Transcendence
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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181 Transcendence

"It's begun," Lagaope mumbled as he saw flashes of lightning from over the horizon. The sea in the horizon was filled with dense fog as always, but now it was being cleared away by powerful shockwaves. There was no sound that traveled this far, but the silver and golden flashing lights were still visible. Conrad turned to Lagaope and asked, "Did you know that this would happen?" "Yes. Didn't I tell you that it's not finished yet?" "Yes." Lagaope had said it wasn't finished when Lorvall exited the core. "The preparations only allowed Lorvall to reach the fourth stage. We need to overcome the last wall." "Yes, and then?" "With Sian, we can do that." Lagaope explained the last step. "So if they fight until they die, the other becomes an Alpha, just like that?" Conrad asked back, unconvinced. However, Lagaope laughed. "Yes. The one who returns will become the new God." "Or they both die." "That's also a possibility." Lagaope nodded. The path to becoming an Alpha wasn't an easy one. Sian dodged the end of the spear that struck under his nose and swung his golden sword. The sword destroyed the space and the ground each time he swung. The peak that stood nearby had been destroyed a while ago and the giants and Merpeople were frantically running away from the sudden calamity. Sian and Lorvall were fighting in the direction toward the peninsula so they couldn't even run toward the peninsula. Sian then thought about another thing as he saw the lands being destroyed. 'At least no one will dare to fight over this way.' It was a place with a trace of powerful beings. Monsters with heightened senses would not even dare to come close to this battleground. Sian then refocused himself on the fight. The opponent wasn't like any he fought before. He thought that fighting the Murakans was the most danger he would ever have to face in his lifetime, but this was much worse. 'What is he doing anyway?' Sian was shocked at the amount of powerful magic that Lorvall was using. Each of the hundreds of magic was very powerful. Sian dodged the silver spear and deflected the blue ray of energy with his sword. The ray was sent towards the ocean and instantly froze a few miles of water. However, it was then melted by a green ray that was also deflected. 'Is this the power from <connector of="" aksarai="">? That's not fair!' It seemed that Lorvall was using all the magic he had available. Sian thought he had a good chance to win until Lorvall started using his magic. Although they were at the same level, he would win. This was because of pure talent. He knew how to fight and how to win. But Lorvall was much stronger. He was even using the power to control time and space that Nekra used. 'He can do all sorts of things, but I only know how to swing a sword.' Sian complained in his thoughts. But Lorvall was also good in a physical fight. He kept on pressing Sian with the silver spear among the rain of various magic attacks. The attack that barely missed Sian's ear sent a shockwave that created a deep hole in the ground. Sian followed the lines that he showed up in front of him to dodge the attack and swung his sword. If it was an easy target, it would have shown him the shortest possible way to victory; but the line was showing him a much more difficult method. In order to dodge the attack and counter it, he needed to give up his arm. If he were to attack the throat, he needed to give up his own throat. If he were to destroy the left hand, his right hand would be destroyed. There were a lot of possible ways, but they all required sacrifices. 'There is no easy way.' As they fought endlessly, they gained injuries. The land and the sea had been destroyed. Sian then fought something that was changing from within. It was almost ready to undergo a new change. Sian felt why Lorvall wanted to become a God as he felt the change. If this change reached completion, he would really become powerful enough to call himself a God. Just like Chrona who decimated the Empire in the blink of an eye, he would be such a being. The fight became more intense. Sian knew what Lorvall was thinking. If they slowed down the fight, they would both survive, but they would never become an Alpha. The change happening from within them didn't allow such slow fights to happen. It wanted a dramatic change, a danger that would bring the body to its limit. That's why Lorvall was pushing him. Sian was now becoming serious. If one of them was to survive, he wanted to be the one. He also was curious about what would happen at the end of this fight. Sian then began oppressing his opponent. Even with all that magic, with such power, it didn't matter. He had lived with just a sword, and he would survive with just a sword. Stiel was surprised at the sudden wave of energy spreading. "This is…" The energy coming from beyond at the battleground. It was enormous, dark energy that spread out, congratulating the born of a new being. It spread far beyond the Ciculus and onto the continent. Stiel then saw the Dukes around her fall down. "Huh? What's going on?" She had befriended them while training, so it was shocking when she saw all of them fall. However, the question was quickly answered as Lagaope approached together with Conrad. "Congratulations. Mister Sian has won." "Do you know what's going on here?" Lagaope nodded. "Of course. All the people who have received the seal of Divine Blood dies with the owner of the seal. It means Mister Sian has won. I guess the power came from him." Stiel brightened up but asked again, "Then how come you're alive?" Conrad said he didn't receive the seal, but the problem was Lagaope. Stiel thought that Lagaope had lived this long because he had received the seal from Lorvall. "I'll explain that later. Shouldn't you go greet Mister Sian?" "Hmm…" "I'll be looking after the core here." Stiel then rushed towards the energy. There was the possibility that Sian would not be in a healthy condition even if he had won.</connector>


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