Swordmeister of Rome
182 Transcendence
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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182 Transcendence

Lorvall died with a satisfied look on his face. It seemed Lorvall didn't care who would become an Alpha in the end and his last words were confusing. <good luck.="" you'll="" need="" it…=""> "What did he mean by that?" Sian then focused on the power within him. "Wow." It was beyond expectation. As soon as he was reborn, his body, which was full of injuries, had all healed. The power that seeped out in the process was raging through the land even though it was just the remnants of the power. Sian didn't have time to think about that. The change that was happening within him was even more amazing. He had been moving instinctively to change the world. No matter how strong he became, it didn't change. But it wasn't like that anymore. <change the="" world="" as="" i="" imagine="" it=""> Sian knew how could do this now. The him before he became an Alpha was a different being than what he was now. He then realized why there needed to be such stages to evolve and gain another power level. Its difference wasn't something that could be managed at once. The wall that he just broke through wasn't just a wall. It was the change extracted from within that exploded in the end, changing his entire body. He also took both of the weapons. These were used by a self-claimed God so it would suffice to call each of them a <god-level weapon="">. He then realized he had not been using the weapon to its full potential. This type of weapon that was created with a countless number of Alphas, was not something a Beta could wield. As he was thinking about how to store the weapon, it began to scatter and became a powder that Sian's body absorbed. When Sian thought about the weapon one more time, it appeared on his hand again. "Oh, it can do that?" Sian made the weapon disappear again. "HAHAHA! I see the ways now! I don't need to go through this pain to become strong anymore!" Sian was glad. The <ways to="" become="" strong=""> that he wasn't able to see anymore since he was seventeen had now shown up again. Sian learned that the world was very large and there were powerful beings throughout the world. Stiel was correct. He needed to take the chance and become strong when possible. Even now, he could think of three beings that were more powerful than him: Chrona, Dragona, and Liona. Sian was very unlucky in that sense as there was no telling when he would need to fight them. He needed to become strong enough in order to beat them up. "I should train hard now. But to think that I still can't defeat Chrona… wow." He couldn't believe how strong he had gotten, but it still wasn't enough. He now realized he was very lucky to have managed to escape after slapping Chrona. If Chrona never imagined that she would be attacked like that, Sian would have no chance of running away. "It's fortunate that I can use teleportation magic to go back." It might take a long time for him to become strong enough to fight head-on with Chrona. He was also thankful for the mysterious race blocking the way in between. If it wasn't for them, Chrona and Dragona would come over to this part of the land and destroy everything. "Hehe… I should go back now." Sian began running toward the shore from the sea. The shallow beach at the continent was now destroyed; its floor was now like a deep sea. It didn't matter as Sian could just run over it. Sian then found Stiel flying in at a distance so Sian flew over to her. "I'm here." "Sian! What happened?" "Hehe, I won." Stiel was worried that something might have happened as the energy waves had stopped, but Sian looked very normal. "What had happened?" "I'll tell you on the way." Sian began to explain as they flew back to Ciculus. "So have you broken through all the barriers now?" "Yeah. There's no barrier blocking my way anymore. I didn't know how good would it be to grow stronger by training. I'm thankful for it." "Oh, there it is." "Let's go. I need to have a word with Lagaope." Ciculus and Lorvall were on the horizon and memories were flashing past Sian. Starting with the Apental to the result of him being thrown in this world, along with the Murakan and Lorvall's attacks. It all had been started with Lagaope. Sian checked on Lorvall as he arrived. Its vast space was very empty as the entire Lorvall family was now all dead. There were no Swarms, Murakans, Dukes, or Lorvall himself. "That's why you should choose who you're picking on." Stiel spoke astonishingly. "You make it sound like I killed them all… well, I did but it was self-defense." "Yeah. But aren't those monsters going to come over now?" Sian shook his head. "They won't come over… at least for a few hundred years. The land has been destroyed and the ones that can sense the energy won't dare to come over," Sian answered confidently. "That's good to hear." "Yes. It has been a long journey. I wish my brother had a lot of babies. My family values children… but he has three wives, so…" It was all over. Sian had gone through a lot, but it was now time to go back. As Sian turned toward Ciculus, his face became grim. "Huh? What's going on, Sian?" "There's no one here." "What? Both of them?" "At least that's what I can see." There was no way Conrad and Lagaope could hide from Sian. Sian searched the parts of Ciculus and finally came to the core. The core was very empty but Sian was able to feel that it had been used to perform teleportation magic. There was rune drawn on around the core. Sian tried to see if there was any trace left but there was nothing. "Did Lagaope run away?" Sian couldn't understand. He did have business with him, but he wasn't going to kill him. He would just get a beating and that was it. As Sian looked at the core, some weird marble dropped from it and Sian picked it up. There was small energy coming out from it so Sian sent his energy in. Then it began making sound and a video popped up. "Lagaope." <haha, mister="" sian.="" good="" to="" see="" you="" again.=""> It was Lagaope. This small marble was working as a communication device. Sian tried to trace it down so he can find where the video was being sent but it seemed like it had been blocked. "Where are you?" <well, my="" job="" there="" is="" done="" so="" i="" came="" back="" to="" where="" i="" belong.=""> "…Why did you leave so suddenly?" <haha, you="" must="" have="" heard="" about="" everything="" by="" now,="" so="" i="" have="" no="" reason="" to="" stay="" there="" when="" i="" know="" what'll="" happen="" to="" me.=""> "Haha…" <but don't="" be="" too="" angry.="" you="" can="" go="" back="" to="" your="" home.="" you="" see="" the="" magic="" rune="" next="" to="" the="" core?="" that's="" the="" rune="" that="" connects="" to="" ra-sian="" continent.="" the="" core="" is="" damaged="" but="" you="" probably="" can="" source="" the="" energy="" now.="" you're="" an="" alpha="" now,="" right?=""> "Hmph." Sian wanted to smack the man's face at once but he didn't want to look for Lagaope as he was tired. Lagaope continued, <did you="" remember="" all="" those="" stories="" i="" told="" you?=""> "Yeah." <there are="" a="" few="" things="" that="" i="" didn't="" tell="" you="" about.=""> "…Why are there so many things that you didn't tell me?" <this one's="" the="" last.="" you="" have="" to="" know.="" it's="" really="" important.=""> Everything that Lagaope spoke was all very fascinating so Sian would have been eager to hear whatever it was that he hid anyway. Sian asked the reason why. "Why didn't you tell me earlier?" <because you="" will="" want="" to="" kill="" me="" if="" you="" did.=""> "Huh?" Sian became confused and Lagaope began to explain.</because></this></there></did></but></haha,></well,></haha,></ways></god-level></change></good>


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