Swordmeister of Rome
184 Lukra
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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184 Lukra

Lukra, the mighty race that gave birth to the powerful Alpha, <Gran-Ra>.

They did not originate within the Mountain of Extreme, nor they were powerful from the beginning. They were weak when they started out because of two traits.

<They can only grow stronger through fighting at the brink of death. No amount of training will allow them to become strong.>

<But when they overcome such a threat, it will empower them.>

It was a peculiar trait, but it allowed them to grow stronger at a faster pace since the continent was full of dangers. They were weak to start, but it made them shine when they inched closer to their limits. The wall that was hard to break through with training was easily broken through once they overcame a death challenge.

However, the results were tragic. There were a lot who couldn't overcome the challenges and died.

As they roamed the lands, they found a mysterious piece of land.

The land posed more dangers as one became stronger.

The power that made the body strong became its attacker.

This land was like a blessing to the Lukras.

After they discovered the land, they stayed there and continued training. The weaker ones started training on lower ground until they were close to dying, which then they went further down to keep themselves from dying. The one who became stronger moved up toward the peak. The mountain became harsher as they went up, but it allowed the Lukras to become stronger.

They called the mountain a <Holy Land>. Their power grew within the mountain.

But there was a problem. The warriors within their fold had become Alphas. The problem was that the mountain was no longer a threat to them.

Then, they moved out of the mountain to hunt down Alphas of other races. If they died while doing it, that was that. The survivors became stronger as they hunted down the Alphas. The humans that came exist on the eastern continent in later days thought there were no strong races on the land, but this was because the Lukras wiped them out first.

This process eventually decreased the number of Alphas within the Lukra, but it gave birth to one miraculous being.

The most powerful being, one who appeared after defeating countless Alphas. The one with the golden sword.


After Gran-Ra killed the King of the Giants who ruled the eastern continent, he came to have the might of a God. But this gave him another problem. There was no one else left that was strong enough to fight on the same level as him.

No, there was one. One who lived above and had no interest in the land.


Ruler of the <Drakun> who lived above the clouds, the one almighty.

Aksarai knew he would die if he fought Gran-Ra so Aksarai avoided him. There was no way to catch Aksarai who hid among the clouds so Gran-Ra came back to the Holy Land, disappointed, and slept. The other Alphas of Lukra slept with him.

A thousand years passed and Lukras had been training while Gran-Ra slept. That was when the human <Broxian> came to his reign.

The priest read through the minds of the human expedition as he became curious about the outside world. Gran-Ra strictly forbade them from going out of the forbidden land at Beta stages, so they had no way to know about the outside world.

Then when they found out. There was a powerful Alpha that was strong enough to fight <Gran-Ra>. They sent a message to Gran-Ra and it woke him up instantly.

<I will break this barrier by fighting him!>

Broxian was shocked at first but he wasn't the one to avoid a fight.

But there was an unexpected turn of events.

<I will take this chance to kill you both and rest in peace!>

Aksarai came down to take the chance to kill the two annoying Alphas who came after him at every chance. One Alpha was the one who kept coming after Aksarai to fight, and another one even made a flying island to come over to the sky. Aksarai was irritated but these two were as powerful as him so he avoided fighting them. But as they fought each other, he thought he would have a chance. Besides, if one of them grew stronger than they were now, it would allow them to rule over the sky.

The priest knew what happened after as Gran-Ra sent him the view that he saw before he died.

The three almighty powers had killed themselves in the fight.

After checking to see their God, and the other Alphas died, Lukra began concentrating on training. There was no more God protecting them so they needed to protect themselves. The <Drakun> above the clouds weren't easy opponents.

Both their Gods died so they were equal for now. Humans were counted out as they were almost eradicated by the battle.

A thousand years of boring opposition continued. They each had the upper hand on their lands but also meant they could not invade the other's territory.

The Lukra priest was then drawn to a human walking by the Mountain of Extreme. After reading through the memory of the human, Lagaope, the priest was surprised.

The <Connector of Aksarai> reappeared.

Almighty <Aksarai>. Priests confirmed his death by the sight given to them by Gran-Ra and they also had the evidence. As the body and its spirit were torn apart, all of the magic it contained had spread onto the races of the world.

It was still much less powerful than <Drakun> who knew how to use all kinds of magic; the death of Aksarai gave birth to races who could use at least one of the magical powers.

These were in full control of Aksarai and only allowed Drakuns to use it. But there it was. <Connector of Aksarai>. Unlike other magic, this one required part of the spirit of Aksarai himself. It was a magic that was so powerful that only a few Drakuns were allowed to wield. But Aksarai consumed all of his spirit prior to his fight between the Alphas so there were no more connectors left.

The priest wasn't afraid of the connector himself, however. The problem was that if the connector was left to become stronger, it would eventually lose its control to Aksarai. The reason for Aksarai to share his spirit was to use it as insurance. If the connector became an Alpha, the connector would be reborn as Aksarai.

But the priest realized the situation wasn't as dire as he first thought.

<He's too weak.>

It seemed the connector wasn't a valid one was it did not get the spirit from Aksarai himself. It would make him a minion to Aksarai, but it seemed he had free will. The magic that this Lorvall used also were much less powerful than the actual magic used by the connectors he knew.

The fact that Lorvall could not break the wall of the Beta was the proof. Connectors automatically knew how to break the wall with the power.

The priest also knew the plans that Lagaope made would also fail. This man did not know the true power of an Alpha. The Murakans, for example, would surely stay in the same state.

The priest then began to think about his next move.


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