Swordmeister of Rome
185 Lukra
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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185 Lukra

The beasts out in the world were evolving. These beasts thought it was their chance to become strong as powerful beings such as Aksarai, Gran-Ra, or Broxian were gone and they were now almost done with their process. If they were reborn, it would add three new Alphas. They wanted to get rid of them, but it would draw the Drakuns down to come and attack them. They weren't visible from the ground, but they were up there, watching the Lukras.

They could defeat the Drakuns if they fought on the mountain, but they would lose if they fought in the skies. Fighting on the ground would be fair game, but no one would start a fight with no advantages on their side. The Lukras loved to fight but they did not want to die.

Thus, they stayed within their territories for thousands of years. And if those beasts finished evolving, those beasts combined would rise as the third opposing power.

But if Aksarai were born again, that could change things. Aksarai also had a mighty power like the Sun God himself. Fortunately, Drakuns didn't seem to realize that there was a new Connector of Aksarai. If they knew, they wouldn't have left the connector alone.

Yet it also meant that there would be more connectors to come.

They needed to root out the Drakuns and connectors to win.

<Should we go out to the world?>

That was when the priest turned to the human.

The man named Lagaope.

The priest knew what this man's purpose was. The poor human race that Drakuns nor Lukras paid attention to after they were eradicated. Drakuns did not care about them as they were sure that the human race would no longer give birth to any <War Gods>.

Lagaope was one who dreamed of the poor human race rising to obtain their lost glory.

He was the one who wanted to bring back the War God.

The priest spoke to Lagaope.

<Human, listen to me.>


<I have good news and bad news.>

<Bad news first.>

<Good. The bad news is that your plan will fail. That Lorvall cannot become an Alpha.>

The priest explained the details concerning the connector of Aksarai. Lagaope was shocked. This meant that his project was a failure. His plan was to use the Divine Blood to bring forth its potential and the only surviving Divine Blood was out of the picture.

<No… I must let him know…>

<Wait. Listen to the good news.>

The priest held onto Lagaope.


<The good news is that your plan will fail anyway. I have seen your plans… it's not enough. You do not understand the Alpha.>


Lagaope was shocked again to hear that his plans that he had studied for 100 years were incorrect, but he quickly calmed down. If the priest was right, his plan would not succeed anyway.

<We have two choices at hand. Train within the mountain, or go fight the Drakuns.>


<Both these choices aren't any better than the other. The Drakuns still guard the skies and we will see more connectors be born across the continent. It won't be easy, but in the end, one among them will become an Aksarai.>


<We will need to kill every Drakun and watch over those connectors, but that is not the most optimal choice.>

Lagaope could not understand why the priest was telling him all that and asked,

<Why are you telling me all this? Don't say that you are asking me to fight the Drakuns together with you guys.>

The priest shook his head.

<No. You humans are too weak. At least not now.>


<But… I will trust you, the human race, who gave birth to Broxian.>

<You mean…>

<We will ultimately fall if we stay in this state. But we have no other choice. So I am offering you a form of alliance. We will attract the attention of the newly-born Alphas and Drakuns. You should continue your research and create an Alpha no matter what. And when that time comes, perform your duties as an ally.>

It was what Lagaope wanted. To create an Alpha again within the human race. But Lagaope shook his head.

<No… I don't have much time left to live and if my project failed… I don't even know where to begin.>

The priest spoke.

<It seems that man called Lorvall has used the seal to the limit. I will help you with the aging problem. Swallow this.>

Priest created a weird red marble in his hand.

<What is that?>

<It's our blood. Take it.>

Lagaope thought there was no harm at this point so he swallowed it at once. Then the priest began mumbling something and sent strange energy to him.

<What is this?>

Lagaope was shocked as something within him began to change. The priest answered,

<Our blessing only works on one of our race, so our blood has to flow within you if I were to give you our blessing. It will not grant you our race's traits, but you will live for eternity as long as that blood remains within you.>


<And the blood… will help your research. Our blood is much more superior to the blood of your own kind.>

Lagaope was given a time of eternity and a vital ingredient for his research.

<I must return and study at once! I will surely make an Alpha to fulfill our duty!>

Lagaope tried to jump out at once but the priest stopped him.

<What is it?>

<You cannot go back to your land anymore.>

<What do you mean?>

<Our blood flows within you. The Drakuns will not miss this. You will die as soon as you step onto your land again.>

Lagaope was dumbfounded by the word.

<This is outrageous… then what do you want me to do!>

<But it does not matter. You can go back if we take away our blessing. However, it will take away your immortality.>

<So what? I can't do anything here.>

The priest shook his head.

<No, you must go south.>

<To the lands of the beasts?>

<Yes. You will have your answer there.>

It seemed that the priest was confident about his answer so Lagaope was intrigued.

<What makes you so sure?>

<It's… just my hunch.>

The priest laughed.

Lagaope almost slapped him in the face out of irritation but he held back as he was much weaker.

<Don't look at me like that. Our hunches are much different than the ones you have. Think of it as a foresight. Besides, you have no other choice left.>


Lagaope agreed to go south.

<Find the answer by using the time and the blood given to you. And when you find the answer, come back to this place. I will take away your blessing and send you back north again.>

<Do I go now?>

The priest nodded.

<Yes, you should go now. The beasts are going through their evolution so this is the chance for weaklings like you to pass through. All the beasts are staying by their side to protect them. This is your only chance.>

Lagaope then hurried to travel south. He wasn't still sure what to do, however.

<First… I will gather much information as possible to make an Alpha. And then go back.>

After he traveled through the lands, he only found monkeys and Lagaope was confident that there would be no Alphas in this part of the land, so he decided to study and create a plan to make an Alpha and return home when he was done. The blessing would have to be removed when he returned, but it would still give him ten more years.

Lagaope then began mixing his blood in with the monkeys to create other humans to find his way back. He had all the time he needed. That was when he came to witness the birth of a miracle.

The birth of the one who could possibly become a god.


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