Swordmeister of Rome
186 God of Humans
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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186 God of Humans

<the migration="" project="" is="" as="" you="" know.="" i="" did="" intend="" to="" come="" back.=""> "Hmph," Sian nodded. <do you="" remember="" i="" told="" you="" that="" we="" have="" other="" places="" that="" we="" studied="" other="" than="" the=""></do><amaran>? We were studying the Lukra's blood to learn more about Alphas. We couldn't bring out the trait of the Lukras until we got the unexpected.> "You mean…" <yes, it="" was="" you.="" i="" was="" so="" shocked.=""> After Lagaope gained enough information about becoming an Alpha, he was then preparing to return home. That was when he came across something entirely unexpected. The one who had been born with Lukra blood. <i never="" thought="" putting="" my="" blood="" would="" result="" in="" the="" birth="" of="" a="" being="" with="" lukra="" blood.="" the="" powerful="" blood="" usually="" doesn't="" mix="" well.="" remember="" that="" monkey's="" blood="" was="" at="" 1="" while="" humans="" are="" 100?="" lukra="" blood="" would="" be="" at="" about="" 300.="" at="" least="" that's="" what="" i="" had="" when="" i="" studied="" their="" blood.="" it="" didn't="" even="" work="" when="" it="" was="" mixed="" into="" humans="" so="" i="" never="" imagined="" its="" blood="" would="" be="" awakened="" within="" the="" monkeys.=""> "300…" It meant that the one with such a rating would be born with three times the human potential. Considering that humans here would easily become nobles, or superhumans on the Ra-Sian Continent, it was outstanding. <i was="" shocked="" when="" i="" heard="" the="" report="" of="" your="" rating.="" it="" meant="" that="" you="" had="" lukra="" blood.="" it="" was="" the="" first="" time="" in="" 3000="" years="" that="" i="" ever="" saw="" its="" blood="" being="" awakened,="" along="" with="" the="" chance="" to="" become="" an="" alpha.=""> "…" <the proof="" is="" that="" you="" become="" strong="" when="" you="" face="" the="" threat="" of="" death.="" don't="" you="" think="" it's="" odd="" that="" you="" can="" become="" so="" powerful="" just="" because="" you="" have="" just="" encountered="" such="" a="" threat?="" other="" betas="" can't="" do="" that.=""> Humans became strong through training while Dragona went through molting and Chrona absorbed its offspring. The only race that could become strong with such a way were the Lukras. "…" <you have="" the="" traits="" of="" both="" humans="" and="" lukras.="" lukras="" can't="" become="" strong="" through="" training="" in="" return.=""> Sian was still confused and asked, "But that's weird. Even if I awakened with the blood, wouldn't it max out at the 300 rating?" Lagaope laughed. <yes, that's="" why="" i="" had="" such="" high="" expectations="" for="" you.="" it="" means="" you="" were="" beyond="" my="" expectations.="" to="" me,="" you="" were="" like="" a="" miracle.=""> "Hmph." <there are="" no="" secrets="" to="" your="" birth.="" at="" least="" far="" as="" i="" know.="" i="" am="" not="" sure="" how="" you="" were="" born="" with="" such="" a="" rating.="" i="" am="" a="" scientist="" and="" i="" hate="" things="" i="" can't="" understand="" but="" i="" also="" love="" it="" in="" some="" way.="" i="" can't="" control="" it="" because="" i="" can't="" understand="" it="" but="" it="" can="" give="" me="" surprising="" results.=""> "Hmph." <anyway, it="" seems="" like="" your="" father="" was="" surprised.="" your="" father="" used="" secrecy="" magic="" on="" the="" one="" who="" performed="" the="" ceremony.="" however,="" wouldn't="" you="" find="" it="" weird="" for="" the="" one="" who="" went="" to="" check="" on="" the="" rating="" on="" the="" famous="" family="" who="" usually="" had="" high="" ratings,="" to="" come="" back="" with="" secrecy="" magic?="" i="" unlocked="" it="" and="" checked="" it="" out.=""> "Oh." <i think="" your="" father="" thought="" it="" would="" have="" been="" enough="" to="" keep="" it="" a="" secret="" from="" the="" magical="" council,="" but="" they="" are="" one="" of="" us.="" there's="" no="" hiding="" from="" us.=""> "Were you that curious?" Lagaope nodded. <of course.="" you="" can't="" imagine="" how="" shocked="" i="" was="" when="" i="" heard="" the="" rating="" of="" 497.="" that's="" when="" i="" changed="" my="" plans.="" i="" kept="" this="" to="" myself="" and="" decided="" to="" watch="" over="" you="" for="" a="" while="" longer.="" i="" didn't="" want="" my="" friends="" to="" know="" about="" you="" in="" case="" they="" would="" do="" something="" to="" you.="" as="" you="" see,="" they="" were="" mostly="" more="" powerful="" than="" me.=""> Lagaope didn't want his friends to know about Sian in case they wanted to try to see how strong he was before he became strong enough. "You wanted to make me an Alpha." Sian knew what Lagaope's plan was all along. <yes. it="" was="" unexpected="" but="" it="" was="" fortunate.="" i="" never="" thought="" there="" would="" be="" one="" who="" had="" the="" chance="" to="" become="" an="" alpha="" on="" that="" side="" of="" the="" continent.=""> "Hmph." <i couldn't="" help="" but="" place="" my="" hope="" in="" you="" when="" i="" heard="" the="" rating.=""> "Did you do something behind my back to make me an Alpha when I was young?" Sian asked. Lagaope shook his head. <no. you="" were="" born="" to="" a="" very="" good="" family.="" i="" didn't="" need="" to="" do="" anything.="" i="" didn't="" have="" to="" protect="" you="" like="" stiel,="" nor="" did="" i="" need="" to="" teach="" you="" in="" secret="" like="" liviath.="" besides,="" you="" were="" stronger="" than="" me="" when="" you="" were="" twelve="" years="" old.="" i="" was="" so="" shocked.="" that="" was="" incredible="" speed="" even="" considering="" your="" blood.=""> Lagaope knew that Sian had broken the wall when he was twelve. This was secret that he had not told anyone up until now. "You've really have been watching me." <of course.="" anyway,="" i="" didn't="" do="" anything="" until="" you="" were="" seventeen.="" why="" would="" i="" when="" you="" became="" so="" powerful="" without="" any="" help?="" it="" was="" better="" to="" let="" you="" do="" it="" on="" your="" own.=""> "Are you sure?" Sian wasn't convinced as every problem he had faced was all tied to Lagaope. <what's interesting="" was="" that="" you="" were="" really="" unlucky.="" i="" didn't="" intend="" to="" drag="" you="" in="" but="" you="" came="" right="" into="" it="" every="" time.=""> "Huh?" Sian frowned. Lagaope was so glad at Sian becoming so powerful. It was unbelievable strength. He had never seen such strength even in the days of the Divine Empire. It seemed Sian would soon become an Alpha without needing any of the plans that Lagaope had prepared. But it didn't matter. If Sian were to become an Alpha, he had filled his purpose. Lagaope even thought about postponing his plan to go back if he could help Sian become an Alpha. But Lagaope was shocked what Sian decided to do when he came across the wall. <i will="" give="" up="" becoming="" strong.="" this="" is="" enough.=""> It was absurd, but it made sense. Sian was already too powerful among those monkeys. He was at a Duke level just before reaching a Beta barrier at age of seventeen. However, that didn't bode well for Lagaope. He needed Sian to become an Alpha. This was his best chance. Even if Lagaope were to return, there was no telling that he would succeed in making a human other than Lorvall to become an Alpha. Besides, he wasn't sure if Lorvall was even alive to this day. Lagaope was mad that Sian wasn't eager. That was when he began studying things himself. He did some research on Count Kerbel and the others around him to find a way to make Sian stronger. The result was disappointment. <he can="" only="" become="" stronger="" through="" the="" brink="" of="" death?="" who="" is="" powerful="" enough="" to="" even="" be="" able="" to="" kill="" him?=""> Sian was already too powerful. It would be possible if Con-Rad was alive, but it was before Con-Rad had come back to life and Nekra was still sleeping. But he did not give up yet. This land didn't have anything that would threaten Sian but the northern continent was different. He just needed to bring Sian there. That was when Lagaope decided to proceed with his plans to return. That was why Lagaope was shocked when Sian was dragged into Apental. <why is="" he="" here,="" and="" why="" is="" he="" being="" dragged="" in="" there?!=""> The door was small, but Apental was too dangerous for a being before reaching the Beta stage. Yet Sian came back alive and evolved into a first stage Beta. Lagaope was overjoyed. He did not care about the new <connector of="" aksarai="">. It just didn't need to become an Alpha. Lagaope was worried when the spirit of the connector was blown away, but he used the body to reincarnate Con-Rad. Lagaope then thought about another plan. To make Sian much stronger. He thought about using Nekra to have Sian fight against him. But before Lagaope could find a way, Sian disappeared. Lagaope frantically tried searching for him but he couldn't find him anywhere. He began searching for Stiel who might know whereabouts of Sian but she also had gone missing. Stiel had talked about Sian's whereabouts to the King and the family so Lagaope managed to find out what happened. It seemed that Sian had walked into the threat of death on his own. Then, Sian came back as a second stage Beta. Lagaope was overjoyed again. He was so happy that he even made Soul Transfer Orbs for Sian's family and tried to offer everything he could to Sian. Then he realized that there was nothing that would endanger Sian anymore. There was nothing on Ra-Sian. But the other continent had such things. Lagaope then began making preparations again. The reopened Apental wasn't for Sian. He never imagined Sian would foolishly jump back in when he knew how dangerous the place was. Lagaope's plan was to place a Ra-Shar-Roa there and lure Sian by offering to make the Soul Transfer Orb for him and put him into <aksarum>. That was why he did not share every detail. If Sian heard about Lukra or Drakun, he would never come over. Lagaope then stopped by the Mountain of Extreme to remove his blessing and check on what had happened in his absence.</aksarum></connector></why></he></i></what's></of></no.></i></yes.></of></i></anyway,></there></yes,></you></the></i></i></yes,></amaran></the>


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