Swordmeister of Rome
187 God of Humans
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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187 God of Humans

The priest looked the same as before, but he also looked different. At six feet tall with golden, tentacle-like hair, the priest also wore a vest created with a mysterious fabric. He was full of dignity. But unlike the years before, Lagaope couldn't feel any power coming from him this time. He must have become an Alpha. It seemed like nothing serious had happened, but he wanted to know about the ongoing fight between Lukras and Drakuns. Lagaope asked, <how is="" the="" situation?=""> <human, it="" has="" been="" a="" long="" time.="" we="" are="" still="" at="" war.="" but="" it="" is="" in="" balance…="" now="" the="" third="" power="" is="" opposing="" us.=""> <oh.> <we did="" not="" intend="" for="" those="" beasts="" to="" become="" this="" strong,="" but="" it's="" too="" late="" now.="" we="" can't="" go="" down="" there="" anymore.="" this="" balance="" will="" stay="" for="" a="" little="" longer,="" unless="" we="" have="" something="" that="" breaks="" the="" balance.="" so="" i="" must="" ask.=""> <yes.> <have you="" succeeded?="" do="" you="" think="" you="" will="" have="" such="" powerful="" being="" in="" your="" fold?=""> Lagaope grinned. <yes. i="" will="" soon="" fill="" my="" duty="" as="" an="" ally.="" don't="" worry.=""> The priest laughed. <i will="" look="" forward="" to="" it.=""> The priest then took the blessing and blood away from Lagaope and Lagaope felt something within him flowing again. The time that had been frozen within him began to move. <you have="" about="" ten="" years="" left="" to="" live.="" i="" hope="" you="" find="" your="" result="" before="" you="" die.=""> <of course.=""> Lagaope moved out of the mountain and came down to his world. He went onto find Lorvall. He was still at the Beta stage. <so… our="" project="" really="" was="" a="" failure.=""> He knew when he heard from the priests, but it felt bitter to see it in his eyes. <lagaope, by="" the="" gods…="" you="" were="" alive!=""> Lorvall was shocked to see Lagaope, who should've died within ten years, come back after thousands of years. Lorvall was sad to hear about what Lagaope explained. <so this="" power="" that="" helped="" me="" the="" most…="" is="" the="" thing="" that="" blocks="" my="" right="" to="" become="" a="" god?=""> <yes…. but="" don't="" worry.="" i="" found="" out="" a="" lot="" of="" things="" from="" that="" land.=""> Lagaope explained about what he found and about Sian. Lorvall spoke. <bring him.="" we="" must="" make="" him="" our="" god.=""> Lorvall had given up on himself already so he wanted to try for a possible chance. They needed to place the barrier and fight the Gerna to install the Ra-Shar-Roa and bring Sian over to this world. As they were preparing, they heard shocking news from Conrad who was out on repairing barriers. <hey. you="" know,="" the="" sian="" guy?="" he's="" here.=""> It seemed Sian had jumped into Apental that Lagaope opened to escape through Chrona. He was now a third stage Beta after fighting his way through the place. Lagaope was astonished. <wow, he="" really="" is="" unlucky.=""> It was amazing that Sian went looking for danger as if he was cursed. He sent Sian to <aksarum> just in case, but it was too easy. Lagaope could have walked in and taken the core without any danger anytime, but he had been saving it for Sian. Lagaope was then worried. There was no way to put Sian in another dangerous situation anymore. He was too strong. That was when Sian did it again. Murakans suddenly evolved into second stage Betas and attacked Sian. It was unexpected but Lorvall's quest window guided him on what to do. The cursed power taught him the right way to achieve his goal. <we shall="" wait="" until="" he="" reaches="" the="" fourth="" stage="" and="" kills="" those="" murakans.=""> Murakans made Sian become the fourth stage and fortunately, it even gave them the extract of a third stage Beta. Thanks to Sian, everything was solved soon afterward. Lorvall then reached the fourth stage. Lagaope then realized what he was thinking. <lorvall… are="" you…?=""> <it's time.="" if="" i="" die="" to="" create="" an="" alpha="" among="" us…="" it's="" worth="" it.=""> <are you="" trying="" to="" lose="" intentionally?=""> Lagaope asked, but Lorvall shook his head. <no, that="" will="" not="" work.="" and="" that="" will="" not="" allow="" sian="" to="" become="" an="" alpha.=""> <but what="" if="" you="" win?="" that="" will="" turn="" you="" into="" aksarai.=""> Lorvall answered. <then that's="" what="" it="" will="" be.="" but="" i="" will="" kill="" myself="" if="" i="" think="" i="" will="" win.="" my="" guess="" is="" that="" even="" we="" are="" at="" equal="" power…="" he="" will="" win.=""> <it's that="" hunch="" again?=""> Lagaope mumbled as he heard that from the Lukra priest. He didn't like that since he was a scientist. <no. i="" am="" sure="" of="" it.="" don't="" worry.=""> The Duke then walked into the core to undergo the final step. <that's where="" it="" ends.="" but="" i="" really="" didn't="" do="" much.="" it="" was="" all="" you="" all="" along.=""> "…" Sian couldn't find any words to respond with. These people had spent three thousand years to just make one Alpha. "So, what do you want? I am an Alpha now, but what if I do not want to fill my duty as an ally? You should know about me already. Shouldn't you like, beg me to do something?" Lagaope laughed. <of course.="" that's="" why="" i'm="" not="" asking="" you="" any="" favors.="" would="" you="" help="" if="" i="" asked?=""> "…" <no. you="" value="" your="" life="" and="" your="" family="" above="" all="" else.="" i="" know="" this.="" you="" will="" not="" put="" your="" life="" in="" danger="" to="" fight="" against="" drakuns="" or="" harijans="" to="" protect="" all="" people.="" i="" need="" other="" ways.=""> "Huh?" <thanks to="" you,="" we="" did="" earn="" safety.="" only="" humans="" remain="" within="" this="" land.=""> "Hmm." <you have="" destroyed="" the="" monsters="" within="" apental="" and="" aksarum.="" its="" barrier="" was="" getting="" weaker="" so="" i="" was="" going="" to="" ask="" you="" to="" protect="" us="" from="" it.=""> "…" <you also="" defeated="" the="" gerna="" of="" the="" north.="" didn't="" you="" also="" destroy="" the="" eastern="" peninsula?="" the="" monsters="" will="" not="" come="" over="" anymore.="" you="" also="" wiped="" out="" all="" the="" narijas="" in="" the="" central="" region.="" there's="" no="" other="" race="" than="" the="" humans="" here.="" the="" swarms="" took="" care="" of="" the="" rest="" on="" their="" way.=""> "But isn't there south? Wasn't it the reason why Lukra asked to be an ally?" It seemed things went well within this land, but there was a bigger problem. Sian thought the south was a bigger problem. Harijans, Lukra, and Drakuns… they were fighting each other at the moment but if humans grew to become a threat, they would surely come after them. <that's yours="" to="" deal="" with="" now.=""> "…what did you say?" Sian looked at Lagaope. <that's up="" to="" you.="" i've="" helped="" you="" to="" become="" an="" alpha.="" i="" can't="" help="" you="" with="" dealing="" with="" those="" god-like="" races.="" hahaha!=""> "Ha…haha…" Sian felt anger rushing through his veins as he watched Lagaope laughing from beyond the screen. <i feel="" accomplished.="" i="" don't="" have="" much="" time="" left…="" but="" i've="" done="" what="" i="" needed="" to="" do.="" it="" seems="" all="" my="" burdens="" are="" gone="" now.="" oh,="" one="" more="" thing.="" don't="" just="" smack="" away="" people="" like="" that.="" haha!="" i="" wanted="" to="" tell="" you="" this="" so="" badly="" for="" so="" long.=""> "…" 'I should go after him.' Sian decided to find Lagaope even if he had to search through every part of the land. But Lagaope continued, <i only="" have="" 5="" years="" to="" live.="" shouldn't="" you="" let="" me="" have="" this="" vacation="" after="" 3000="" years="" of="" work?="" besides,="" you="" won't="" have="" time="" to="" find="" me.=""> "What do you mean?" <why do="" you="" think="" i="" installed="" that="" teleportation="" rune?=""> "To go home…?" <yes. you="" need="" to="" go="" home="" now.="" i="" forgot="" to="" tell="" you="" one="" important="" thing.=""> Lagaope then told Sian what he discussed with the priest before he embarked on his adventure down to the land of the beasts 3000 years ago.</yes.></why></i></i></that's></that's></you></you></thanks></no.></of></that's></no.></it's></then></but></no,></are></it's></lorvall…></we></aksarum></wow,></hey.></bring></yes….></so></lagaope,></so…></of></you></i></yes.></have></yes.></we></oh.></human,></how>


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