Swordmeister of Rome
188 God of Humans
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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188 God of Humans

<It would be easier if I can go back…>

Lagaope spoke as he looked back to his land but the priest added,

<You have to go to the south. Besides, you will not be able to make an Alpha in that land.>

<Why is that?>

Lagaope was angry, but was also curious.

<Why would those Drakuns let you live when one of their third stage Betas is enough to wipe your entire race out?>


<It is because they despise fighting the weak. That is the reason why you humans are alive. You all are weak.>


It was disappointing to know that they survived only because they were weak.

<Being an Alpha is a different story. You have never seen the birth of an Alpha, I assume. The birth of an Alpha involves a powerful energy wave that rings throughout the whole continent. That land is where Drakuns can still reach down. An Alpha is no longer considered weak to them. Even if you succeed within that place, the new Alpha will just get caught and be killed.>

<Then what do you want me to do?>

<If an Alpha is born… they will send their Alpha to kill the new Alpha. You must evacuate your Alpha immediately.>

<Where would be the safest place for them?> Lagaope asked.

The priest answered, <If you manage to make one… send it to the land of the beasts.>


<We will leave those evolving beasts alone. When they become an Alpha, the Drakuns will not easily invade their land. We will also draw their attention on us. That way, its land will be the most safest place while being dangerous.>

Sian was dumbfounded.

"Then you should've finished it at Ra-Sian. Why did you…"

Sian thought it would be better if Sian and Lorvall teleported to Ra-Sian first and fight there so that the Drakuns will not come after them. But Lagaope shook his head.

<It would have been dangerous even then. Dragona, Chrona, and Liona would have come for you. Besides, there's nowhere to run within that land. And if we did that, we wouldn't be able to defend the east peninsula anymore. Lorvall brought you there intentionally.>


<You probably knew this from before, but Alphas can't find each other if they decide to hide. The energy that rings out when they are reborn is the only way to find them. Did you now know why I'm telling you this?>


<Drakuns must have felt your energy. The Drakun Betas would stand no chance against you but the Alphas surrounding the Lukras are a different story.>


<You must flee via the teleportation rune at once. The Alphas of those Drakuns must have heard of your birth by now. They are masters of magic. They probably know how to use communication magic. I'm sure they're on the way to find and kill the newly-born Alpha.>

"You should've told me that first!"

Sian began blowing energy to the rune. It wasn't because of Lagaope's words. Sian himself was now feeling three powerful energies flying toward him at enormous speed.

<Well, it's still not too late. You should run now. The Ra-Sian Continent is the only place where you can survive. You should train while you hide there. And wipe them out! You can do this. You have the blood of Gran-Ra and Broxian.>


<Do you want to live in peace? Then you should become strong. It should be safe for a while once you return, but you never know when the power balance will be disrupted. If that happens, the land will be in chaos. Do what you can do best when that time comes. Beat'em all up! Become stronger and wipe them out. That's the only way, and the only choice you have. That's all I can say to you now.>

"Stiel! Come here!"

Sian quickly filled up the needed energy to the rune and the rune began to activate. Sian hid all of his power and dragged Stiel into the rune. Soon, he was gone.

Right after they were gone, Drakuns landed on the ground while they flapped their slick ten pairs of wings and checked on the runes.

<Land of the beasts…>

<We are late.>

The Drakun frowned. If they tore through the dimensional barrier, those crazy beasts would jump at them at once. The three of them weren't enough to fight against those beasts. They were the same type of Alphas, but the power difference was too large. As they wasted time fighting the Lukra, those beasts had become too powerful.

<Let's return. We need to keep the Lukra at bay.>

<What about these insects? How have they given birth to such a being?>

<Haha… if you want to dirty your hand… go on. I didn't know you were that scared of those weaklings.>

One of the Drakuns mocked the other. Attacking the weak humans was absurd. It was a dirty act.

<Do not mock me.>

The two Drakuns growled at each other but another one stopped them.

<Stop. We must focus on our target. It's Lukra we must be focused on now.>


Then they began flying back to where they came from.


Lagaope sighed after he was finished talking through the communication magic from within <Aksarum>.

"Is it finished?"

"Yeah. They really are arrogant."

Lagaope was worried that the Drakuns will unleash their anger toward the humans but it didn't happen.

"But is it okay? I'm the <Connector of Aksarai> too, right? Am I not dangerous?"

Lagaope grinned.

"Ha… do you think becoming an Alpha is that easy? You are not even a Beta yet."

"Ugh. By the way… do you really have only five years to live?" Conrad asked worryingly.

"Yes. About five years."


"But I can revive through the orb! Hahaha!"


Conrad became dumbfounded. It seemed Lagaope spoke about the five years to Sian in order to fool him.

"I did all I can though. The rest is up to Sian."

"You believe in him so much. I don't think he's the type to fight for humankind. What if he stays hidden?"

Conrad spoke as he saw Sian as someone who hated fighting. It didn't seem like Sian will come to people's aid.

"There's a limit. Besides, I don't expect him to go out and beat up all of Harijans, Drakuns, or Lukra just now."

"Then what?"

"It will be peaceful for a while, but it won't last long. If the balance between the three races breaks down, the land will be at war. Sian will have to fight if he wants to protect his family from it. The human race will be wiped out if he doesn't."


"That's why I created orbs for his family. So that they will not die before that happens. I also increased Stiel's life span. I want Sian to protect his family. That will suffice. He will fight those disastrous races to protect his family. I didn't expect him to fight for all of humankind. Broxian didn't do that either."


"Monsters can deal with monsters. Besides…"


Lagaope grew hesitant. Conrad waited for Lagaope to answer and he grinned.

"I can't believe I'm saying this when I believe in science, but Sian is really unlucky. He will need to fight whether he likes it or not."


Conrad also knew how unlucky Sian was.

"We should look after ourselves for now."


The Lorvall family that ruled over this land was now gone, but Conrad was still there. Conrad would probably be able to unite all of mankind and encourage them to grow.

Conrad nodded. They needed to think about what to do on this land where only humans were left.


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