Swordmeister of Rome
190 Homecoming
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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190 Homecoming

The joint forces that were sent up the north to fight the Six-Horned Harijans did not need to fight any Six-Horned, but they instead had to fight against numerous Harijans that were coming down. This was later called the <great invasion=""> as Harijans attacked the human land for years after that. It seemed as if they were being chased out from something within. Luckily, there were no Six-Horned in the fray so humans were able to defend against them. That was when a new hope appeared within the humans. <kukutaran> It was a superhuman who rose to power during the fight at the Great North Wall. But people were worried that Kukutaran would leave behind his own kind just like other superhumans did. Kukutaran was a Grand Bander from Broshan, who had proven himself to be a very powerful asset to the human fight against Harijans. If he left the Wall, the defensive line would crumble. Kukutaran did not choose to do that. Instead, he began searching for Five-Horned Harijans around the Wall and killed them. People were astonished and praised the superhuman's might. "Hmm. Doesn't it mean he just copied what that old man Groyn had been doing all along? What's with the year…" 'Hmmm?' Larune thought it was weird that woman was speaking of superhuman Groyn as if he were someone she knew. Yet it seemed like it would not be weird for such a strange woman to have some sort of connection with the superhuman. "I guess there's more to it. Can you please continue?" "Oh, yes. Just like she said… that alone cannot explain the year counting." People were delighted at the superhuman who did not leave them and instead protected them. Kukutaran did not stop there. <thank you="" for="" protecting="" us!=""> <of course.="" you="" will="" all="" become="" mine.="" i="" protect="" what="" is="" mine.=""> Kukutaran then went on to unite the whole land. It was unexpected, but it was also unstoppable. Tian who had been gaining momentum under leadership of King Narasha, Usharan who had united Con Kingdom, were powerless against superhumans. It was a quick and simple process. Kukutaran traveled to various royal palaces and quickly gained control over all of the kingdoms. Within a month, the whole continent was under his rule. Even the four Grand Banders of Tian could not do anything against him. King Narasha, Swordmeister Kiraine, Captain of Dragona Kalagul, and Roman the Great Warrior. <huh? what="" do="" you="" think="" you="" can="" do?=""> Kukutaran scoffed at those four who stood against him and the four Grand Banders surrendered without putting up a fight. The power difference was too large. After Kukutaran visited Taran Kingdom as his last destination, the world was united as the Kukutaran Empire. "My…" Sian was dumbfounded, and so was Stiel. "I guess he was really bored," Stiel blurted out. Any superhuman could have done it in the past. They just didn't do it because it was not worth it. "Yeah well… there are no remaining superhumans here so he could've been bored." "Hmm… Right. It's a bit different now." Stiel nodded, as she knew that there were no more superhumans that remained in this part of the land. "If that's the case… does that mean something happened to your family?" "Oh, you're right." Sian then turned to Larune. "Do you know what happened to the Roman family?" "Hm… Roman family?" Larune thought about what had happened. There were too many things that happened with so many rumors and he couldn't remember anything that revolved around the Roman family of Tian. Larune then remembered something. "I don't think there was anything special. It's not like people were dead when the continent was united. I do think they moved up to the Great North Wall… Every warrior and soldier was sent there." "Every?" "Yes. There's no point in having soldiers when there are no boundaries or borders to protect. They're all there to defend the Wall now." "Oh. Where can I find them then?" "You can probably find them by the Chrotia Fortress… that's the most important defense point still. It was destroyed when the undead army attacked us, but they've fixed it now." "I see. I should go there then. By the way, where are we?" "This is Ra-Shar-Roa 7…" Stiel frowned and glared at Larune. They didn't understand the new names in the new world, so Larune quickly realized this and changed the name. "Oh- right. This is Ra-Shar-Roa of old Einkel, south of Taran." Stiel then remembered and clapped her hands. "Right! I wondered why it was so familiar." "Do you recognize this place?" "Yeah. I had to come all the way here to catch my fleeing brother. It was a fun trip. I had the chance to ransack the Usharans also." "…" "Anyways, I know the way then. Let's go." "Okay." "We'll be there in a day." "Yes… if we go with your speed." Larune then became confused and interrupted their discussion. "Uh… I was talking about Chrotia Fortress. Not the Chrotan, the closest city from here." "Yeah, yeah. I know. You keep doing your work. Sian, let's go." Stiel then readied herself and disappeared through the plains. She shot out like a meteor, but the man was much faster. His body faded for a second and he was with the woman. "What did we just see…?" "We should report it first." Larune and his friend quickly returned to their post to report to headquarters. "Hmm… so they appeared out of nowhere?" "Yes, Your Majesty." Kukutaran seemed to be intrigued by the report. "Good, good. I thought they all left but there were some who stayed behind. Hey, you." "Yes, Your Majesty." One of the nobles who stood beside Kukutaran bowed and answered. "They are heading to the Roman family?" "Yes." "I think one of my babies wanted to visit the Romans… I'll visit them. She should be happy to visit them in a while." "Understood. Should we prepare the Ra-Shar-Roa?" Kukutaran shook his head. "There's no Ra-Shar-Roa near that place. It's not far… I'll just go slowly." "Then we'll prepare for the trip." "Yeah." Kukutaran then began moving down to his harem, where his babies were kept.</huh?></of></thank></kukutaran></great>


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