Swordmeister of Rome
192 Homecoming
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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192 Homecoming

"Isn't it about time you let me go?" Rian asked Kukutaran from the side. He didn't have much energy in him to speak, but Kukutaran grinned and answered. "Why would I? I'd never seen a handsome boy like you before. I wanted you ever since I was at Broshan, but I couldn't do anything back then. I have the power to do whatever I want now. Why would I let you go?" Kukutaran had brought many into his harem but he had never seen a boy as handsome as Rian until now. Kalagul was also handsome, but there was something weird about him that Kukutaran did not like. "Ha.." Rian sighed and shook his head. "You still do not like me? I even let you stay with your wives for half the year. And I do everything you want." "…" He was right, but it didn't give Rian any freedom. "By the way… it seems that the new superhuman is your brother. I am looking forward to meeting someone of my kind." "…" 'He's probably a different kind…' Rian wasn't that knowledgeable about superhumans, but even he could see that his brother was a bit different. "Hahaha." Rian shook his head as he saw Kukutaran laughing. He wouldn't able to make him understand, but there was no need. Chrotia was right in front of them now. The report that was brought up did seem like Sian. Sian jumped over the fortress' wall as he felt the presence approaching. As expected, the figure seemed to be about a Baron level, just about the same as Lagaope. He also felt a familiar presence. Sian was glad to feel his brother's presence, but he was also worried. The overly excited Stiel followed Sian on his back. "Hehe, should I lend you the stick?" Stiel laughed as she flashed the metal stick that Lagaope had given to them. "We'll get Rian first." When they arrived, there was a giant parade of people. Rian was at the front. "Brother, long time no see." "Sian." "…but this is unexpected." Sian knew who was Kukutaran was among this large group of people. He was expecting a well-built man with a scruffy beard and a rough looking face, drooling over his brother that he could beat up mercilessly. But it was the opposite. Sian mumbled as he glanced at the woman grinning next to Rian. "I thought it was a he… why wasn't I told of this?" Kukutaran, the Emperor of the Kukutaran Empire, was a slender and beautiful woman. 'I can't believe even the kidnapper is a beautiful woman for Brother.' It seemed like Rian was blessed to the end, unlike Sian who seemed to be cursed. Sian couldn't beat up the person yet because it was so unexpected. "What does it matter? Doesn't change anything," Stiel said. It really didn't matter much and Sian wasn't the type to hold back just because the target was a woman. "Wait." Sian realized his brother didn't seem to be in a dire situation so he approached to ask about what was going on. A portable tent that was stored within some small bag was prepared. It was very lavish and big, considering that it was created by mysterious parts within a bag. And there were four figures sitting down inside. Kukutaran, Stiel, Sian and Rian. All the others were preparing food and drinks while they talked. Sian came to a conclusion after talking with Rian. "So… you were taken away by force at the beginning but it wasn't all that forced… and you came to like her?" "Yeah. Don't look at me like that. She's a poor girl." "…" Sian was dumbfounded. Rian was too sympathetic and generous toward women since the beginning. Sian wanted to beat up the Kuku-something woman that took Rian forcefully even now, but he couldn't do it when Rian was saying that it was okay. It seemed like she didn't do anything bad either and also seemed to have cared for his family. Besides… 'Doesn't look too bad. Maybe she can take me in also…' It didn't seem all that bad of a life to Sian. It's not like Rian was considered a slave either. Sian glanced at Kukutaran, who was smiling. She had been taking care of Rian with everything he needed… and was beautiful. It was the perfect life that Sian had dreamed of. '…dammit. I'm envious.' Sian thought. Stiel noticed this and grabbed Sian's arm. "What are you thinking? Huh?" "Oh, no-no. It's nothing. I was just thinking about future plans…" "…" 'I should do something about her later.' "What- I'm not thinking about anything." Sian quickly replied to Stiel, who was glaring at him and changed the subject. "So… are you going to keep my brother?" Kukutaran answered, smiling. "Well, I guess I have to give up now. What can I do if the one like you will not see it happening?" Sian frowned. She wasn't like any superhuman he knew. "Rian, are you going back then? Your family is within Chrotia." "What about you, Sian?" "I have to talk with her for a while." Rian then nodded. "Okay. We'll talk later." Rian walked out and there were only three of them left. "It's nice to meet you. I have a lot of questions." Kukutaran started first. "A lot?" Stiel became curious as Kukutaran asked calmly. "Of course. I thought there was some kind of secret society of superhumans as none of them did anything after becoming one. So I figured there was some kind of a code or a law between them. But none of them came after me." "Hmm." "It made me wonder. Why did all those superhumans leave human society? You can do anything you want. Is there something that I'm missing? I was so curious." Stiel and Sian now knew why Kukutaran was different. She didn't consider other humans as lesser beings. This was why she created an Empire and made a harem to fulfill her pleasure. Kukutaran was the first Alpha of the Narija level race that Lagaope named as a monkey. "It's amazing that she pushed out the human blood from within." She was special in that she managed to drive out the Lagaope's blood and became an Alpha. "Oh… that's why I couldn't feel it." Stiel realized why she couldn't feel anything about Kukutaran, like she did with Liviath or Groyn. Then she realized what Lagaope had said before. It was the matter of a race difference than a power difference. Kukutaran was powerful to be considered a noble, but she wasn't the same kind. Sian thought about sharing what he knew, but decided not to. It was too long of a story to tell, and it would not make a difference anyway. "Anyway, I was worried so I tried hard to find someone just like me. That's why I changed the name of the country to Kukutaran and made a mess… thinking someone would appear." "…" "The most recent sign of a superhuman was you, Sian. That's why I came here but I couldn't find anything before." "And you took Rian along with you?" Sian asked. "Oh… I'm sorry about that. He was my type of guy. I didn't do anything bad." "…" Kukutaran continued, "But here you are. I actually thought I would never manage to see a superhuman anymore." "You saw the trace of the migration." If she had become a superhuman while fighting at the Great North Wall, she might have found the trace of Lagaope and Conrad running to the north. Kukutaran nodded.


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