Swordmeister of Rome
195 Training
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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195 Training

No sound was heard, but it seemed like something within Sian was churning. His entire body was now changing to try and kill himself. The blood had turned into poison and his muscles worked against him to hold him back. His bones grew weak and his senses screamed in agony.

Sian clutched his heart as he felt he was getting dizzy. He was not at the end, but his body was being overloaded. He then followed the way that allowed him to become stronger. The way was to keep changing as his body condition kept on changing.

'So, this is why the Lukras were so powerful.'

It would have been weird to not get stronger when facing such pain every day. It even killed a few of them while training. Luckily, he did not need to go through that much pain. He had human traits in him.

'A little more… just a little more…'

He would not die as his body would refuse to change the body enough to kill himself anyway. Sian proceeded further to change his body. He just didn't need to die.

However, he needed to become more powerful while he still had time. The reason he stopped training was because he did not realize what kind of monsters existed out there. It was different now. He now knew what kinds of monsters there were.


"Sian, are you okay?"

Stiel asked worriedly as she looked at the moaning Sian. Sian barely managed to shake his hand to signal that he was okay and stood up.

'I can… barely move…'

Sian was almost to the point where it would kill him. He became so weak that even those baby nephews and nieces of his were enough to beat him up right now. This was worse than when he barely managed to jump out of Apental in Kerbal.

Sian then began moving in the ways that he could see in front of him. As he moved, his body worked against him to attack him, but he did not stop. He couldn't. He knew he was getting much more powerful, and his theory was correct.

Sian was relieved as the unbearable pain that he was going through was really worth it.

'It reminds me of my old self.'

Sian became proud as he felt his limit growing each moment and remembered the days of his old training.

<Father, why do I need to do this?>

<You need to do this to become powerful… Sian, what are you doing?>

<That's too slow. This way is much faster. Look, I can make my sword shine too.>

<By the Gods…>

'A beautiful memory.'

Sian smiled as he remembered the old days. But then he became irritated.

'How long do I need to do this? How strong are those Lukras or Drakuns? I should just use Chrona as my standard.'

That was the only Alpha Sian had seen. He saw Drakuns flying at him, but they were too far for him to accurately measure their power.

Sian was going through extreme pain. It wasn't enough to kill him, but he felt like he had been thrown into a giant grinding stone. Sian gritted his teeth and concentrated on training.

"Wow… I probably can't do that."

Stiel became pale as she saw Sian's body changing constantly. She knew how powerful the energy being worked inside was.

'Well… Sian is Sian. I'll do mine.'

Stiel then began meditating. Her power wasn't obtained through training so she needed time to manage it on her own. This was what she loved to do when she was in the Lagran Region.

The training only finished when night fell. Sian sighed.


"Sian, is it okay to carry on for that long?" Stiel asked Sian who was stretching. Sian stood up suddenly when he could not see any more ways. Sian changed his body back to normal but he seemed really tired. Stiel quickly went to Sian to hold him up as he seemed he was going to fall any time soon.

Sian said, "I should do my best when I have time. You know my life goal. I can't rest easy when I know those monsters are hacking away around us."


Sian's life goal was to live happily for a long, long time.

It was a simple goal; however, Sian wasn't alone on his journey to achieve this.

"I always thought I was the strongest in this world. Haha."

"So, when are you going to stop?"

"My first goal is to beat up Chrona in a one-on-one battle."


Stiel then became curious, as Sian spoke ever so casually.

"How long will it take?"

Sian answered, "I don't know."


"It could be fast or slow. I might come across another barrier. Who knows what awaits?"


"I will eventually become strong enough to beat them up if given enough time. I heard the balance will be broken easily. So we should still have time."

Stiel nodded. The balance was still being kept at this point.

'But I'm thirsty…. Is that drinkable?'

Sian thought as he glanced at the golden drinks to the side. He didn't know what they were for so he decided to ask later, in case if it wasn't something for him to drink.

Then they went back to Chrotia Fortress.

"Did you finish training?" Rian asked Sian.

"Yeah. Are your kids training too?"

Rian laughed. "Father is teaching them how and I do my own training also. Father apparently loves them a lot."

"I see."

"You should do it too, watch over your nephews and nieces for a change."

Sian nodded as he loved his cute nephews and nieces.

"Oh, what are those weird drinks in the corner of the training ground?" Sian asked his brother.

Rian answered, "Right, you must not have heard of them yet. You know about those mysterious organizations?"


He knew about them a long time before. Organizations such as Amaran.

Amaran, Baroka, Makana.

These were probably contractor groups of Lagaope. The reason why they revealed themselves to the world was probably because no one was ruling over them anymore.

However, Sian did not know what kind of technologies they shared.

"That drink is called <Siraine>. That was what was distributed to the warriors during the Great Invasion."


Meaning a holy well, the potion was proved very formidable in protecting the Wall. But after the incident, they were spread among the warriors very quickly.


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