Swordmeister of Rome
196 Training
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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196 Training


A product made by the organization Baroka, which studied human biology in secret. It was created because of a suggestion by one of their researchers.

<We should try to create a potion that'll make one stronger, not the one heals.>

That resulted in the birth of Siraine.

The effect increased the consumer's physical prowess marginally for one to two hours. It had the side effect of the user becoming tired for a full day, but it was worth it.

During the Great Invasion, this gave warriors in the warfront a much higher survival rate and all the kingdoms quickly distributed them.

However, it was after Kukutaran had become a superhuman that these potions gained their fame.

Kukutaran consumed these potions like drinking water, and pursued the Harijans deep into the forest; after two years of war, she had become a superhuman.

The potions gained instant fame after that. However, it lost popularity after no more superhumans were born and it was proven to not be useful for training.

"Those were used during the Great Invasion. We placed them at the training ground for warriors to use when they trained there back then. However, no one wanted them so we just left it. Maybe we should clean it out soon."

"Hm… would it work for me too?"

Sian thought that if it did, it would be of great help in his fight against the Alphas. However, Rian shook his head.

"Powerful warriors who can control themselves will not have any remaining power within them to make that potion work. It should work on Grand Banders… but not on you."

"I see," Sian acknowledged it in disappointment.

"Still, I thank Baroka for that. That potion saved many lives, including mine."


'So Lagaope did do something useful for a change.'

What Lagaope did wasn't really all that pointless, but it only worked against Sian in some way. Sian was thankful to Lagaope for helping to protect his brother.

'But that's that.'

Lagaope asked Sian to go easy on him as he only had five years to live, but Sian knew that Lagaope wasn't one to die easily. He definitely had other means.

'Oh… besides, he has an orb too. That man…'

Sian looked forward to the day he would meet Lagaope again.

"Do we have about a month for the teleportation rune to be finished?"

Conrad answered, "Yeah, you can say that. The core will be repaired within that time, and you can probably go by then. Are you going to go by yourself?"

Lagaope then stared at Conrad.

"No, I won't walk to my death like that. He also probably would've realized about the orb by now."


Besides, the news that they needed to give to Sian would surely make him angrier.

"Then, who are you going to send?" Conrad asked.


"Huh? Why?"

Conrad was confused as Liviath didn't seem like he had any connections to the problem.

"He doesn't work and he's the most unhelpful among us, so he should do at least that. Besides, he has seen Mister Sian's power, so he'll be careful around him."

"Hm…" Conrad nodded. Robanutton, Karakal, and the others had not seen Sian. It's not like Sian was violent, but their friends were too violent, and that might be a problem.

It was better to send Liviath, who knew how dangerous Sian could be.

"It won't be that much of a big deal. We'll have him send the message and come back. Besides, he seemed a little depressed lately."

Liviath seemed depressed that he was only at the level of a Count in this world, while he had been the strongest back in his world.

"Oh… and why did you leave all that stuff behind? Like Amaran?"

"It's no use. It only works for the monkeys."

"Oh." Conrad nodded. The magic of the human race in the Divine Nation was very different than what they had been studying in the Ra-Sian Continent. They did not even need Talic Stones then.

"It's fortunate that teleportation magic still exists. We should let Liviath bring something back here if he finds something."

There might be resistance, but there was nothing that could stop Liviath in that part of the world unless he crossed paths with Sian.

"A month… I hope Mister Sian has grown much more powerful in that time," Lagaope said with worry in his voice.

"When are they coming? Isn't it about time?"

Kukutaran snapped irritably as she was massaged by one of her slaves in her harem. Dekaduin almost frowned at the naked slave, but held it back.

"We have thirty-two days left."

"It will be different this time."

Kukutaran gritted her teeth as she thought about what had happened then. She met them while she was on a massacre through the forest. That was when she realized that there were more powerful beings above her. Sian and Stiel were two of those powerful beings.

'So, that man is stronger than her…?'

After careful investigation, she learned that Stantahl the First had been beaten up by Sian a long time ago. She needed to find a way. She needed to do one of two things:

Become stronger, or kill other strong beings.

However, she didn't have the luxury of time, so she just decided to do both.

"Are you sure it will be okay?"

Kukutaran laughed. "Don't worry. I have an ally."

'It'll be great if they die together.'

Kukutaran smirked as she thought about the new ally that came.

'It's been about a month since I got here.'

Sian was slumped on the training ground. The body that was working to attack him quickly returned to normal and began healing him. The training was agonizing, but it wasn't useless. His training had progressed quickly because of it and he was now much stronger than he was a month ago. He was now strong enough to at least run away if Chrona came after him. He decided on a place to run to if Chrona or Dragona chased him.

'What a sad life.'

It was sad that he had no choice other than to run there if that happened, but it was better than dying.

When Sian returned, there was a letter waiting for him.

"Sian, it's for you."

'Huh? A letter? Why not use communication magic?'

Sian curiously took the letter.

"Hm… an invitation?"


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