Swordmeister of Rome
197 Provocation
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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197 Provocation

The invitation was decorated and filled with all kinds of formal words, but it was summarized to this: 'Inviting me to the Lagran Region?' There was no reason why he was being invited, but it didn't matter. It was the sender that was more important. "Why did that Kukutaran woman send this to me?" He thought that he would never see that woman again but the letter was definitely from her. He would have ignored it under normal circumstances as he was too busy training. However, the last sentence in the letter made Sian move. It was very provocative. <if you="" do="" not="" come,="" rian's="" life="" will="" be="" in="" danger.=""> "Hmm…" Sian searched the fortress, thinking some legendary assassin had sneaked in to kill or kidnap Rian or his family, but they were all safe. He then thought if that was to lure him out of Chrotia to attack his family, but it would be pointless if he took all of his family with him. 'What is she up to? Does she just want me to beat her up?' Sian finally decided to go anyway. His questions would be answered if he went. If Kukutaran was really up to something that might pose a threat to Rian's life, he needed to take care of it. However, Sian could not just leave Chrotia, so he decided to ask Stiel to stay behind and protect his family. Even if Kukutaran was up to something, it would be okay if Stiel was there to protect them. "Stiel, can you look after them while I'm gone?" Stiel asked as she had just returned from her meditation, "Where are you going? Are you going to try your power as an Alpha?" Sian shook his head. "Don't say such scary things. This is Liona's territory. I don't want him to know I'm here." "Haha, you're too paranoid." "Who knows what'll happen?" Sian replied. "Right. Then where are you going?" "I'm going to Lagran." "Lagran?" "Yeah. I was invited." Stiel narrowed her eyes. "Is it that b*tch?" "B*tch?" "That Kuku… something." "Wow." Sian was surprised that Stiel knew right away and that it made Stiel turn vicious for a moment. "Hmm, have a safe trip." Sian felt something was off but thought Stiel was just worried and answered, "It should be okay." He was too strong against her anyway. He could have destroyed every plan she might have even when he was his thirteen-year-old self. Sian then began traveling to the Lagran Region. 'I have about three days left… maybe I should take it slow.' Sian then decided to train on his way and began walking slowly toward Lagran. "Why is he not coming? Does he not care about Rian?" Kukutaran turned to the direction where Chrotia was. She gave as little time as possible in case Sian might prepare something. If she was correct, it would take only about a day for Sian to arrive, but Sian was nowhere to be found. She panicked as her plan was beginning to fail from the start and Dekaduin answered quickly, "You should wait, Your Majesty. He will come for sure. The report says he loves his family." Kukutaran nodded. She too knew that Sian really cared for his brother. However, since Sian didn't arrive as she had expected, she became angry and clenched her fist. The problem was that one of her slave's head was in her grasp. The slave could not even scream as her power crushed his head in a second. Kukutaran shook her hands off and ordered her other slaves. "Dispose of this." Rian thought Kukutaran wasn't bad, but that was because she did not show him everything that she did. She wasn't the type to be caring. The slaves became pale from fear and removed the dead slave who they had been talking and laughing with until a day ago. However, Kukutaran's anger didn't subside. 'Damn bastard… you should've sent the invitation earlier then!' Dekaduin cursed within. It was hard getting slaves that were handsome enough for Kukutaran. Suddenly, Kukutaran's face brightened. "He's coming!" Kukutaran brightened up instantly and smiled. Her smile was so beautiful that even the slaves that were terrified became mesmerized by her beauty. Kukutaran frowned. "Huh? What's wrong with him?" Kukutaran could not imagine why Sian was barely walking. Sian stopped training as soon as he saw Lagran in the distance and began healing himself. His blood that had turned to poison, turned back to the blessed blood that began healing his body. His muscles and bones became stronger. Soon, Sian was back to his normal self as he jumped towards Lagran. He also felt Kukutaran's presence so he jumped in front of Kukutaran and asked, "So, why did you ask me to come? What about Rian's life?" Kukutaran said, "Well, you should come in first. We have some time left." "…" Sian didn't know what she meant but decided to hear it inside. Kukutaran then asked, "You really love your brother?" "Skip to the point." Sian could not be friendly when the letter only asked him to come to Lagran without any reason. He was sure that her intention was to use Sian for something. Kukutaran shrugged and answered, "Well… it's certain that Rian baby will be in danger." "Who's after him?" Kukutaran shook her head. "No, it's my life that's in danger actually." "Huh? Do you think Rian will die in your place out of chivalry or something?" Rian would not do that, so Sian was dumbfounded. Kukutaran laughed. "No way. But if I die, Rian will die too. That's why I'm saying he's in danger." Sian glared at her. "What do you mean?" "Did you know about Siraine?" "…" Sian felt that he would hear something bad. "Everyone knows it as a simple strengthening potion, but that's not its real purpose." "…" "It's a potion that was created by using a certain race's blood to create a powerful control over the user. The power it gives to the user is real though." "What kind of control?" Kukutaran laughed. "It's simple. When the master of the blood that was used to make Siraine dies, everyone else that drank the Siraine dies too." "…" "Baroka's amazing. I think most of the warriors had consumed Siraine. But what's important to me is that Rian also drank it." Kukutaran smiled as she spoke to Sian. Sian's grim face proved that her plan was going well.</if>


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