Swordmeister of Rome
198 Provocation
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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198 Provocation

Kukutaran always wondered how to fortify her control over the world. There was only one superhuman now, but if more superhumans were to arrive, it would pose a threat to her rule. That was when Dekaduin came to her. <your majesty,="" we="" will="" present="" you="" with="" a="" valuable="" gift="" if="" you="" promise="" to="" protect="" us.=""> Kukutaran asked, <what is="" it?=""> <do you="" know="" about="" siraine?=""> She nodded. She had drunk it when she fought over the Wall. Dekaduin continued, <its purpose="" isn't="" to="" empower="" the="" user.="" that="" is="" only="" its="" secondary="" effect.=""> Dekaduin then explained about the Rosharans. After studying the blood of that race, Baroka was able to successfully extract the key component within the blood. Their plan was to create armies of the dead just like the Rosharan, however, they failed. Instead, they managed to create Siraine. Siraine contained one of the traits from Rosharan's blood. When one consumed Siraine, they would be connected to the owner of the blood that was used to mix the potion. When the master of the blood died, everyone who consumed the potion would also die. There had been no warrior who did not consume Siraine until now. The rumors that had spread at the time also tempted warriors into consuming it. <kukutaran became="" a="" superhuman="" by="" consuming="" siraine="" and="" training.=""> It enticed all the warriors who weren't interested in Siraine into consuming it. <you should="" drink="" this.=""> <is this="" the="" potion="" that="" contains="" the="" master="" blood?=""> <yes.> <then why="" aren't="" you="" taking="" it="" for="" your="" own?=""> Dekaduin shook his head. <it doesn't="" mean="" much="" when="" you="" are="" here.="" no="" one="" will="" be="" able="" to="" fight="" against="" superhumans.="" besides,="" beings="" other="" than="" superhumans="" can't="" consume="" this="" without="" melting="" away.=""> Kukutaran swallowed the potion at once. "I didn't know the day I would find this trait useful will come so soon," Kukutaran said eagerly to Sian, but Sian was thinking of a different thing. 'What should I do with her?' He had narrowed down his options to three. Beat her up and take her to Stiel and lock her into Karnine. Beat her up and burn that master blood from all parts of her body. Beat her up and leave her be as his family had the orbs. He quickly gave up on the third option. The orbs were valuable and hard to make without Lagaope. Besides, it also meant that thousands of warriors would die, which would result in the Great North Wall being breached and Ra-Sian falling under Harijan attacks. The second option seemed like the best idea. He thought about it, but after checking her body, he had to give it up. 'I will need to use my Alpha powers to do that.' The potion seemed to be bound to her body. If Sian wanted to destroy every bit of the potion, he would have to bring forth his power as an Alpha. However, there was a chance that other Alphas might notice him. Sian couldn't risk that yet. Then the only possible option was number one. It meant she would stay locked up within Karnine but that was the only viable option he had right now. 'I should tie her up so she can't kill herself first.' It seemed like Kukutaran didn't know how weak she was, but it was time to show her that life didn't work as she intended. When Sian started to move towards Kukutaran, he felt something very familiar approach. He focused on the presence and remembered where he had felt it before. 'This…' It was the presence of the Granines. They had been wiped out by Sian back then but it seemed like they were moving. The one at the forefront was the one he could never forget. It was the strongest of the three that he fought by the husk. Kukutaran became tense as she also felt them approaching. "They are coming to kill me." Sian became curious. He had time to proceed with his first option so he decided to ask for now. "But I don't feel any hostility. Why do you think they are coming to kill you?" Kukutaran smiled. "Well… they probably didn't want to do that but they will now." Kukutaran then jumped out at them, swinging her sword. Kukutaran found some mysterious beings while she was traveling through the forest. It was a strange race moving around with weird armies. She realized it was the race that gave their blood to make Siraine. They were powerful but they weren't powerful enough to fight her. She decided to destroy them and keep their blood for herself and found someone very mysterious. That one was holding onto bones and covering them with Rosharan blood. It was doing this while Kukutaran was busy fighting against the Rosharan. It seemed strong too but it wasn't powerful against Kukutaran. After Kukutaran wiped out the slaves, she then approached it. "What are you?" "…" Kukutaran tried to kill it when it didn't answer, but she couldn't. The bones it held began to create veins within the blood and its bones began gaining muscles and skin over it. Soon, there was a beautiful woman standing there. It ignored Kukutaran and walked to the mysterious being and spoke. Kukutaran became angry but she couldn't do anything. She knew that the woman was much stronger than her. "Rodeval, you have done good work." "You flatter me, my Queen." "But we need more blood to revive our people. These Rosharans won't be enough." The Queen frowned as she turned to the Rosharans. It would be nice to drag them into the territory of Dragona but Dragona would not allow these Rosharans, who had the stench of Chrona, to live there. That was when the Queen found a human. She seemed to be a superhuman but she seemed very weak. "Human." "What is it?" "Take this Rosharan and increase their numbers. We will take their blood then." The Queen's choice was simple. If they could not take these with her, she just needed to have this human raise them. She couldn't stay outside of Dragona's territory for too long, but taking blood wasn't going to use much time. "What are you going to give me in return?" Kukutaran asked, but the Queen scoffed. "I will let you live." '…Dammit.' "I will go once a year to Lagaran. You shall wait for me there." The Lagran Region was close to Sky Mountain where they stayed. It would be inconvenient for that human woman, but it didn't matter. After the Queen took more blood for the Rosharans, she revived more of her people and flew to Sky Mountain. Kukutaran gritted her teeth. "Dammit…" She couldn't fight back as she was weaker. It seemed these Rosharan's blood was important to them so she thought about killing them all but she shook her head. The Queen would surely kill her. Kukutaran gave up and took Rosharan race to the Lagran Region and continued to increase their number. She supplied the blood to that Queen who came yearly and Kukutaran's anger grew. That was when she saw Sian. Now, it was time. It was time to use that Sian to kill that arrogant Queen and the others. She did not know how strong Sian was, but it seemed like he was much stronger than the Queen. Kukutaran could feel something from Stiel or the Queen, but she couldn't even feel anything from Sian. That was why she worked. If she died, his brother would die as well. If she jumped in to try to kill the Queen, it would make the Queen try to kill her instead. Then Sian would jump in to keep her from dying. At least that was what she was trying to do. "Ugh…" Kukutaran felt a dull pain at the back of her head and then felt pain all over her entire body as something began pounding on her. She heard something as her sight faded to black. "She's a mad one for sure. Ugh, there's so many in the world that need to get beat up."</it></then></yes.></is></you></kukutaran></its></do></what></your>


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