Swordmeister of Rome
199 Provocation
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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199 Provocation

"Something has happened. Let's go, Rodeval." "Yes, my Queen." Kel-Rusha quickened her pace as the place where she promised to meet the woman became noisy. This was her third visit, but it was the first time that something seemed off. Kel-Rusha then witnessed something unexpected. "That woman… didn't she say she was the Empress?" "Yes." "And she's getting beaten up." Kel-Rusha frowned. If the woman was getting beaten up like that, she could not collect the blood. "I think I've seen him somewhere before…" Kel-Rusha frowned as she tried to recall. Then, she remembered. 'It's the man who fought against the husk of Dragona…!' The man who fought against them and their undead. She was controlled but her soul still remembered. It made her realize why that Kuku-something was being beaten up. He was even stronger than the Queen herself. In fact, it seemed that he had become even stronger now. 'I should wait.' She didn't want to get mixed up in it so she decided to wait. Suddenly, Kel-Rusha felt her head ache. A great being was flooding into her consciousness. She knew exactly what it was and gritted her teeth. Then, a great voice came from within. <you. go="" fight="" him.=""> Kel-Rusha wanted to shake it off, but she couldn't resist. The man in front of her was scary, but the one sending her the message was even more terrifying. <haha… i="" will="" help="" you="" out.=""> Kel-Rusha felt her control over her body fading. Deep within Sky Mountain, at the highest peak where no one dared approach. There was one that nested within. An enormous being covered with millions of red scales crouched at the peak. Dragona, the ruler of Sky Mountain. Dragona frowned as feelings of shock were transmitted to him by one of his minions. <…> Dragona quietly focused it. This was the best way to train his power but he was bored. Dragona looked around outside by taking control of other races and he did the same this time. The reason of his minion's shock was because of one man. A male, a race of Ro. Dragona knew about this male. He had read the memories about him a few times through his minions. <hm… it="" looks="" like="" ro…="" but="" maybe="" not…=""> He seemed like Ro, but he was too strong. He then remembered that he had ignored him because the male wasn't as strong before, but he seemed much more powerful now. The minion would not have noticed, but he could. It seemed that this male had broken through a few more walls. But it wasn't enough as the male was too powerful compared to the one that was getting beat up. Dragona quickly made a decision. <i'll find="" out.=""> He did not expect his minion to put up a fight. It would not change anything even if he helped. But that wasn't important. He just needed to check if the male had become a being that rivaled his power. One slight trace will allow him to know. If he wasn't at the level, he didn't need to be bothered with. However, if he was, then even if he was in Liona's territory, he needed to hunt it down. It seemed Liona wasn't aware of the male yet so he needed to consume it first. <you, go="" fight="" him.="" haha…="" i="" will="" help="" you="" out.=""> Dragona took control of his minions, which was all of the Granines. "Huh? What is it now?" Sian became dumbfounded as he saw the Granines charging at him. Something had changed. It seemed the Granines were talking to each other until just now, but now they seemed like they were out of their minds. The absurd thing was that they had suddenly become much more powerful. 'It doesn't make any sense.' However, it did not matter. They weren't much of a threat anyway. He didn't even need to unleash his power as an Alpha. Sian beat up the leader of the Granines and threw her to the ground. Then, he snapped the arms and legs of other the Granines and piled them together. He then stared at the Granine. Something within him was tingling. It was never a good occurrence when he felt this, but these beings were so weak. There was nothing dangerous about them. 'This is fishy… unless something jumped in…' Sian then realized what was going on. Granine. Guards of Dragona. Dragona of Sky Mountain. Interference of a superpower. Sian came to a conclusion. "Dammit." Considering his cursed luck, the possibility of getting caught was 100%. As Sian gritted his teeth, the leader of the Granine suddenly spoke, "I see you now." It was too hoarse of a voice to be from a woman. Yet it wasn't coming from just her. All of the Granines spoke in unison. After that, all of them melted away. Sian didn't care. He was now in grave danger. His instincts were warning him of that. "Dammit… what is wrong with my life?" Sian sighed as he had to flee to his destination so early. He then turned to Kukutaran. "Ha…" If it wasn't for this woman, this would not have had happened. Sian glared at the woman angrily. He wanted to beat her up more, but he didn't have much time left. If Dragona was going to come at him, it would not take him much time. He could only use the second option now. He could not allow this woman to die elsewhere. So Sian began drawing out his entire energy from within and put his hand on Kukutaran's head and began pouring energy into it. "Ugh…" The power was enough to blow up Kukutaran with just a scratch, but it didn't kill her. Sian carefully controlled his power and erased the weird magic traces within her body. This would ruin the body that allowed Kukutaran to become a superhuman. When he was done, Kukutaran would turn back into an ordinary woman. But Sian didn't care. It was done very quickly. Sian's power swept through Kukutaran's body and erased all of the magic traces. 'Liona has probably noticed me too.' He did it purposely and used his power ever so strongly. If he was right, it would be better for him to escape if Liona came after him also. When he was done, Sian spoke to Kukutaran. "You will now live as an ordinary person. You should repent for your life." Sian then jumped out and shouted to someone that was standing around. "HEY! Do me a favor!" "Huh? Me?" A man who looked to be a high-ranking official looked at Sian. "Send a message to the Roman family that I have to go traveling again!" There was no time; he had to run. Sian shouted in a loud voice so that everyone could also hear it. He then disappeared. After Sian disappeared, the other slaves began to stand up. "What happened…" "Is it real? Did she really lose her power?" They had definitely heard that sentence. <you will="" now="" live="" as="" an="" ordinary="" person.="" you="" should="" repent="" for="" your="" life.=""> The words left by a man who swept away the weird race and Kukutaran. It meant that they were now free. And they now had a chance to take revenge. However, they were still afraid of Kukutaran. Suddenly, a brave man ran up to Kukutaran and kicked her. "You son of a b*tch!" It was a noble who had been friends with the slave that had his head crushed by Kukutaran. The noble, Kerdon, began kicking her with all his pent-up rage. Kukutaran flinched but could not resist as she was slumped down. Other slaves then began jumping in to beat up Kukutaran. After her power was gone, she was now just the same as a female warrior. And all of these slaves were former warriors. Dekaduin could have protected her, but he fled as soon as Kukutaran began to be beaten up. Kukutaran, who had ruled the Ra-Sian continent, ended her reign miserably.</you></you,></i'll></hm…></…></haha…></you.>


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