Swordmeister of Rome
200 Escape
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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200 Escape

Sian had only been thinking of one thing after he came back to the Ra-Sian Continent.

<If Dragona or any of them find out that I'm here before I get strong enough… where should I run to?>

Sian was always unlucky in such cases so he needed to always be prepared. He said his first goal was to become strong enough to fight Dragona, but his true first goal was to think of a way to escape.

The answer was simple.

<Go to the land of the Lukras.>

The best possible choice was to hide in the land without fulfilling his duty as an ally and grow in power. If he were to go to the Lukra's land, he would be forced to do their bidding. However, he needed a second option. If he were to be caught by the other Alphas, he needed a safe place to escape to, and the only place that was safe was the Mountain of Extreme.

He now had a destination, so he had to think of the method to get there.

There were two ways. He could go from Don-Nasian, or from Ra-Sian.

The former was safer because he could get past the Drakuns while hiding his power. So, his first thought was to teleport to the Don-Nasian Continent and move to the mountain that way.

However, he had to give up when he found out that he had no coordinates available to teleport with. That left him with only one way. To go through Chrona and Dragona.

So Sian's first goal became to grow in power so that he could flee from them. He did not need to flee from them for long as he just needed to safely get into the mountain.

He thought it'd be better if more of them came after him at the same time. His memory from Nekra showed him that those Harijans were not friendly toward each other.

He had been seen, so now it was up to his speed. He unleashed all of his energy and sped up. The surroundings changed and space distorted as Sian shot across the realm towards the Great Forest.

As he revealed himself to Liona, he went straight into Chrona's territory.

'Just a bit more… and I'll be in the Lukra's territory.'

The forest was vast but Sian's speed was fast enough to dash through it quickly. The problem was that Dragona or Chrona was much faster than him. But, Sian was counting on one thing. The three Harijans were greedy.

When he read Chrona's memory, he saw that those three did not intrude each other's territory. However, now Dragona was ignoring that and heading straight for him. That probably was the same for the other two.

'I'll take the chance while the three of them fight against each other.'

It was just speculation, but it was all Sian had. There was no other way. If he decided to hide within the continent, those monsters would surely wipe out the entire continent to find him.

'If only I could teleport…'

Sian gritted his teeth as the path through the forest seemed long.

<…He is cunning.>

Dragona thought as he felt the energy of the man running away. He was heading straight towards the territory of Ra, across Chrona's territory. If he were to go into the Ra's territory, there was no way to chase after him. He needed to catch him before he reached that place. But if he could not catch him, he could not let the other Harijans get ahold of him. That would disrupt the power balance between the three of them.

<Haha… it's been a long time since we last saw each other. It's time to say hello.>

Dragona sped up into Chrona's territory.

Larune looked behind as strange sounds came from the Ra-Shar-Roa again.


Larune frowned. It was a familiar phenomenon that happened when the mysterious man and woman had appeared before.


Larune wasn't as surprised as the first time, but he quickly moved to hide in case something happened. After the bright blue light like the last time, a man appeared.

'Who is it now…?'

A man walked out and dusted himself off.

"Where do I need to go to find that Sian…? Maybe I should start with the Roman family."

The man, Liviath, mumbled as he glanced around. He did not know where to start.

"Dammit, Lagaope."

He had been lazing around as he had nothing to do, but this was a dangerous task. Liviath remembered Sian ripping the red sphere years ago and frowned.

'I'm just delivering a message… he won't do anything.'

He was concerned because the message wasn't good news. However, it wasn't his fault so he counted on Sian's judgment. Liviath then noticed a monkey crouching nearby and told him,

"Hey, come here!"

"Yes, sir!"


It seemed the man was familiar with such unusual happenings so Liviath became curious. He could guess what must have happened.

"Were there… other people who popped out like me?"

The monkey seemed like he knew something.

"Yes. There were two people that came through, just like you did."


Liviath smiled as he found a clue from the get-go.

"So, where did they head to?"

"They went to the Roman family in the Chrotia Fortress."

Liviath nodded.

"I should go there then."

Liviath met someone he did not want to see as soon as he arrived at the fortress.

"Old man. Long time no see. Why are you here?"

'This brat is here too…'

Liviath sighed. He didn't figure that Stiel would follow Sian all the way here. It seemed that she had grown so powerful that he did not even dare to fight her anymore. He had heard from Conrad that she was now just a bit weaker than him, but it seemed like it was true.

"I have to deliver a message to Sian. Where is he?"

Liviath asked but Stiel shrugged.

"He went to the Lagran Region. He'll be back soon, but I can pass the message to him."

Liviath pondered for a second and nodded. He didn't want to travel all the way to Lagran by himself and if he did not have to talk to Sian directly, it was for the better.

He had to stop by Amaran and Baroka to take some stuff, so it was better to give the message to Stiel and leave.

"Sure. Please hand this to Sian."

"What is this?" Stiel asked as Liviath handed her a small egg-like object.

"It's an artifact that contains the coordinates to a place right next to the Lukra's territory. If you throw this into a Ra-Shar-Roa, you can teleport right into the Ciculus closest to the Mountain of Extreme. He can walk from there."

"But why are you giving this to him?"

Liviath then shared the message from Lagaope.

"The Lukras wanted this. They said he needs to fulfill his duty as an ally but he must not die. So they wanted to check his power first. Therefore, they are calling him to their territory."


"Well, I guess that Sian will not want to go, but there's no choice. If the Lukras die, we will all die."


Sian would have gone mad if he heard this. Stiel sighed at Sian's cursed fate.

"That's all there is. Without this, he will need to pass through Dragona and Chrona. That's too much."


"That's it then."

"Okay. Bye."

Stiel nodded and sent Liviath on his way. It was exactly half a day before Sian had arrived at the Lagran Region.


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