Swordmeister of Rome
201 Escape
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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201 Escape

Sian noticed the way he had to move to safety had changed, from a straight line into a swirling twisty lane, and gritted his teeth. There was only one reason that his path would twist like this.

"It's here."

Sian quickly followed the path shown to him. It required intense movements even for him to follow. That meant the danger approaching was extremely severe. As Sian dodged the space, something flew in and blew up the area.

There was no sound and the destruction didn't cover a large area. It only made a hole big enough for a human to fall through. Sian felt a chill running through his spine. The attack destroyed the dimension and space around it by absorbing it. Yet he couldn't even feel the presence of the attacker.

'It's much worse than I imagined.'

It seemed that the attack wasn't even trying to kill him. It would make him lose his limbs at the very least, but he was sure that the attacker was trying to consume him alive.

Sian quickly followed the path shown to him. If he did not train himself, it would have been impossible to follow the path that appeared for him. As he moved through, mysterious spherical objects flew in, creating holes where Sian had just passed through. As he escaped, he thought about who the attacker might be.

'Which is it? Dragona? Liona?'

He had not yet reached Chrona's territory, so he thought it was either of those two. However, whoever it was, it was dangerous. Sian then saw his path twisting again, but it now had become more relaxed to follow.

'Another one came!'

Sian sighed in relief as his speculation proved to be correct. If those two worked together to kill him, it would make the path simpler as it would probably be impossible to dodge.

The path in front of him now was easier to follow. However, he couldn't just relax yet. It just gave him more room to speed up.

<Damn bastard…>

Dragona gritted his teeth as he saw Liona cutting in to bother him. He had to agree that the male Alpha was smarter than he thought. When Dragona noticed him, he immediately unleashed all his energy to draw Liona's attention.

He was dodging well, but that wasn't enough for Dragona to miss. He even loved it because that meant the target was worth it. Dragona was going to capture him soon at that point. But now, Liona was shooting blue rays to destroy his attacks and aiming for his target at the same time.

This was now a fight for his pride. Eating that target was only part of the process as his final goal was to consume the other two Harijans.

<Good… we'll end it all today. Three of us is too much. Let's see who's the strongest.>

Dragona then began shooting at the target and Liona at the same time.

'Dammit! It's not getting any better!'

Sian cursed as the path became harder to follow again. The attacks that made holes in his path had lessened, but another attack was added in so it did not change anything. The new attack did not make holes, but those blue rays were more powerful. It seemed that Liona wasn't even trying to consume Sian; he was just trying to actually kill him.


Sian took one of the attacks as he tried to dodge, and it felt like his body was being crushed. But he could not fall yet. Fortunately, his training gave him the endurance against such pain so he barely managed to keep up his speed. It also helped that the attacks were getting weaker for some unknown reason.

'And I'm still getting stronger.'

The threat of death made Sian's trait from the Lukras work on him to give him more power. But it wasn't enough to make him powerful enough to dodge it easily.

He then noticed that his path had started twisting at intense degrees and moaned,

'The third one is here.'

The path sharply turned to the left, implying that a powerful being was approaching from the right. It was probably Chrona. Sian dodged the attacks and turned the left to run.

<What a chance… huh? What do we have here?>

Chrona was surprised when she felt the presence that she had closely missed a few years ago had reappeared. She was also happy that he had become much more powerful. Her intention back then was to keep him as a pet so he could become stronger until she consumed him, but now he was strong enough for her to consume.

The problem, however, was that Liona and Dragona were following closely behind. They were attacking each other while simultaneously attacking the target, but it seemed they were getting irritated at each other and had started attacking each other more. She was sure that they would lose the target soon.

Chrona ran at full speed toward the target. She intended to consume him while those two fools fought with each other. However, as she turned, the attacks instantly were redirected towards her. It seemed that she expected this, as she swung her front foot to shoot out an energy wave to intercept the attack.

<Y-you fools! We should get the target first before fighting each other!>

Chrona shouted as she reflected the attacks. But she had no intention to share her food and tried to follow the target. However, the attacks began turning toward her as she tried to follow the target so she turned back to Liona and Dragona and began retaliating.

<ENOUGH! Let's see who's the one now!>

Sian was almost at the Ra's territory and if he made it there, it would be too late. She still had time to chase after it, but the other two were not going to let that happen. She then gave up chasing after the target and charged at Dragona and Liona.

"Whew… I'm alive."

Sian sighed as his path straightened. There were giant mountain peaks up ahead. The mountain gave off a strange feeling that made him sure that it was the Mountain of Extreme. The three Harijans were fighting behind him, but he was sure that the fight would not extend outside the Great Forest.

His problem now was that he wanted to head back home even at this moment, but he could see no chance that he could make it through those three. The sky was falling and the ground was being torn apart.

'I will never be able to return that way.'

Sian then jumped into the mountain.


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