Swordmeister of Rome
202 Mountain of Extreme
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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202 Mountain of Extreme

"Nng…" Sian moaned as the mysterious energy pressed down on him as he entered the mountain. He had known about it beforehand, but it was more than he imagined. The energy wasn't enough to kill him, but it still worked against him even though he was an Alpha. He felt his body constantly changing and felt his power waning. He understood how the Lukras had managed to survive against the Drakuns and Harijans. If they had ways to keep themselves at their full power on the mountain, it would surely have given them the upper hand. Even now, Sian's power had waned. He knew that his power would be lessened as he got closer to the peak so it was obvious that the Drakuns and Harijans would not approach. However, it also meant that the Lukras could not leave this place. "What should I do now?" The best choice was to secretly pass through this place and find Lagaope to send him back to Ra-Sian and train there. The monsters would think that Sian had escaped into this mountain, so they would not search for him in Ra-Sian. However, the problem was that these Lukras would not let him pass. 'I'll see how it goes.' Powerful energies were descending from the peak. It seemed that they were coming down because of the clash between the Seven-Horned Harijans. Sian had to give up on solving it by force, as he felt their energy. The three of them were as strong as Dragona or just slightly less. There was no chance for Sian to defeat them. 'We are allies… what will they do?' Sian waited for them. When they arrived, one of them who was in grand-looking clothing sent a telepathic message directly into Sian's mind. <you look="" exactly="" like="" what="" we="" saw="" in="" lagaope's="" memory.="" good="" to="" see="" you.="" you="" are="" a="" very="" brave="" man!="" it="" was="" good="" that="" we="" trusted="" you="" humans="" and="" your="" broxian="" ancestry.=""> "…?" Sian narrowed his eyes as he couldn't understand what the Lukra was saying. <you bravely="" sought="" to="" break="" through="" those="" monsters="" that="" even="" we="" find="" hard="" to="" fight="" against="" without="" resorting="" to="" the="" easier="" route!="" it="" is="" certain="" that="" you="" have="" the="" blood="" of="" broxian="" and="" ours!=""> "What do you mean by easier route?" Sian asked aloud in confusion and the Lukras also became confused. One of them then placed his hand on Sian's head. <please tell="" us="" again.="" we="" could="" not="" understand="" your="" language.=""> 'Oh, I see.' It seemed that they did not speak at all, as they all communicated using telepathic messages. Sian then thought up his words again. <what do="" you="" mean="" by="" easy="" route?=""> The Lukra was surprised. <did lagaope="" not="" send="" you="" the="" message?=""> <a message?=""> The Lukra was confused. <we told="" him="" to="" send="" you="" to="" us="" so="" that="" we="" can="" discuss="" the="" duties="" of="" an="" ally.=""> <…> <lagaope confirmed="" that="" he="" would="" deliver="" the="" message="" to="" you.="" we="" assumed="" you="" were="" here="" because="" you="" received="" the="" message.=""> <…> <we assumed="" that="" you="" would="" come="" by="" that="" teleportation…="" thing.="" it's="" not="" good="" to="" take="" an="" easy="" route,="" but="" we="" thought="" you="" should="" enjoy="" the="" luxury="" since="" you="" have="" a="" lot="" of="" fights="" waiting="" for="" you.=""> <…> <and here="" you="" are!="" coming="" straight="" through="" the="" danger!="" we="" were="" worried="" when="" we="" heard="" about="" you="" from="" lagaope,="" but="" he="" must="" have="" been="" mistaken!="" you="" are="" definitely="" a="" warrior!=""> '…' Sian could not even think about what had gone wrong. 'Lagaope… Kukutaran… Dragona… Liona… Chrona.. Lukra… ugh.' Sian then realized the duties and quickly asked, <wait! tell="" me="" about="" my="" duties.="" i="" did="" not="" meet="" lagaope.=""> The Lukras were surprised. <then you="" ran="" into="" their="" territory="" without="" any="" reason="" to="" come?=""> <huh? no-="" i="" mean…=""> It seemed that the Lukras were dumbfounded by Sian's foolish action. <it doesn't="" matter="" anymore.="" what's="" important="" is="" that="" you="" are="" here.="" you="" have="" proven="" that="" you="" can="" survive="" through="" them.=""> <…> <let's move="" in.="" those="" monsters="" are="" almost="" done.=""> The destruction was now slowing down. It didn't seem that they were going to fight until one of them died so they looked like they were going to back away. Or it was maybe because they had become wary of the Lukras watching them. The peak had enormous pressure compared to the foot of the mountain. It wasn't enough to threaten Sian, but it did take away a lot of his power. The top had a huge crater and within lay a golden crystal that was slightly bigger than a human. Sian became curious and asked, <what is="" that?=""> Lukra laughed. <it's our="" holy="" artifact.="" it's="" very="" precious.="" it="" doesn't="" work="" now="" but="" its="" existence="" is="" what="" matters.=""> <hmph.> Sian nodded as it didn't seem odd that they had holy artifacts when they had priests and all that. <we'll start="" from="" the="" start.="" how="" much="" do="" you="" know?="" i="" can="" read="" your="" memory="" if="" you="" don't="" want="" to="" talk.=""> <no, it's="" okay.=""> Sian refused and began explaining what he had heard from Lagaope. The Lukras nodded. <you know="" most="" of="" the="" details="" then.="" we'll="" tell="" you="" the="" recent="" updates.="" i="" will="" introduce="" myself="" first.="" i="" am="" the="" priest="" of="" the="" lukras.=""> <good to="" see="" you.=""> Sian had already guessed it so he just nodded. <we had="" first="" planned="" to="" leave="" you="" alone="" until="" you="" become="" strong="" enough="" to="" fight="" against="" the="" drakuns="" and="" harijans="" with="" us.=""> <…> <you were="" not="" going="" to="" be="" of="" much="" help="" in="" your="" current="" state.=""> <but why…=""> <the situation="" has="" changed.="" as="" you="" know,="" the="" reason="" we="" hold="" on="" against="" those="" monsters="" and="" drakuns="" is="" because="" of="" this="" holy="" land.="" it="" limits="" us="" to="" some="" extent,="" but="" we="" have="" the="" upper="" hand="" here.=""> Sian nodded as he also speculated as such. But the priest became frowned and continued, <but the="" power="" of="" holy="" land="" is="" getting="" weaker.="" no,="" it="" is="" being="" pushed="" back.=""> <huh? why="" is="" that?=""> Lukra then pointed to the sky outside of the mountain. <it's because="" of="" that="" barrier.=""> Sian became confused and asked, <barrier? you="" mean="" the="" one="" made="" from="" the="" ciculus="" tree?=""> The priest shook his head. <no… not="" that="" crude="" barrier.="" it's="" the="" barrier="" that="" aksarai="" created="" by="" using=""></no…><unkara> himself.> The priest then pointed at the many clouds up in the sky. <…> Sian seemed confused and so the priest began to explain in detail, <this is="" what="" we="" found="" by="" reading="" the="" drakun="" we="" captured.=""> Thousands of years ago, when the Lukras and Drakuns were fighting at the peak. Aksarai was annoyed. The Lukras ran back to their holy land the moment it became dangerous for them. The Drakuns could fly around, but that did not help much. Even when they held the upper hand during a battle, those Lukras would run back to the mountain and attack from there. That was when Aksarai thought he should do the same for his people. <we shall="" make="" our="" own="" home.=""> However, he had no plans to start from scratch. Aksarai was powerful, but so was Gran-Ra. He would surely come out of his slumber and destroy what Aksarai was working on before returning to sleep. Aksarai then noticed the clouds as he flew around the sky and thought up an idea. It was the thick cloud made from the monsters <unkaras> that lived under Cloud Mountain. Those monsters consumed the lava under the mountain and created a special cloud-like smog that reacted well with magic. The smog was then mixed together with the clouds and floated around the continent. It was already being utilized by the Drakuns to cast their magic with ease. The place where the Unkaras lived was far from the Lukras so it was safe from being disturbed. Aksarai began using his full power to create the barrier. It was the creation of the barrier to fight against the Lukras. This was the cloud-barrier </did></what></please></you></you>


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