Swordmeister of Rome
204 Unkara
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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204 Unkara

The Lukras nodded and told him the location of the closest Ciculus. Sian then left the mountain and began running toward that Ciculus as he trained. As he reached his limit, he stopped to cool himself down and looked at the Ciculus far away. It seemed the core had been repaired as the tree was full of green leaves. 'I never came to this area before… hmm… I should ask around.' The only Duke left was probably Conrad and he wasn't the type to stay in hiding so he thought it should be easy to find out. 'But it would be nice if my skill told me where to go too.' If he had the power of <fate's way=""> like Veronica, it would have been really easy to look for them. However, the path that Sian saw only worked on fights so he sighed and continued on his way. Sian wondered how he should introduce himself as he walked up to the Ciculus. It might seem weird if he just showed up and asked for Conrad's location. Luckily, it was not needed as Count Garion of the Ciculus greeted him. "Hello. I am Sian. Do you…" "Oh, you're here. I heard the message." "Huh?" Sian became confused as the Count laughed. "I was told through the twins that if a man named Sian comes, he should be guided to the Ciculus Lorvall. "Hmm…" Sian did not imagine Lagaope had prepared to this extent. 'He sure is smart.' Sian asked if there was teleportation magic, but the Count answered that such a thing had not been implemented yet, so Sian began running to Lorvall. He could now feel the energy even when he did not have Akra. "This'll make him come straight to Lorvall, without stopping by all Ciculus cores." Lagaope thought that Sian would come to this continent for him if he survived. But Sian would have no idea where Lagaope was so he might search all the Ciculus. That was why Lagaope asked all the nobles to send Sian towards Lorvall to find Conrad. "I guess so." Conrad answered grumpily as he looked at Lagaope. But he seemed satisfied and began packing his stuff. He was getting ready to run. "Then I'm going into hiding. Here's a communication artifact. Call me anytime when you need me." Conrad sighed at Lagaope and asked, "How long are you going to hide? It's not like Sian's going to kill you, is he?" Conrad didn't think Sian was that violent. Lagaope might have gotten Sian into some trouble, but he wasn't going to kill Lagaope or anything. Lagaope nodded. "Haha, I'm not running away because I'm afraid of getting beaten up. He will beat me up, but that's probably all." "Then why?" "I just think I will get mixed up in his bad luck if I stay close to him. Who knows what might happen?" "That's true." If something did happen to Sian, it would surely be something really bad. Then Conrad asked, "Then what about us?" Lagaope became surprised. "Didn't you always say warriors have to live with danger? Well, you will be with the man who attracts danger, so good for you." Conrad sighed. "Haha, I'll be off to other regions to do my thing. I'll return when it's over. If I get beaten up… then I will get it then." Lagaope then left to hide. Sian had arrived at Lorvall not long after Lagaope left. The Lorvall Tree seemed like it still needed more time to fully recover. Conrad greeted Sian, "Long time no see." "Good to see you, Conrad." 'He's really alive!' Conrad was shocked to see Sian alive. Lagaope was sure that Sian would survive but Conrad did not believe it. He had experienced the power of Chrona years ago and so did his friends. The monster that wiped out the humans and Kal-Guls that lived in the empire. He could not believe that someone could break through and safely arrive at the Mountain of Extreme. Yet Conrad now realized as he saw Sian in front of him. 'He's not a human anymore.' The being in front of him was different. There was something strange that he could feel about him. 'Lorvall… you succeded.' Conrad thought about Lorvall and paid his respects silently. He then moved inside with Sian to talk. "I see… so Lagaope went into hiding?" "Yeah. He did not tell us where he went." "It's okay. That's not important right now." Sian then explained what he had to do and Conrad quickly summarized it, "So… you need teleportation magic to help you flee after you finish the business on Cloud Mountain?" "Yeah. I just need to run to the Mountain of Extreme. Oh, and you all should evacuate from this area. There's a chance that this place might get hit too." Sian warned as there was a chance that the angry Drakuns might wreak havoc even after Sian fled. 'Danger, huh?' Conrad thought about what Lagaope said, then considered if teleportation magic was possible and answered, "We don't have any commoners to feed Akra to the tree. However, if we pour energy into the core, you can teleport even now. However, wouldn't it be hard for you to come here from there?" "Hm…. I have no choice." Sian didn't think too much as it wasn't that far, but it could be dangerous if he were to be surrounded by Drakuns. Conrad laughed. "You can power it by yourself just like you did last time. The reason it's installed at the core of Ciculus is that it needs such power." "I see." Sian remembered he ran from the Drakuns in the same way. "I will adjust the artifact so you can teleport out anytime, anywhere." "Is it that easy?" Sian was shocked. "Yes. Liviath brought a few things from the other continent this time so it won't take too long. It's the energy that's hard to get. I just need to make it smaller." "OH!" Sian brightened up as his biggest concern had been solved. If that was true, he could just flee right after taking care of the Unkaras. He began to ponder two choices. Scout while the artifact was being created, or scout after it had been created. 'No need to think.' Sian decided to wait for it to be completed and train in the meantime. He needed to carry the artifact as he did not know what was waiting for him. Besides, something felt off about going there. His body was warning him that he should not go. 'Are they that strong?' Sian gritted his teeth. He did not know if it was the Unkaras that were strong, or if the Drakuns had done something. However, this had to be done as soon as possible. 'I should just trust the Lukras and the artifact.' Sian then concentrated on his training.</fate's>


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