Swordmeister of Rome
207 Unkara
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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207 Unkara

Sian was sent back to the cave, got hit, and dropped into the sea of lava. Geshtal then quickly closed in to keep the upper hand in the fight. 'Ugh…' Sian groaned as he tasted blood. The lava couldn't do anything to him but the problem was the pincer. 'Dammit.' He understood how strong the monster was when he took the hit. It was stronger than him, but not by a large margin. If he was prepared, he would not have been struck down. However, he was relieved when he thought the teleportation was a success and that distraction made him get struck down. Sian swallowed the blood and prepared for the next attack. 'I've got no choice.' If Sian did not unleash his full power, it was obvious that he would die. He needed to kill the monster first and worry about it later. It would be best if he would escape, but the monster was too close. However, Sian did not give up yet. 'Yeah… my life was never that lucky. I was wrong for trusting such a thing.' It wasn't over. Sian didn't just walk into this dangerous place by relying only on a simple teleportation device. Sian gritted his teeth and took off the ring that lost its light and took out Broxian's spear. He wasn't sure if he was able to handle the weapon so he did not use it, but he needed it now. The monster was stronger and he had taken the first strike. He needed everything he could use. Geshtal stopped for a second as it saw Sian's weapon and felt the terrifying power within it. It allowed Sian to take a moment to heal inside but that didn't change anything. 'The weapon is not something I can use yet, but…' Using those weapons was like a baby trying to use a sword. He didn't even dare to take out the sword of Gran-Ra so he only took out the spear. As he held onto the spear, he felt his choice was correct. It gave him the feeling that he was able to destroy everything. Up to just now, he was feeling that this situation was a threat of death and that his power was growing, but as he took up the spear, it changed. It didn't feel like it was that dangerous. It didn't mean Sian would win easily, but it became much safer. 'How were these made?' Aksarai, Broxian… the relics left by them were all great. Sian could not imagine what was like to see them when they were alive. 'But it's not important.' They were dead now. What was important was for Sian to kill the monster. 'You're dead now.' Sian struck the head of the monster with its power. The monster then used its mile-long body to pressure Sian. The vast underground network below the Mountain Island began to collapse, killing all Unkaras that lived under it. <what is="" going="" on…?=""> Drakuns were shocked by sudden power coming up from the far back of the continent. The power was so strong that it could only mean a fight between Alphas, and it was sent all the way to the front where they were fighting against Lukras. <isn't that="" the="" place="" where="" the="" new="" alpha="" was="" born?="" it="" must="" have="" run="" to="" the="" land="" of="" the="" beast.=""> It seemed the power was coming from further back. The 1st Kun of the Drakun <katura> became grim as he felt it. He wasn't sure why that Alpha came back, but he could not let it be. The place where energy was coming from was an area that should not be destroyed. <that… that="" is="" the="" place="" of="" the="" barrier!=""> The Drakuns did not know what was going on, but the energy coming from Cloud Mountain and the consequence of such power was obvious. <gather. we="" will="" watch="" these="" lukras="" so="" 2nd="" and="" 3rd="" kuns="" should="" go="" directly="" to="" the="" cloud="" mountain.="" you="" must="" stop="" it="" from="" destroying="" the="" place!=""> The power was so strong that any Drakuns under the 4th will not work. Katura hoped that he wasn't too late. He wasn't sure what was happening, but their barrier must not fail. <that cannot="" happen…!=""> 'It's amazing.' Sian was astonished by the sheer power of the spear as he swung it. The choice Sian made to not use the spear when he was chased by Dragona wasn't wrong. If he took it out, it would have destroyed his balance and made him slower, resulting in him getting caught. Even now, Sian was barely swinging the spear. However, it was like the spear was trying even harder to avoid the attack. The spear swung through the air to strike and the monster tried to dodge as it tried to attack Sian. It couldn't dodge the attack fully and the spear made a scratch on its armor. It was a very small scratch that didn't seem serious. The scratch made by the spear left a silver liquid on the armor. However, the reason why it tried hard to dodge the attack was revealed. A terrible scream came about, but it wasn't from the monster. The source of the sound came from the surface that the spear touched. The silver liquid began to increase its size and began swallowing the armor of the monster. The silver liquid screamed as it absorbed the armor in delight. When it had absorbed enough, it turned into powder and flowed back into the spear. Sian then felt the spear's power had increased very slightly. 'So this was how this spear was made.' It seemed that the monsters that Broxian hunted had strengthened his spear this way. The monster was now being destroyed by Sian's spear. It was already half-dead. But Sian was in a hurry. He needed to flee soon, but that monster was still attacking Sian so he couldn't back off yet. He needed to deal a final blow to escape from this place. If he held onto the spear, he could not move as quickly and he could not run away without the spear. 'Dammit… just die.' The fight was soon over. Sian had won. He had killed the monster and survived; he had also killed all the Unkaras in the tunnels. He had learned how to use the spear and felt its power, but he couldn't laugh. He frowned as he looked up to the sky. 'Dammit… didn't they say they would draw away the Drakun's attention?' Maybe this was the result of their work. However, it was too late for him to escape. Sian gave up as he felt the powerful presences flying in. The spear alone wasn't enough to handle this. Seven strong presences were heading towards him. Suddenly, a clear path appeared in front of Sian and he brightened up. There was hope that this path would save him from dying. Sian followed the path without hesitation.</that></gather.></that…></katura></isn't></what>


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