Swordmeister of Rome
209 Remaining Power
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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209 Remaining Power

These races were the Lukra. The gems that they spread upon the land did not make any change at first, but it soon appeared. Gems began absorbing the land, water, and everything into it and created something. It was molded into a figure and was reborn with a claw, muscle, skin, and sharp teeth. The head also had a strong horn. The gem became a monster and it roared, but it could not disobey the Lukra. The monsters that were created were well over the thousands in numbers. Aksarai frowned. <what are="" they="" going="" to="" with="" all="" of="" them?="" are="" they="" pets?=""> Their numbers were great, but they were too weak. However, it wasn't over. Lukra then returned to the crystal and took out another race. <what… they="" are="" even="" weaker.=""> Aksarai couldn't understand. The ones that came out from crystal weren't weak. The one that came out at the end was really powerful that even he wasn't sure if he would be able to fight him. That was why he had to watch it from a distance even when they were doing something very fishy. If they were weak and did not hide within that range, Aksarai would've probably wiped them out. But these monsters and other races were too weak. Aksarai could not understand, but he watched them. The Lukras did not leave their area, but the monsters and the other race from the crystal seemed different. The monkey-like race seemed very energetic and alive as they were sent out to the south of the mountain under the protection of the beasts from the gem. Aksarai then became confused. <are those="" monsters="" made="" to="" protect="" those="" monkeys?=""> That was a possibility. These monsters were weak compared to the Drakuns, but they were powerful enough to kill races that lived at the far south. Its large number could easily clean out the races in the south and the monkeys replaced them. They reproduced very quickly and became the dominant race of that region. Aksarai then was able to realize the other fact. These one-horned monsters began consuming other races, or after living for years, they became stronger. They all started out with one horn, but the number of horns started increasing. Aksarai then realized why those Lukras carried those monkeys around. <they were="" food.=""> Lukras did not eat themselves. The race that they called <ro> was consumed by the race that they called <na>. They were so weak that it did not allow those monsters to become strong but they still had to eat to ease their hunger. <ro> was food for those monsters to consume when they became hungry. The days went on as <ro> increased in number while <na> consumed them when they were hungry. The monsters had now grown much larger in size now. But Aksarai did not leave them to be. The Drakuns and Lukras had been fighting for a long time now. After Aksarai saw them doing weird things under the mountain, he decided that he could not let them be, so he began fighting them too. Yet these Lukra were powerful. Gran-Ra, or the one with the golden sword, was so powerful that his power was on par with Aksarai himself. Even then, Gran-Ra became much stronger. In contrast, Aksarai himself had the power of magic. The Lukras quickly retreated back to their area when they were about to lose, so they could not easily defeat them. Aksarai could see through their intentions. The Lukra were waiting for something and they were just postponing it to put an end to the fight. There were chances for them to have the upper hand, but they did not try to take the chances. Aksarai then knew what they were waiting for. <they are="" waiting="" for="" those="" monsters="" to="" grow="" bigger.=""> That was the only reason. Most of those monsters were only at about Six-Horned so they weren't much help, but if they become Seven-Horned, and more of them appeared, it would destroy the balance. Aksarai then realized why these Lukras carried around those weird races. They were a very powerful race, but there wasn't a lot of them. If they lost people while fighting, there was no way for them to survive many fights. They also could not adapt well to the new place they come so they needed a warrior race <na> to use them instead. Aksarai made his choice. <i will="" not="" let="" you="" have="" all="" you="" want.=""> If they were left alone and those monsters grew in power, the balance would surely be destroyed. Aksarai then came to Cloud Mountain and created the barrier. This allowed the Drakuns and Lukra to maintain the balance until Broxian appeared later. The effect was mostly the same as what the Lukras had explained. But there was one more important effect that they did they disclose to Sian. <most important="" effect="" of="" this="" barrier…="" is="" to="" disrupt="" their="" control.="" the="" area="" where="" they="" raised=""></most><na> and <ro> used to be their territory. But after the barrier, they were forced to be imprisoned within their ground. After their control was lifted, they were being attacked by <na>, or Harijans as you call it.> <…> Sian became shocked at the origin of the land. His people and Harijans were the race let loose by the Lukras thousands of years ago. If this was true, then he had made a big problem indeed. <good. we="" will="" now="" go="" through="" a="" war.="" their=""></good.><na> have grown very powerful. Dragona, Chrona, Liona… those three are enough to break the balance. At least its fortunate that there's still some time for all barriers to be removed.> <dammit.> Sian sighed. Aksarai then spoke to him again. <well, there's="" no="" way="" you="" would="" know="" the="" truth.="" you="" were="" just="" trying="" your="" best.="" it's="" that="" priest="" that="" fed="" you="" all="" the="" lies.=""> <so, everything="" lagaope="" heard…="" was="" a="" lie.=""> Sian became dumbfounded, but Aksarai explained further. <half is="" a="" lie.="" but="" half="" is="" true.="" that="" priest="" is="" smart.="" he="" did="" manage="" to="" break="" the="" barrier="" in="" the="" end.=""> <was it="" a="" lie="" that="" the="" power="" of="" the="" holy="" land="" was="" waning?=""> Aksarai answered, <probably. i'm="" sure="" the="" balance="" would="" not="" have="" been="" broken="" even="" then.="" but="" that="" priest="" will="" not="" allow="" you="" to="" grow="" stronger="" so="" you="" will="" be="" uncontrollable.="" i'm="" sure="" he="" wanted="" you="" to="" destroy="" the="" barrier="" and="" kill="" you="" by="" using="" the="" drakuns.=""> <…> <that's why="" i="" sent="" you="" the="" signal="" not="" to="" come…="" you="" fool.="" it's="" so="" limited="" to="" be="" living="" as="" a="" parasite.=""> Sian then became confused and asked, <signal? i="" didn't="" receive="" such="" thing.=""> <didn't i="" threaten="" you="" not="" to="" come="" here?="" you="" always="" followed="" it="" well.="" why="" did="" you="" come="" all="" the="" way="" this="" time…=""> <…> Sian then realized where the instinct, or what he thought the instinct originated from. The work did end well compared to what his instincts had warned him. So the instinct was telling him to not destroy the barrier. 'So, that's why it was easy…' Sian then spoke to Aksarai. <are you="" not="" within="" this="" sphere?=""> Aksarai then laughed and answered, <how foolish="" are="" you?="" i'm="" within="" you.="" would="" i="" know="" all="" that="" if="" i="" was="" stuck="" within="" this="" sphere?="" i'm="" talking="" to="" you="" based="" on="" everything="" that="" you="" have="" heard="" and="" experienced.=""> <…> Sian was shocked as he was just told that some parasite was living within him.</…></how></are></…></didn't></signal?></that's></…></probably.></was></half></so,></well,></dammit.></na></…></na></ro></na></i></na></they></na></ro></ro></na></ro></they></are></what…></what>


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