Swordmeister of Rome
210 Remaining Power
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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210 Remaining Power

<…since when="" did="" you="" come="" into="" my="" body?=""> Sian asked grimly. He heard that the Connector of Aksarai would lose control over its body once the body became an Alpha. But Aksarai laughed it off. <don't worry.="" i="" would've="" taken="" control="" a="" long="" time="" ago="" if="" i="" could.=""> <…i heard="" that="" the="" connector="" of="" aksarai="" will="" become="" you="" when="" it="" becomes="" an="" alpha.=""> Aksarai scoffed. <aren't you="" an="" alpha?="" why="" are="" you="" still="" okay="" then?=""> <…> <they're all="" lies.="" if="" taking="" control="" over="" someone="" was="" that="" easy,="" it'd="" be="" better="" if="" i="" just="" took="" it="" in="" the="" first="" place="" and="" did="" it="" myself.="" why="" would="" i="" wait="" until="" you="" become="" an="" alpha?="" it's="" even="" harder="" to="" take="" over.=""> Yet, Sian could not believe it to be true. The Lukras' concern against the Connector of Aksarai was real after all. <then why="" are="" the="" lukras="" wary="" of="" the="" connectors="" of="" aksarai="" becoming="" an="" alpha?=""> Aksarai answered. <well… it="" is="" true="" that="" i="" can="" come="" back="" alive="" if="" the="" connector="" becomes="" an="" alpha.="" i="" don't="" take="" control="" over="" him="" but="" that="" priest="" added="" some="" lies.=""> Sian then asked the biggest question of all. <then why="" now?="" why="" did="" you="" show="" yourself="" now?="" it's="" been="" a="" while="" since="" i've="" become="" an="" alpha.=""> Aksarai answered plainly. <because you're="" not="" a="" connector.=""> <…i'm not?=""> Aksarai laughed. <hah! you're="" only="" able="" to="" speak="" with="" me="" because="" you="" are="" at="" the="" place="" where="" my="" power="" remains.="" it's="" helping="" the="" power="" within="" you="" to="" allow="" you="" to="" speak="" to="" me.="" my="" portion="" of="" the="" spirit="" within="" you="" is="" smaller="" than="" the="" portion="" that="" lorvall="" or="" conrad="" has.=""> <…> Sian looked dumbfounded, but Aksarai chuckled. <don't worry.="" you="" can't="" use="" any="" of="" my="" powers,="" but="" you="" did="" inherit="" the="" most="" important="" power="" of="" all.=""> <huh?> <maybe because="" you="" have="" the="" blood="" of="" broxian…="" or="" lukra.="" you="" know="" how="" to="" become="" strong="" and="" fight.="" my="" spirit="" also="" came="" into="" the="" power="" that="" befits="" you.=""> <hmm…> <it's so="" small="" that="" it="" won't="" give="" you="" any="" of="" the="" other="" special="" powers,="" but="" that="" alone="" had="" come="" in="" pretty="" handy.=""> Then, Sian realized what his mysterious path was. The way to become strong. The way to victory. <was this="" your="" power?=""> Aksarai agreed. <yes… it="" was="" my="" most="" trusted="" power="" of="" all.="" congratulations.=""> Sian then realized how long Aksarai's spirit had been with him. The path had been with him since the beginning. <so… you've="" been="" with="" me="" all="" this="" time.=""> Aksarai answered, <well, i="" was="" with="" your="" ancestors="" to="" be="" specific.="" your="" family="" had="" been="" a="" carrier.=""> <why our="" family?=""> Sian asked. If he had chosen the human race altogether, it would have been better. Aksarai responded, <huh? i="" didn't="" send="" it="" specifically="" to="" you.="" my="" spirit="" was="" just="" sent="" over="" to="" you,="" the=""></huh?><ro> race when it exploded while I fought against those fools Gran-Ra and Broxian. It's not because you're special or anything.> <…> <but… i="" guess="" it="" did="" affect="" your="" family.="" if="" my="" spirit="" was="" handed="" over="" to="" the="" next="" generation,="" it="" would="" need="" to="" gather="" many="" human="" traits="" and="" characteristics="" together="" with="" the="" blood.="" that's="" why="" your="" family="" did="" not="" have="" many="" children,="" and="" if="" a="" child="" was="" born="" without="" the="" spirit,="" then="" any="" remaining="" trait="" it="" had="" been="" born="" with="" should've="" been="" taken="" away="" by="" the="" one="" with="" the="" spirit,="" killing="" it="" in="" the="" early="" stages.="" yet="" it="" did="" make="" your="" family="" strong.="" it's="" more="" complicated="" but="" i="" won't="" go="" to="" details.=""> <but father="" or="" brother="" do="" not="" see="" the="" path="" like="" i="" do…=""> <i told="" you.="" it's="" not="" your="" family="" that's="" special.="" it's="" you="" who's="" special.="" the="" reason="" your="" family="" was="" strong="" was="" not="" because="" of="" my="" spirit.="" it="" was="" because="" the="" transfer="" of="" the="" spirit="" to="" a="" newborn="" required="" the="" transfer="" of="" all="" the="" power="" and="" traits="" to="" one="" child.=""> Sian nodded. The reason why he could see the path was because the Lukra's blood helped him withstand the spirit. <your family="" will="" become="" normal="" now="" since="" you="" absorbed="" my="" spirit="" within="" you.=""> Sian then found something weird. <i've found="" evidence="" of="" your="" lie!=""> Aksarai then became intrigued and asked, <huh? what="" is="" it?="" i'm="" so="" proud="" of="" you.=""> <…it doesn't="" make="" sense.="" if="" that="" was="" true,="" my="" brother="" would've="" been="" dead="" or="" something.="" but="" he's="" well="" off.=""> Aksarai laughed. <who said="" it="" was="" you="" who="" took="" the="" powers?="" your="" brother="" took="" all="" the="" power="" that="" had="" to="" go="" to="" you="" even="" without="" the="" spirit.="" if="" you="" did="" not="" awaken="" your="" lukra="" blood,="" you="" would="" have="" died="" a="" long="" time="" ago.=""> <…> <i have="" never="" seen="" a="" man="" lucky="" as="" your="" brother.="" he="" only="" took="" the="" good="" things.=""> <and i'm="" the="" unluckiest="" of="" them="" all.=""> Sian mumbled as he thought about himself. Things never went well for him, not even once. Then Aksarai spoke. <oh, i'm="" sorry="" about="" that.="" i="" wanted="" you="" to="" become="" strong.="" it's="" a="" shame="" for="" a="" man="" like="" you="" to="" try="" to="" shy="" away="" from="" danger.="" that's="" a="" loss.=""> <…huh?> Sian could not believe what he was hearing. <no, i="" wanted="" you="" to="" become="" strong="" fast,="" but="" you="" didn't="" want="" that.="" so="" i="" had="" to="" push="" you="" in.=""> <…what did="" you="" do?=""> The voice answered plainly. <nothing much.="" i="" just…="" made="" the="" other="" connector="" put="" you="" into="" apental…="" and="" made="" you="" feel="" that="" you="" must="" destroy="" that="" husk="" of="" dragona.="" you="" could've="" run,="" but="" i="" didn't="" want="" you="" to.="" think="" about="" it.="" do="" you="" think="" it="" makes="" sense="" that="" you="" would="" know="" who="" to="" beat="" up="" naturally?=""> <…> <oh, and="" i="" made="" you="" feel="" that="" you="" should="" go="" to="" the="" place="" where="" apental="" reopened.="" that="" was="" good="" work="" on="" my="" part…="" oh="" and="" i="" also="" made="" that="" lorvall="" kid="" to="" make="" you="" into="" an="" alpha.=""> <…> It wasn't much, but all those events almost got Sian killed. It looked like all those happenings weren't because of Sian's misfortune. He could have avoided them all but Aksarai had dragged him in. <well, that="" lagaope="" made="" many="" plans="" and="" failed,="" but="" i'm="" aksarai.="" i="" don't="" fail.=""> <…> <hey, relax.="" you="" can't="" do="" anything="" to="" me="" because="" i'm="" inside="" you.="" besides,="" i="" helped="" you="" a="" lot="" too.=""> <…what.> <wasn't it="" weird?="" that="" you="" felt="" it="" was="" dangerous="" to="" go="" over="" the="" great="" north="" wall?=""> <…> <as you="" know,="" there="" was="" nothing="" that="" could="" bring="" danger="" you="" over="" the="" wall="" when="" you="" were="" seventeen="" years="" old,="" besides="" dragona="" or="" chrona.="" you="" didn't="" know="" about="" chrona's="" existence,="" but="" you="" felt="" it="" was="" dangerous="" to="" go="" there.="" why="" do="" you="" think="" that="" happened?=""> <…> <i also="" helped="" you="" to="" find="" that="" stiel="" girl.="" if="" it="" wasn't="" for="" me,="" you="" wouldn't="" find="" her="" that="" easily="" even="" with="" that="" veronica.=""> <…so that's="" why="" it="" was="" so="" easy.=""> <isn't it="" great="" to="" know="" every="" truth?="" you="" wouldn't="" have="" known="" everything="" if="" you="" didn't="" come="" in="" this="" way.=""> Sian felt the strong urge to beat him up. 'So many people… deserve a beating…' But there was no way to beat him up and there were other things to worry about at the moment. Even now, the barrier was probably getting rid of, and when it was done, the Lukras would control the Harijans such as Dragona to attack the Drakuns. Sian had become stronger, but he wasn't strong enough to fight against Dragona, Liona, and Chrona all at once to keep the balance. Sian sighed. <did you="" bring="" me="" here="" to="" tease="" me?=""> Aksarai answered, <no. i="" did="" bring="" you="" here="" to="" save="" you,="" but="" i="" also="" did="" it="" to="" tell="" you="" how="" to="" solve="" this.=""> <how?> <you destroyed="" the="" barrier,="" so="" you="" must="" make="" it="" right.=""> <but how?=""> <well… what="" do="" you="" think="" you="" need="" to="" do="" to="" deal="" with="" the="" fools?="" just="" beat="" them="" up.=""> <…?> <you should="" become="" strong="" and="" beat="" them="" up.=""> Sian then became confused. <that's not="" easy.="" doesn't="" it="" take="" like="" 100="" years="" for="" barriers="" to="" go="" off?=""> <no way.="" it="" will="" take="" about="" a="" month.="" that's="" when="" the="" lukras="" will="" start="" coming="" out.=""> <so… i="" need="" to="" become="" strong="" enough="" to="" fight="" dragona,="" chrona,="" and="" liona="" in="" a="" month?=""> <yes. and="" stop="" thinking="" you="" want="" to="" snap="" my="" neck="" off.="" it's="" your="" own="" neck.=""> Sian then asked Aksarai just in case. <can you…="" distort="" a="" dimension="" to="" make="" a="" space="" that="" gives="" me="" more="" time="" inside?=""> Sian thought about Apental when he asked. If he could train within such place, one month in this world would be enough. Aksarai agreed. <yes.> <oh! then…=""> <a piece="" of="" cake="" if="" i="" was="" alive.="" but="" you="" can't.=""> <…can i="" make="" something="" close="" to="" it="" at="" least?=""> Aksarai scoffed. <you should="" just="" focus="" on="" your="" sword="" skills.="" you="" have="" no="" talent="" in="" anything="" else.="" just="" focus="" on="" what="" you="" know.=""> <i can't="" do="" that.="" there's="" about="" four="" that="" i="" want="" to="" beat="" up="" right="" now,="" but="" i="" can't="" even="" beat="" up="" one.=""> <does that="" four="" include="" me?="" anyway,="" you="" won't="" get="" strong="" with="" such="" a="" cheat.="" the="" space="" isn't="" hard="" to="" make,="" but="" someone="" as="" strong="" as="" you="" will="" destroy="" the="" entire="" place="" or="" make="" it="" disconnect="" it="" from="" this="" dimension.="" if="" that="" worked,="" i="" would="" have="" trained="" within="" myself.=""> <right.> <i've prepared="" the="" best="" for="" you.="" well…="" it="" wasn't="" for="" you="" originally,="" but="" take="" it.="" that's="" why="" i="" brought="" you="" here.=""> <huh? you="" mean…=""> Aksarai laughed. <yes. consume="" my="" blood="" that="" i="" left="" here="" and="" digest="" my="" power.="" you="" can="" become…="" a="" bit="" stronger="" that="" way.=""> '…I have to eat this?' Sian became dumbfounded as he looked upon the red sphere he was in.</yes.></huh?></i've></right.></does></i></you></…can></a></oh!></yes.></can></yes.></so…></no></that's></you></…?></well…></but></you></how?></no.></did></isn't></…so></i></…></as></…></wasn't></…what.></hey,></…></well,></…></oh,></…></nothing></…what></no,></…huh?></oh,></and></i></…></who></…it></huh?></i've></your></i></but></but…></…></ro></why></well,></so…></yes…></was></it's></hmm…></maybe></huh?></don't></…></hah!></…i'm></because></then></well…></then></they're></…></aren't></…i></don't></…since>


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