Swordmeister of Rome
212 Battle
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Swordmeister of Rome
Author :ALLA
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212 Battle

Aksarai told Sian a lot of things when he woke up. <i can't="" use="" my="" power="" yet.="" my="" power="" requires="" my="" body="" so="" it="" can't="" be="" used="" with="" your="" body.="" but,="" it's="" better="" for="" you="" because="" your="" body="" has="" adapted="" to="" using="" the="" most="" important="" power="" of="" all.="" now="" that="" i="" mention="" it,="" if="" you="" were="" able="" to="" use="" other="" powers,="" you="" would="" be="" much="" weaker="" now.=""> "Hmm." <it doesn't="" change="" the="" fact="" that="" you're="" useless="" though.="" i="" made="" other="" connectors="" find="" out="" about="" other="" things="" while="" you="" were="" asleep.=""> "Wait. How long was I asleep?" Aksarai answered, <2 weeks.=""> "That wasn't too long." Sian was worried that he had used years to absorb the energy. That would have ended the situation as no one would be able to fight against the Lukras or Harijans, but two weeks was fine. He had not become strong enough, but he still had time. Aksarai then spoke to him. <that's not="" important.="" we="" are="" running="" out="" of="" time.=""> "Hm?" Sian became confused and Aksarai asked again, <let me="" ask="" you.="" how="" strong="" have="" you="" become?="" i="" do="" not="" know="" everything="" about="" your="" state.="" you="" should="" know="" it="" best="" yourself.=""> Sian then thought for a second and answered, "I can probably handle Dragona." Aksarai became satisfied. Absorbing the great power didn't automatically make one powerful. It greatly relied on the individual's talent, but Sian was talented in that regard. <so, you="" successfully="" absorbed="" my="" power.="" good.="" we="" can="" move="" on="" with="" the="" plan="" then.=""> "You have a plan?" <yes. we="" are="" weaker="" so="" we="" need="" to="" make="" plans.=""> "…" <you fool.="" you="" never="" planned="" for="" anything="" in="" your="" entire="" life?="" right…="" i="" remember="" how="" narasha="" or="" lagaope="" had="" a="" hard="" time="" with="" you.=""> Sian became embarrassed and spoke. "I will do what I want. So, what's the plan?" <yes. it's="" good="" that="" you="" woke="" up="" fast..="" and="" became="" much="" more="" powerful="" than="" i="" expected.="" i="" made="" conrad="" research="" the="" barrier's="" range="" and="" the="" movement="" of="" those="" harijans.=""> "Hmm…" <we are="" at="" a="" disadvantage.="" the="" lukra="" and="" drakuns="" are="" equal="" in="" power,="" but="" if="" the="" lukras="" regain="" control="" of="" dragona,="" liona,="" and="" chrona,="" the="" power="" balance="" will="" crumble.=""> "Right." <and lukras="" still="" have="" their="" holy="" land.="" they="" will="" run="" back="" to="" the="" place="" if="" they="" can't="" win.="" but="" they="" can't="" use="" the="" crystal="" since="" they="" have="" lost="" the="" key.=""> "Crystal…?" <the one="" you="" saw="" at="" the="" top="" of="" the="" mountain.="" you="" have="" the="" key="" to="" it.=""> Sian then knew what the key was. "You're talking about Gran-Ra's sword." <correct. that's="" why="" i="" told="" you="" to="" not="" to="" use="" the="" sword="" since="" you="" ran="" from="" dragona.=""> "Oh…" <if you="" took="" up="" the="" sword,="" those="" lukras="" would="" have="" to="" either="" kill="" you="" or="" force="" you="" return="" it="" to="" them.="" but="" that="" would="" be="" a="" great="" loss.="" rather="" than="" just="" being="" a="" key,="" that="" sword="" also="" serves="" other="" purposes.=""> Sian nodded. He had never used the sword to its full potential. Broxian's silver spear that he used when he fought against that lobster was very powerful and the sword did not fall behind. "That's fortunate." <then you="" know="" how="" much="" i="" helped="" you.=""> "…" <anyway, the="" holy="" ground="" is="" a="" problem="" for="" later.="" that's="" something="" we'll="" take="" care="" of="" after="" we="" defeat="" them.="" what="" you="" need="" to="" do="" now="" is="" to="" kill="" those="" harijans.="" it's="" good="" that="" you="" woke="" up="" now.="" we="" don't="" have="" much="" time="" but="" we="" have="" enough…=""> "What do you mean?" Aksarai explained, <the barrier="" is="" still="" there="" and="" the="" lukras="" aren't="" controlling="" the="" harijans="" yet.="" they="" are="" hesitating="" on="" attempting="" to="" control="" the="" beasts="" before="" the="" barrier="" is="" completely="" lifted.="" they="" are="" afraid="" that="" their="" failed="" attempt="" will="" make="" those="" beasts="" chose="" to="" attack="" rather="" than="" letting="" themselves="" be="" controlled.=""> "I see." Sian nodded. Those Harijans would probably decide to attack the beings that tried to take control over them. They did not attack Lukras because they were afraid they will kill them in return, but if they knew they would be controlled, they would rather fight. Aksarai continued, <so, if="" the="" lukras="" do="" take="" full="" control="" over="" them,="" it="" will="" be="" too="" late.="" you="" have="" no="" other="" option="" than="" to="" side="" with="" the="" drakuns="" and="" fight="" against="" those="" lukras.="" but="" you="" will="" lose.=""> "Right." If the war was to win, Sian had to fight Dragona, Liona, and Chrona, all three at once. But he wasn't that strong yet. <we will="" have="" to="" kill="" the="" harijans="" before="" they="" get="" controlled="" by="" the="" lukras.="" at="" least="" one…="" if="" you="" managed="" to="" kill="" all="" three,="" that="" will="" be="" the="" best="" option.="" although,="" i="" doubt="" that's="" possible.=""> Sian nodded. It didn't seem possible to kill all three within two weeks. "Who should I attack first then?" <liona. that="" one="" is="" the="" most="" farthest="" from="" them="" all.="" dragona="" and="" chrona="" are="" too="" close="" to="" the="" lukras.="" you="" will="" never="" know="" what="" might="" happen.=""> "Hm… where do I find him?" Aksarai laughed. <you should="" become="" a="" bait.=""> "…" <i made="" conrad="" prepare="" a="" few="" things="" but="" he="" has="" his="" limit.="" it's="" up="" to="" you="" to="" lure="" it="" and="" kill="" it.="" let's="" go="" then.=""> "Where should I go?" Sian sighed as he readied to leave. There was no time to waste. <go to="" the="" great="" eastern="" sea.="" go="" south="" from="" where="" we="" are="" right="" now.=""> The Great Eastern Sea. South of Don-Nasian and east of the Ra-Sian Continent. No one crossed the ocean as it was filled with countless Harijans. Above it was a man running across the vast open space, unleashing his massive energy. Harijans and Merpeople that lived within the sea were fleeing from the power. But Harijans did not know that this was not the man's full power. Sian was controlling his power as he ran across the sea. <right. control="" it…="" that's="" good.=""> "Should this work?" <yes. it="" will="" let="" liona="" know="" while="" the="" other="" two="" won't="" know.=""> "If I let out my full power, he won't come near me." Aksarai laughed. <yes. it's="" actually="" fortunate="" that="" liona="" followed="" you="" to="" the="" great="" forest.="" if="" he="" didn't,="" he="" would="" be="" suspicious="" of="" you.="" a="" man="" running="" across="" the="" sea="" while="" unleashing="" the="" power?="" it's="" too="" suspicious.=""> "Right." Sian nodded. <but liona="" knows="" you.="" he="" knows="" how="" you="" ran="" in="" your="" weak="" self.="" you="" didn't="" hide="" your="" power="" back="" then="" so="" liona="" must="" be="" thinking="" you="" are="" at="" that="" level.="" he="" will="" not="" imagine="" that="" you="" became="" this="" strong="" within="" a="" few="" weeks.=""> "Right." Even Sian did not imagine he could become this powerful in that short time period. <that's the="" chance.="" kill="" him="" when="" he="" comes.="" don't="" let="" him="" get="" away.=""> "I know."</that's></but></yes.></yes.></right.></go></i></you></liona.></we></so,></the></anyway,></then></if></correct.></the></and></we></yes.></you></yes.></so,></let></that's></2></it></i>


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